Water Jet Cutting Aluminum

Corrosion-resistant, sturdy, and cast aluminum

Do you find it challenging to cut aluminum effectively? Aluminum machining has now become easy with the waterjet cutting technology. With water jet aluminum cutting, you can save time and effort. Aluminum may start melting and fuse to any ordinary cutting tool due to the application of heat. However, you can avoid the problem by using the water jet technology. There is no use of heat in the process.

Types of aluminum that you can cut with the water jet cutting process:

  • Fatigue-resistant 2024 aluminum plate
  • Corrosion-resistant 3003 aluminum plate
  • Sturdy 5052 aluminum plate
  • Versatile 6061 aluminum plate
  • High-strength 7075 aluminum plate
  • Alumold aluminum plate
  • Cast aluminum mold product

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Water Jet Cutting Aluminum

Stainless Aluminum samples
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Samples of waterjet cutting aluminium (2)
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Applications of water jet cutting aluminum in the manufacturing industry

Aluminum is useful for different manufacturing industries due to its special properties. Although you can find it in a range of grades, aluminum is resistant to environmental elements. Moreover, aluminum is a highly durable and lightweight, used for manufacturing several objects. It may have dents and scratches. Still, it retains the overall strength. Furthermore, the easily recyclable aluminum does not cause harm to the environment. Check out different applications of aluminum.


Why should you choose our waterjet technology for cutting aluminum?

Samples of waterjet cutting aluminium (4)

The high-pressure water makes it easy for you to cut aluminum. The stream of high-velocity water used forwater jet aluminum cutting helps in achieving the accurate results. You can use abrasive water jet technologies to manage your aluminum plate. The force of the abrasive and water ensures a faster cutting solution.

Functions and Advantages of Water jet cutting aluminum

Based on the aluminum grades, you can find differences in the thickness level. However, the thick aluminum plates do not lower the efficiency of your water jet cutting technology. By using the abrasive, you can make your cutting process easier, safer and faster.

The use of heat can cause a negative on the aluminum material to be cut. Water jet cutting aluminum is a cold process without any heat. Moreover, beginners can keep away from burns and other issues.

The metals, like aluminum need a fine cutting technlogy. That is why you can prefer water jet technology to avoid any type of distortion to your aluminum objects. You will find smooth cuts as the output.

Water jet cutting aluminum is an eco-friendly option, and it is one of the reasons behind its popularity in the manufacturing industry. To avoid producing hazardous materials, you can rely on water jet cutting.

You will have clean and clear output from the water jet cutting aluminum technology. Thus, you can save time in this process.


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Tips for using

Water jet cutting aluminum


What abrasive mesh sizes are perfect for water jet cutting aluminum?

Based on your purpose, you can choose the abrasive mesh sizes. You may 100-pound mesh for the process. However, for the bulk transfer, you can rely on larger 500- to 2,000-pound abrasive mesh.


How much pressure should I set to operate the water jet cutting aluminum?

The stream of water can be pumped at a pressure rate of about at 30,000 psi. However, in most cases, it is 60,000 psi needed to cut thick aluminum. There are modern models with more than 90K psi.


Why should you clean the tank regularly?

As you apply water jet for cutting aluminum, it can cause the production of waste. Thus, you must clean your tank after every use. It helps in removing the accumulation from your tank. Tank cleaning is one of the steps for maintaining your water jet performance.


Why should you cut aluminum under water?

You can avoid the noise problems by placing the aluminum material under water at the time of cutting it. Moreover, it helps in preventing splash to other components of your cutting system and the work surface. You can avoid mesh with this trick.


How fast can the system travel?

The type of material and its thickness can make the difference. The travel speed is faster with the less dense materials. The less dense the material, the faster the travel speed is. Aluminum can be 2 times faster while compared to steel.


Do I need to use software for water jet cutting aluminum?

No, you do not need to use any software. However, there is a tank cleaning application to ensure better results in the process.


Why is waterjet cutting aluminum better than laser cutting?

With laser cutting, you may find problem with your aluminum due to the reflect properties with this metal. Although you can solve the problem with fiber laser cutting method, waterjet is the ultimate option for your needs. In this case, you can apply pure water and abrasive to cut aluminum.


Is waterjet cutting applicable for any type of aluminum pieces?

You can use aluminum sheet of any grade and cut it with waterjet. Thicker sheets are also easily manageable with this technology. Manufacturers who need to use 2D aluminum objects of different designs can choose water jet for their cutting projects. They can save time and effort in this process.


Do I need any preparatory step for water jet cutting aluminum?

Select the compressor based on air pressure needed for the cutting process. You may choose stabilizer for protection to your CNC panel. You also need to manage your abrasive sewing net with a mesh design. It will help you with proper cutting of aluminum.


Why is water jet cutting better than CNC machining?

Water jets are capable of cutting shapes, as the tool radius is less than 1mm. Moreover, tooling time and less setup are some other capabilities of water jet technology. A single jet can make any cut. You may slice through the aluminum material from its top to bottom. There is no profile cut like CNC machining.

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