Top 5 Waterjet Machines in the Germany

Top 5 Waterjet Machines in the Germany

As Germany is the largest economy in the European Union, the market of waterjet machines, among many others, has grown rapidly over the past few years.


Because the water jet cutting machine is considered to be one of the incredibly useful, modern and versatile technology for cutting different parts and materials with extreme accuracy.

Source: SAME WaterJet
Source: SAME WaterJet

If you are also looking for a highly reliable waterjet cutting machines manufacturer to grow your business, below is a list of carefully selected manufacturers that offer a wide variety of waterjet machines to all types of businesses.       

5 WaterJet Machines in the Germany

1.    Flow WaterJet

Flow Waterjet
Source: Flow Waterjet

Nature of Business: Manufacturer

Location: Marienburgstrasse 35 D-64297 Darmstadt Germany

Contact Details:


  •     Ultrahigh-pressure waterjets
  •     Robotics
  •     Advanced cutting technology
  •     Waterjet cutting
  •     Complete system solutions

About the Company

The Flow has been in the market from almost 51 years and it is now a global leader in advanced waterjet technology.

Flow was founded in 1970 by former Boeing research and development scientists, and in the early days they introduced the UHP waterjet as an industrial cutting tool.

And the fact of the matter is that this cutting tool was the first technology to be commercialized by Flow Research.

It pushed the flow towards its achievements. Flow is now a big name in today’s market and they are inventing many new waterjet technologies with high quality every day.

2.    KMT Waterjet

KMT Waterjet
Source: KMT Waterjet

Nature of Business: Manufacturer

Location: KMT GmbH – KMT Waterjet Systems Hohe Straße 4-6 61231 Bad Nauheim Germany

Contact Details:


  • Waterjet cutting systems
  • Ultra-high-pressure pumps
  • Components for water jet systems

About the Company

There is no doubt that the KMT waterjet systems dates back to the early 1970s when water-cutting equipment and parts took their first steps.

And so, immediately after that, in 1971, they developed the first high quality commercially used waterjet cutting system.

KMT is popular and widely trusted due to its reliability, well thought out design and ease of service.

They do not compromise on quality because they have over 40 years of experience in the industry and know how to please the customer.

3.    GM Waterjet

Source: GM WaterJet

Nature of Business: Waterjet Cutting Services

Location: Max-Planck-Str. 8, 85221 Dachau

Contact Details:


  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting

About the Company

GM WaterJet is another a big name in the German market, offering more precise cutting solutions for a variety of materials.

They have been in the market for the last three decades and are striving to offer high quality and absolute reliability in the processing of metal, glass and ceramics.

Another feature that sets GM WaterJet apart is its professionalism in cutting wood and plastics or composites.

Their main goal is to offer the highest quality with the most advanced processes in the most complex tasks.


WJW Waterjet
Source: WJW Waterjet

Nature of Business: 2D & 3D Water Jet Cutting Services

Location: Im Altenschemel 49 67435 Neustadt / Weinstrasse

Contact Details:


  • Water jet cutting
  • Laser melting
  • Follow-up processing

About the Company

Founded in 1999, WJW is one of the leading high performance and innovative service company in Germany that creates cuts and 3D components.

They started their journey as a water jet cutting service provider with only one water jet system and now after providing good services to the clients, they have also added some additional cutting systems.

Now with the help of 8 waterjet machines, 2 laser melting systems and CNC mailing and turning machines, they are offering extremely high quality services.

5.    SAME WaterJet

SAME WaterJet
Source: SAME WaterJet

Established Year: 1997

Nature of Business: Manufacturer

Location: No. 34, Peizheng, ChiNi, Huadu, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Contact Details:


  • Waterjet Cutting Machines
  • Cutting Heads
  • High-Pressure Pump

About the Company

Presenting you with all the ultimate waterjet cutting solutions, Same is a Chinese based set up. The company has made countless efforts to make sure that their services are of supreme quality.

They truly have inculcated the essence of genuinity in the core of their foundation. Having the fastest waterjet cutter is just one of the many aspects of Same that has led them to become a leading brand name in the market.

As they have been working in the field for an appreciable amount of time, they fully comprehend the details attached to this business.

Using all their experiences, they aim at providing complete satisfaction to their clients. This has helped them achieve more than 90% of positive users from those that have acquired their services.

Same pairs customer satisfaction with superlative services to achieve their goals.


We have compiled this list to help you find a reliable manufacturer of waterjet machines for your business to avoid any complications and money loss in the future.

The waterjet manufacturers mentioned in this list are top level with 99% positive feedbacks from customers inside and outside the Germany.

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