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As a waterjet manufacturer, SAME offers not only superior performance machines but also reliable waterjet parts. Whether the brand of waterjet you purchase is from SAME or not, we will be your partner for the life cycle of your waterjet system. We supply all waterjet parts to ensure that your waterjet cutter is in the best possible condition for you. If you want the highest quality parts at the best price, SAME is your best choice.



Why buy waterjet parts from us?

Because we guarantee you the highest quality waterjet parts at the best possible price. Unlike other dealers, SAME is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of waterjet cutting machines. Thanks to the reliable performance of our machines, we sell more machines and therefore need more waterjet parts than a typical waterjet manufacturer, which allows us to obtain lower discounted prices from our suppliers, thus giving you the highest quality parts at the best possible price.


Quickly & Correctly

If you are not sure which parts are compatible with your waterjet system, we are only a phone call or email away and will solve all your queries and help you choose the right waterjet parts.

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Buy with Confidence

Our waterjet parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry and we expect 100% satisfaction from you, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


About waterjet parts


1. Does SAME sell OEM waterjet parts?

SAME sells high-quality waterjet parts and whether your waterjet is from the SAME brand or not, we can supply you with the correct and reliable waterjet spare parts.


2. How much do waterjet parts price?

Waterjet spare parts are not expensive compared to the complete machine and are mainly used for the cutting head and pump. Waterjet spare parts are consumables and the higher the quality, the longer the replacement interval.


3. When should I change parts for my waterjet cutting machine?

When the cutting speed of your waterjet decreases or the cutting results is reduced, it’s time to check if it needs a new waterjet spare part.


4. Can I replace waterjet parts myself?

Yes, it’s not difficult and we have video tutorials on replacement parts for you to follow.


5. Does SAME offer free delivery?

No, SAME does not offer free delivery. Perhaps you have met many suppliers who offer free delivery, but the fact is that shipping is included in the price of the item you are buying. SAME’s high quality waterjet spare parts are only available for you to purchase, we do not add any profit to the spare parts.


6. What do I need to do to buy waterjet parts from SAME?

All you need is an email telling us what parts you need and how many you need, and the brand of your waterjet cutting machine. We will select the correct and compatible parts for you and solve all your problems.

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