Waterjet Tile Cutting

Tiles, like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marbles, and several other choices

Waterjet can cut almost any type of tile, and you do not need to change the tooling in this cutting process. It can pierce its own starter hole to ensure precise cuts. With abrasive waterjet cutting, you do not need to deal with heat. Your tile will retain its original shape and strength when you cut it with waterjets. You can dramatically minimize the time needed to fabricate the desired piece with tiles. Thus, you may replace your conventional cutting process with waterjet tile cutting.

Waterjet can cut through different types of tiles, including:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Metal tiles
  • Limestone
  • Cement tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Granite tiles
  • Travertine tiles
  • Quarry tiles

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Waterjet Tile Cutting


Uses of tiles and waterjet cutting for your manufacturing needs

Tiles used for constructing buildings are thin plates. You can find multiple types of tiles, and they have a difference in properties. The use of titles for your building’s interiors adds beauty and a level of aesthetics. Tiles are mostly made of clay and several other inorganic raw materials. Manufactured from some recycled materials, tiles are eco-friendly. They undergo different processes to retain the shape. There are both glazed and unglazed tiles used for a range of purposes. Due to its incombustible nature, manufacturers use tiles for different projects.


Why should you use waterjets to cut your tiles into pieces?

Samples of water jet cutting tile

Waterjet cutting is one of the latest trends in the tile product manufacturing industry. You can cut tiles into different shapes while paying attention to every detail. From complicated corners to small holes, everything is manageable with waterjets. You can make the best use of your tiles, as waterjet cutting does not result in waste. The thin cutting kerf is another reason for choosing waterjets to cut tiles. Thus, you can rely on waterjet cuts to simplify your tile fabricating project. For any tile cutting purpose, you can prefer waterjets.

Advantages and importance of waterjet tile cutting

While applying conventional cutting methods, you may encounter the problem of deformities and discoloration to your tiles. You will not have this issue with your waterjet tile cutting project. The piece of tile to be cut will not be at risk. You will also have no health risk from this cutting method. There is no production of harmful fumes. Thus, to eliminate potential risks, you can rely on waterjet tile cutting.

The waterjet tile cutting process can result in the production of minimal to no waste. You do not like to increase the cost of your tile cutting project, and that’s why waterjet is the ultimate solution for them. The nature of cuts will be precise, and you can save the time needed to remove wastes.

Manufacturers using saw blades to cut wood need to sharpen and replace them several times. They need to invest money and time in blades. However, with waterjet cutting, you do not need to do it.

By applying a waterjet for tile cutting needs, you can maintain precision. You may create intricate designs with this innovative method. While other cutting tools prevent you from making shapes and patterns, waterjets let you do anything. You will have smooth, precise cuts of tiles of different sizes.

The waterjet cutting process is a highly efficient process, and you will save effort in your manufacturing project. You may avoid secondary finishing to your tiles. The smooth edges and precise cuts are some other reasons for choosing the waterjet tile cutting process.


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Waterjet tile cutting


How does the waterjet tile cutting process work?

Water jet tile cutting is the best option for those who need a targeted cutting process. As you have started the cutting process, the high-pressure water can come out of the nozzle. The orifice creates a consistent stream of water. The right amount of abrasives reaches the water stream, and thus, the water gains the power to cut through your tiles. You have to mark the dimensions aiming at the nozzle. It will help you to make the tile cutting process successful.


How does water jet cutting ensure a perfect, flawless edge to the tiles?

One of the most important factors to the tile fabricators is edge quality. You can achieve the best quality edge of your tile pieces by applying water jets. Your tiles will need no secondary finish. Also, waterjet cutting is a combination of proper speed, abrasive flow rates, and pressure. Manufacturers have found a burr-free edge in the cuts.


Can I achieve any cut with the waterjet tile cutting process?

By blending the high-pressure abrasion with water, you can create a narrow-cutting stream of water. You can cut through the tile pieces of any thickness level. You may turn out different curves, internal holes, and straight cuts with the use of the abrasive waterjet cutting process.


How much cutting accuracy will I find with a waterjet?

The versatile waterjet cutting process is applicable in manufacturing industries. The professional tile fabricators have found that this process maintains accuracy of about ±0.1 to ±0.2 mm.


What is the tolerance level in the waterjet tile cutting project?

The minimum tolerance can vary based on the shape and thickness of the tiles to be cut. We cannot say anything about the minimum level of thickness. You can use a nozzle with a diameter of 0.0313-in to get a small kerf.


Why is water jet cutting is better than laser cutting for your tiles?

Laser cutting is perfect for engraving purposes and partial cuts. However, waterjet cutting works best with any type of material, like tile. This process does not affect the integrity and chemical properties of your tiles. There is no potential to damage your tiles. Moreover, waterjet cutting prevents heat-affected zone on your tiles.

Laser cutting relies on finely tuned light beams. These beams pass through the tiles to cut them into pieces. Also, the application of heat can result in the need for secondary finishing. The output may have some adverse effects of heat. However, with waterjets, you will have no problem. You will find it easy to maintain precision. You will get accurate, smooth cuts. Manufacturers always desire these clean cuts for their commercial needs. Thus, while cutting tiles, you can prefer the waterjet cutting process.

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