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Customizing water jet wood cutters


Waterjet wood cutters are available with more than one control system- Beckhoff, Ncstudio, and IGEMS. Consult our team to know the system best for your purpose.


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The waterjet table is one of the important needs for your wood cutting project. We will offer a perfectly sized table.

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You can make your business more cost-effective with the right choice of waterjet pumps. Invest in the right pumping system.

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A waterjet wood cutter works better with accessories. Add a number of accessories to have higher functional value.

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The ultimate guide to FAQs

water jet wood cutting machine


1. Will the waterjet split the wood and damage it?

No, waterjet wood cutters can cause no damage to the material.

One of the reasons why waterjet wood cutting machines are growing in popularity is because we can directly control their operation. The computer numerical control or CNC waterjets follow the manual programs. Hence, they can cut in control, maintaining the accurate velocity without even damaging the wood.


2. Wooden objects can absorb water. Will there be a problem with using the waterjet?

Most people are concerned about the issue of absorbing water by wooden objects while using a waterjet. Waterjet cutters are capable of cutting wood without bringing surplus water in contact.

Because of the high acceleration and water pressure, the water stream precipitates into the workpiece faster. Consequently, the surface of the workpiece remains dry. Aprofessional waterjet will be able to operate and also complete the job without bringing out the excess water.


3. What is a waterjet cutter best for cutting woods?

Waterjet cutters can cut harder and denser materials using an abrasive to the cutter. With the use of an abrasive garnet combined with water, the waterjet machine efficiently cuts wood.

When water compels through the precision orifice, it creates a stream of water. This stream is robust enough to penetrate the wooden material and cut up to 5″ thick at a rate of up to 600″ per minute.


4. How does the waterjet wood cutter work?

Firstly, the creation of a 3D technical sketch with the help of the computer software, MDA, or CAD happens.

Then you need to enter your primary cutting parameters like the type of material, its thickness, and preferred edge finish you desire to have, etc. Once you design the loading of the program with the right inputs, the program then thoroughly screens to safeguard the precise velocity, offsets, and additional parameters. This is to ensure the function is geometrically accurate.

If everything runs according to the strategy, the system starts to operate, and the waterjet machine performs the job of producing accurate cuts.


5. The finished edge of the wood is not smooth. Is it true?

Waterjet cutting machines are becoming a more popular method of cutting materials. With its use, you can even accomplish cutting of any materials you have never thought of.

The abrasive waterjet wood cutters offer close tolerance and distortion-free components. The fair stream of water creates high water pressure and helps the machine to run. This further prevents leaving any rough or uneven edges on the wood.

When the waterjet cutter cuts wood, the machine delivers burr-free and superior quality edges with the small necessity of secondary finishing.


6. What will happen when the woods have knots?

Ideally, it is reasonable to use only superior quality woods when operating waterjet cutters. It is always best to utilize woods that do not have knots in them.

It only cuts down the expense but also helps to get a damage-free final product. Woods with knots can be wasteful to function as they can possibly cause a defect to the final output.

If you want to calibrate the device to perform the job through the knots, you may do so. However, by doing so, you will waste resources wielding the overkill force to all the areas that are free of knots and distort the final product.


7. How much can your waterjet cutter cut thick wood?

With the use of an abrasive waterjet cutter, it is possible to cut harder and denser materials like wood up to 5″ thick at a velocity of 600″ every minute. The extremely high-pressure waterjet of 40,000 to 60,000 psi (pound per square inch) penetrates the thick material and makes precise cuts. At this velocity, the pressure becomes super intense and attains the capacity to cut up to 5″ thicker wood.


8. Which industries use waterjet wood cutters?

Manufacturers from different industries need to cut wood to produce different items, like flooring products, furniture, window frames, and toys. Moreover, the forestry industry and fiberboard industry also rely on wood. Fabricators who create wooden objects need to use waterjet wood cutting systems for their purposes.


9. Is the waterjet wood cutter a long-lasting solution?

When compared to other wood cutting machines, waterjet wood cutters may actually become your best tool in the long run. Here are some reasons why it can possibly become your long-lasting solution for cutting hard materials like wood.

● Low in cost and operates faster
● It possesses high tolerance and delivers precise cuts
● Delivers burr-free edges
● No HAZ (Heat affected zones) provides clean cutting and excludes the risk of burning.
● It does not cause damages like discoloration, distortion, or delamination to the material.
● No release of toxic fumes or carbon formation


10. What are the major parts of your waterjet wood cutters?

Waterjet wood cutters consist of some major parts.

• Cutting Head

The cutting head helps in setting the precise self-alignment.

• High-Pressure Pump

The work of high-pressure pumps is to intensify or maintain a consistent rate of water pressure in order to supply single or many cutting heads as per need.

• Machine Table

The machine table is a part of the waterjet where you need to place the wood for precision cutting.

• Motion Control System

The motion control system is possible to handle by the computer software, which after the accurate set of the program can inform the cutting head to move.


11. How do you use waterjet wood cutting machines for the growth of your business?

A waterjet cutter can slice wood or other materials using thin jets of water that the machine projects towards the cutting material at high pressure or velocity. It also uses a mixture of abrasive substances and water to cut the material.

Different businesses can use the waterjet wood cutting machine to cut tabletop inlay, kitchen countertops, or make any kind of architectural and artistic design. Companies also use the waterjet wood cutting machine for producing wooden jigsaw puzzles, wooden furniture, or even table tennis rackets.

Due to the ease of cutting with the waterjet wood cutting machine, most businesses use it to grow their space. It also provides a narrower cut that helps to attain the most intricate design on the workpiece.


12. How much should you invest in operating waterjet wood cutters?

One has to make a proper investment to get better returns. In the case of operating waterjet wood cutters, you must understand that it comes with multiple other costs. Apart from the cost to the machine, you also have to incur the charge of power, water, abrasives, and other parts. However, one has to invest a minimum of $20 per hour.

When working at a maximum pressure of 60000 PSI, the cutting cost per hour can rise to a maximum of $2.60. However, the calculation does not end here. You have to look into different cost margins of the number of parts.


13. How much water pressure is needed to cut wood with waterjet cutters?

Waterjet cutting machines provide high pressure. For efficient and precise cutting of the wood, the waterjet cutter requires a force of 1000 bar to 6,000 bar. one can generate this pressure with the help of a powerful high-pressure pump. However, a nozzle consisting of a diameter of 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters provides such powerful force.

One can cut the wood in such high pressure with the help of a mixture of water and high pressure. It is an erosion-free process. Since wood is a heat-sensitive material, a Waterjet cutter can be helpful while cutting wood. It does not damage the wood at such high pressure.


14. How fast can a waterjet cutter cut the wood?

The speed of the waterjet cutter depends on the hardness and thickness of the material. In the case of plastic, its speed is about 600”/minute to cut a 5-inch thick wood. If you want to have a smoother surface, you must take a long time cutting the material.

Moreover, if you can control the software of the waterjet head, you can get precise cuts in a small amount of time. The software, however, optimizes the amount of time automatically, leading to a faster operation.


15. How should you use waterjet wood cutting systems?

The waterjet wood cutting system uses a high-pressure waterjet and abrasives. With high pressure of 6200 bar, it provides a speed of 1000 meters per second. In short, the cutting process consists of delivering a high-pressure waterjet to precisely cut the material.

In such high pressure, one might think that the waterjet wood cutting system will create a burr on the material. But the cold cutting technology helps provide a smooth finish as it does not generate any heat zones. To make the pump work, one should use specially treated water.


16. How will I solve the problems with my waterjet wood cutting system?

The waterjet cutting system is a highly beneficial cutting tool. One can solve their wood cutting problems with the help of this remarkable tool. While applying this, one won’t find any microcracks. Since the appliance does not create any heat-affected zone, therefore, does not create any kind of bruise on the material. Without the effect of voting any mechanical stress, you can achieve that satin-smooth cutting edge. The high precision and the fine detail of the work provided by this wood cutting system can make your job more convenient. Also, some of the tools come with multiple cutting heads. It can even work more effectively and efficiently.


17. Is there a risk of damage to the wood piece for cutting it with the waterjet cutter?

While using the waterjet cutter, the material, in this case, the wood, would not suffer any damage. There are two reasons for that. First, the machine uses a cold cutting process that produces no heat-affected zone on the material’s surface. Since wood is known to be a non-resistant-heat object, a waterjet cutter is the best option when one wants to cut it into an intricate design. Secondly, the proper amount of pressure exerted upon the material helps cut the wood piece into a detailed design. These factors avoid the risk of damage while cutting the wood piece with a Waterjet cutter.


18. Why are waterjet wood cutters better than other cutting systems?

The waterjet wood cutters are better than any other cutting system; it does not have any material thickness limitations. One can cut any thickness of the material. The waterjet wood cutter can provide quality cards up to a thickness of 200mm. Secondly, due to no metal distortion, the waterjet wood cutters perform clean cutting tasks. It results in a burr-free and smooth cut. It, however, eliminates the extra effort for finishing. Due to this reason, the waterjet wood cutters increase efficiency while saving time.

Apart from all this, it cuts the wood without causing any harm to the environment. Throughout the process, it does not create any hazardous substance in the form of gases or fumes.


19. How is the edge treatment quality for waterjet wood cutters?

The edge treatment quality of the watershed wood cutters provides clean edges. Due to the cool cutting process, there happens to be no existence of no heat-affected zone. It enables the edges to have a cleaner cut. Also, it decreases any risk of burns. Due to the bypassing of heat exposure, the watershed wood cutters produce acceptable amounts without distortion.


20. Is a waterjet woodcutter easy to use for beginners?

Waterjet wood cutters have a complex mechanism to cut the wood. One needs to use pure water to make it work effectively. The beginners have to learn the technique of operating the machine to get a precise and clear cut. The operation includes the knowledge of exerting a particular amount of pressure on the material to produce a clean cut instead of distortion. Along with that, the person must also know about the different components and combine them to get the maximum benefit from them. Therefore for beginners with minimum training, this will be an easy operation.


21. How much accuracy can you maintain with waterjet wood cutting systems?

Accuracy is yet another crucial factor when it comes to waterjet wood cutters. Once someone starts to cut, going through the initial stage, the machine can produce or achieve a tolerance level of +/-0.001 consistency. It is the base accuracy of the product. However, some factors can affect the accuracy of the work, including the thickness and speed of the product.


22. How should I choose the right waterjet wood cutting system?

One can choose the right waterjet wood cutting system based on the type of work one would do. To work with every detail, one should select the pure waterjet wood cutting system. It helps to maintain the proper detailings that one chooses to incorporate into the product. Also, if you want to get your work done faster, you have to apply more incredible speed. The micro waterjet woodcutter helps to achieve precision at high speed. So, according to your requirement, you must choose the right waterjet wood cutting system.


23. Is your waterjet cutter efficient in cutting wood perfectly?

The waterjet wood cutter happens to be one of the most efficient and versatile wood cutting tools. Talking about the efficiency of this machine, one would never doubt it. The perfection and accuracy make it even possible for any person to cut any material in three dimensions. Also, you can rotate the cutting heads to achieve perfection and a finished product.


24. Give some maintenance tips for waterjet wood cutting systems.

The waterjet wood cutting system will last longer if you maintain it. Making it run at high pressure would require frequent maintenance. Make sure that you clean it with water after every use and dry it. Always use pure water while operating the system. It will ensure that your waterjet wood cutting system does not accumulate or deposit any debris. One has to ensure that while operating the machine, applying the correct pressure makes it work well. Even if you are not using the wood cutting system, you need to rotate the mixing every morning to minimize the maintenance.


25. Is waterjet woodwork better than a laser cutter?

If you want precision, then you should opt for the laser cutter. At the same time, the waterjet woodcutter works best with any thickened material. The application and efficiency will depend upon the way you use it and the material you use.

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