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the ultimate faq guide

waterjet titanium cutting machine


1. How much water pressure is needed to cut titanium with waterjet cutters?

In the case of a waterjet cutter, titanium can be cut using high pressure. One should use the force of minimum 1000 and maximum 4000 bar. Depending on the material consistency, which is the consistency of titanium, you can increase the pressure of the waterjet cutter up to 6200 bar. The force that you will exert on the surface of titanium will determine the depth of the overall cut. But if you lower the pressure and make it to 600 bar, it will be impossible to cut titanium. While cutting, one must keep in mind that if you increase the pressure of the waterjet cutter, it will go deep and make a precise cut.


2. Is your waterjet cutter efficient in cutting titanium perfectly?

Waterjet cutters are efficient machines to cut several materials like stainless steel, aluminum copper, and even titanium. With greater thickness, this machine can cut precisely and effectively onto the more complex materials.

The user can avoid any deformation in titanium because of the high kinetic energy.

However, for a precise cut without the content of ridges and fraying, you can go for a waterjet cutter to cut heavy metals like titanium. To get an accurate cut, you must use the waterjet cutter very slowly. But the abrasive waterjet cutter can cut titanium very fast and efficiently.


3. How fast can a waterjet cutter cut the titanium?

The water pressure makes a vast difference while using a variety of other applications. Generally, what it captures tends to use water pressure up to 90000 PSI. Where the lowest pressure used would be 50000 PSI. A waterjet cutter can cut a 4-inch slab of titanium with only the minimum amount of 50000 PSI. Though it uses garnet grit, the water travels up to 700 hours, making it faster and more effective.

Therefore, in other words, a Waterjet cutter can cut titanium efficiently and quickly without taking much time. But if you want the waterjet cutter to be faster for cutting titanium, you can go for powerful attachments and abrasives.


4. How much titanium thickness can be handled by waterjet cutters?

According to the waterjet cutting parameters, you can cut any material up to any thickness. But the tolerance level for each material would change according to the thickness of the material. For cutting titanium, you need to have a handling capacity of 200 m per minute. You can also use the waterjet cutter to cut titanium as an alternative for blade cutting. If you are working with pure waterjet cutting tools, you will get a width of around 0.1 millimeters to 0.2 millimeters. Therefore you can efficiently cut sharp contours on the titanium.


5. Why are waterjet titanium cutters better flame cutting systems?

Waterjet titanium cutters are better than flame cutting systems due to their versatility. It is the ultimate tool, no matter what the application may be. With minimum kerf and high accuracy, the water titanium cutters can cut any material virtually. However, with the satin-smooth finishing that the titanium cutters provide, no other cutter can offer the same smoothness. The best part is that you do not require any stress or heat to cut the material. In other words, the casting happens to be a cold process.

The machine setup is extremely fast programmed and works quickly on any application mode. The waterjet titanium cutters eliminate the dross waste and slag deformation. Due to that reason, both the abrasive cutting and the garnet used in the titanium cutters are recyclable.

All these reasons combine to make the waterjets titanium cutters better than any other flame cutting system.


6. What is the cost of operating waterjet titanium cutters?

Several factors affect the cost of operating Jet titanium cutters. On average, these cutters cause between $10 per hour to 250 dollars per hour. Within this range, the waterjet cutter will use a single abrasive cutting heat within the scope of 60,000 PSI. This calculation, however, does not include any capital repayment or labor payment.

To calculate the cost of operating the waterjet titanium cutter, you can check the cost of water, abrasive cost, power cost, parts cost, miscellaneous cost, operator cost, and capital repayment cost.

It would be best to also consider the regular maintenance cost to make them work smoothly and precisely. Thus the cost of operating depends on the type of application it is going through.

Though the cost of operation and maintenance is higher for waterjet titanium cutters but with precision, all these factors can be nullified.


7. What abrasives need to be used in waterjet titanium cutting?

For waterjet cutting titanium, you can use different abrasives: Aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, garnet for silica sand. The most common solution is the garnet since it is environmental-friendly. Also, in some cases, you can recycle the garnet accordingly. It depends on the grit size. Garnet also tends to last longer before you feel the need to replace them.

At the same time, one must remember that each garnet offers a similar type of chemical makeup, but it may not produce the same productivity when it comes to performance.


8. How is the edge treatment quality for waterjet titanium cutters?

It is an advantage that most waterjet titanium cutters provide smooth cutting. You do not need any effort for the secondary finishing of your titanium object. There is no risk of burr finish with the water jet treatment.


9. How much accuracy can you maintain with waterjet titanium cutting systems?

The waterjet titanium cutting system is considered more precise than any other type of frame cutting system. It almost leaves a sandblasted finish that provides a smooth look. But other than the titanium cutting system, if you opt for any other method, it would provide a rough edge.

So in case of accuracy, you can maintain the position while using the water titanium cutting system. It has been a common misconception that the jets are not precise cutting tools. Once you start using this machine, you can understand how you can cut precisely your materials.


10. What benefits do you get from waterjet titanium cutters?

Here are some of the benefits that one can get from using waterjets titanium cutters.

● It can cut any thick material.
● One does not require the use of heat while cutting
● One can cut almost any and every material
● Very little fixturing required after the cut


11. Which industries use waterjet titanium cutters?

Here is the list of industries that use water titanium cutters.

● Metal fabrication
● Food processing
● Machine manufacturing
● Medical device
● Electronics
● Automotive
● Aerospace
● Textile


12. How will I solve the problem when I have a waterjet titanium cutting system?

Almost all the people who are into any manufacturing unit require a waterjet titanium cutting machine to use the device for various developments. This machine somehow makes the technology cheaper, simpler and faster.

Furthermore, you can feel the sophistication of handling while using this machine. It uses sophisticated software that controls the whole process during the cutting system.


13. What are the major parts of your waterjet titanium cutters?

The waterjet cutting machine has various parts amalgamated together to provide precision cutting. It won’t work if one of the parts misses out. These major components are controller, nozzle, pumps, abrasive delivery system, motion system, and a catch tank. However, these are the machine parts. The waterjet cutting head has four features: the mixing tube, guard, abrasive, jewel, and inlet water.


14. How does a waterjet titanium cutter work?

The waterjet titanium cutter contains three main components. These components utilize the high pressure of the water stream to erode a precise and narrow line within any piece of material. However, one can add a choice of abrasive depending on the compound and the density of the materials. However, the oppressive force is added at the middle of the nozzle, making it simple to cut the material with water and the abrasive.


15. How much do you need to invest in operating a waterjet titanium cutter?

Waterjet titanium cutters are expensive. You need to invest an exceptionally bulk amount of money in operating the waterjet titanium cutter. However, the investment depends upon some of the factors like-

  • The cost of water
  • Power cost
  • Garnet flow rate
  • Programming and data input
  • The cost of replacement, if any
  • The time required to cut any material
  • The type and the quality of the waterjet titanium cutter.

The approximate price of our waterjet titanium cutting system is around $40,000. In its price range, our machines are not challenged by any product.


16. Is there a chance of damage to titanium for cutting with the waterjet cutter?

While you’re using the waterjet cutter to cut the titanium, you have to apply maximum force in the total amount of time. It means while you are cutting, apply the proper amount of pressure but at a slower rate. It will give you much precision and avoid any damage that the waterjet cutter can do to the titanium. If you do not use reasonable force, it can lead to injury. Using proper abrasive can, however, make your work easier.


17. How should you use waterjet titanium cutting machines for the rapid growth of your business?

You have to focus on some factors while using our water jet titanium cutters. The most important factors are-

  • The installation details- You have to follow the water jet titanium cutter installation rules to achieve success.
  • The best technology- Make the production process highly efficient using the latest technology.
  • You have to contact the manufacturer to know about the cutting process.
  • Right accessories- Choosing the best accessories is important for your business.


18. Which factors are important while purchasing waterjet titanium cutters?

While purchasing the water titanium cutters, ensure that you have the proper training to utilize the machine. Maintaining the appropriate temperature and water quality can provide a precise cut.

However, if you are handling many different materials at once, you must not forget to use the applicable abrasives with each of them. The waterjet titanium cutters do not produce any mass quantity of debris and chips. It somehow is impossible in the case of turning and milling with other machining operations. Therefore, one of the advantages of purchasing the water titanium cutter is that you will have a smooth process, including equipment wear.


19. How do I confirm that I have chosen the right waterjet titanium cutting system?

For selecting the right cutting system, the buyer must understand the technology that their machine provides. The manufacturer and seller would offer you deals to make you buy the product. But search companies that provide the most comprehensive range of products that can meet the cutting needs.

Once you have selected your right waterjet titanium cutting system, you will get higher production even with your entry-level machines. In other words, you can cut those heavy sheets of titanium efficiently and precisely.


20. What are the best tips to use waterjet titanium cutting systems?

Since waterjet can cut thicker materials, you can realize increased productivity while stacking on the theme materials. Also, if you can cut the material underwater, it creates a similar noise to a garden hose nozzle.

Another trick of using the water titanium cutting system is to use only one head instead of two. More significant, the head signifies more complexity. The best part is that the waterjet titanium cutter requires some preventive maintenance.


21. Does the waterjet titanium cutter leave burrs on the material?

Waterjet titanium cutters use water to cut titanium precisely. Talking relatively about this machine, the process is entirely accurate. If you want to cut a thicker workpiece, it is difficult to use the waterjet titanium cutter. For materials that are an inch thicker, the accuracy drops 20.1 inches. Therefore if you want to use the waterjet titanium cutter, it won’t leave any burrs on the material. Instead, you can have a precise and smoother cut.


22. Is a waterjet titanium cutter better than a laser cutter?

If you want higher precision, you can go for laser cutters. Still, whenever you opt for cutting sticker sheets without any material restriction, the titanium cutter will come as handy. The waterjet cutting machine would be extremely noisy following the laser one. Also, the titanium cutter requires cleaning up more frequently than the laser cutter.

In other words, you can say that waterjet cutting is like a cold process. One does not require any heat during the process of cutting. Therefore there will be minor damage to the material. If you have materials like titanium, Inconel, or Hastelloy, then opting for a waterjet titanium cutter would be a good decision.


23. Is it easy to use waterjet titanium cutters?

The waterjet titanium cutters are one of the most practical machines that the plant uses for cutting titanium. It can cut up to 13 to 15 inches of cast steel or aluminum within a given amount of time. For cutting titanium, you do not require any secondary finishing. Therefore it is one of the easiest to cut titanium using a Waterjet cutter. Also, one point of advantage that waterjet has while cutting titanium is that it does not melt the titanium. Sometimes while cutting with laser cutters, it leaves behind a burr finish or dust. Waterjet titanium cutters do not leave behind any burrs and provide a smooth finish. So with precision, you can now get the most effortless cut if you choose the waterjet titanium cutters.


24. Do big waterjets work faster than small ones?

The large waterjet machines are said to be faster than the smaller ones due to many reasons. Since in many cases, every significant piece of equipment works better than the smaller ones. But there are some cases, for instance, in sports cars the smaller ones work faster than the larger cars.

Well, you should not get confused by the fact that large machines can utilize multiple nozzles at one single point in time. Since these nozzles need to work together, you require them for larger production houses. Despite all these mechanisms, the larger machine runs much faster with efficient power than the smaller waterjets.

But if you want to maximize your efficiency, you can get two smaller machines for the price of one big machine and double up your productivity.

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