Waterjet cutting acrylic

Acrylic such as acrylic sheets, Acrylic mirror, Acrylic rods and many more

Ever chanced upon the giant banners of renowned companies that spread across the cities? Or have you noticed the multi-national companies showcasing their company names and logos right at their entrances? Most of these are big chunks of acrylic letters that blaze under neon lights. To shape up these letters and patterns, waterjet cutting acrylic is the perfect option for you.

Suitable acrylic items for waterjet cutting:

  • Cast acrylic sheets
  • Continuous cast acrylic sheets
  • Extruded acrylic sheets
  • Sign-grade acrylic sheets
  • Marine-grade acrylic sheets
  • Acrylic mirror sheets
  • Specialty acrylic sheets
  • Acrylic rods

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Acrylic sheet
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Water jet cutting acrylic

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Applications of waterjet cutting acrylic in the industry

Waterjet acrylic cutting is necessary to perform fine cutting of acrylic sheets for industrial purposes. In today’s world, plenty of industrial sectors use acrylic and plastic sheets for various reasons. From multinational companies, hotel industry, interior designing, signage installation service to art and craft, waterjet cutting is the tool to rely on. Here we’ll focus on some of the applications of waterjet cutting acrylic at the industrial level.


Why should you rely on our waterjet technology for cutting acrylics?

Acrylic bathtub

Many experts suggest applying the waterjet cutting process for acrylic materials. Apart from being high-effective and precise, using the waterjet cutting technology for acrylic materials also has numerous benefits. You can leverage several advantages from acrylic waterjet cutting.

Functions and Advantages of Waterjet Cutting Acrylic technology

Waterjet cutting acrylic objects can be the industry standard solution. From thin acrylic sheets to thick ones, the machine works effortlessly. In fact, the cutting procedure is highly precise and very effective, especially for acrylic cutting.

One of the significant advantages of using waterjet for acrylic materials is that it uses the cold cutting method. Therefore, it does not generate any heat-affected areas on the material. It also ensures the safety of the professional performing the cutting procedure.

With its cold cutting method, the heat exposure usually gets bypassed. Thus, waterjet acrylic cutting solutions create fine cuts without any material distortion. So, the acrylic material is cut smoothly without any edgy surfaces.

The high quality waterjet cutting acrylic objects represent preciseness in the work.So, there is no need for additional effort. The process not only speeds-up the cutting procedure but also saves time. Therefore, using a waterjet cutting system for acrylic materials will increase your work efficiency.

In case of waterjet cutting acrylic materials, you do not need to use other materials apart from water. Therefore, it does not create any environmentally hazardous waste. So, using the waterjet technology for acrylic material cutting is totally environment-friendly. The eco friendliness is perhaps one of the primary reasons for using a waterjet acrylic cutting system.


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The water jet metal cutter I purchased has been in use for a long time and the machine works great! I am very satisfied with your company’s work and services, and my next solution will continue to work with you.

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When I choose the waterjet cutting machine, I think your company’s sales staff are very professional, thank you for helping me choose the most suitable machine for me.

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I have received the machine for the second time and I am as satisfied as before. Thank your technicians for patiently guiding us to install and use the machine. Now I am very proficient in operating the machine.

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Tips for using

Waterjet cutting acrylic


Why Should I Rotate the Slats?

The slats that hold all excess materials generate while the cutting procedure of acrylic materials is going on. So, the slats will eventually erode with time. Thus, it will need replacement from time to time. But rotating the slats periodically will extend the working life.


Why Perform the Cutting Under Water?

Cutting the acrylic material underwater helps to reduce the noise exponentially. It also prevents the materials from splashing on the parts of your machine as well as your working area. Thus, your working area and cutting machine remain clean and tidy.


Why Is It Necessary to Clean the Tank?

Remove the acrylic materials waste within the regular intervals. Generally, those materials keep accumulating in the tank when you use the machine. So, it will help you to maintain your waterjet cutting machine also. Regular cleaning will adequately increase its productivity.


Is It Necessary Using Software to Perform the Cleaning Procedure?

It’s not mandatory but it’s better to use tank cleaning software to clean your waterjet system. It enables a much more systematic cleaning process thus, increasing the longevity of your machine.


Should I Test the Waterjet Acrylic Cutting system Regularly?

It is necessary to keep your machine under observation. Perform a test regularly to ensure the pump and nozzle are in perfect working condition. While testing the nozzle, shift your location with the table to avoid piercing through the tank.


Why Should I Use Clear Water?

Ordinary tap water is best to deal with your waterjet cutting acrylic materials. If your water has minerals or other materials in it, then these particles may get separated from water under very high pressure. These particles then accumulate at the thin opening reducing the efficiency of your machine. More than 90% of abrasive waterjet users need water softening solution before passing the water through the inlet water filters of the pump.

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