Water Jet Cutting Paper

Thin magazine paper, thick board, medium board, and more

Water jets have become the most commonly chosen option for cutting papers. While abrasive water jets are effective in cutting harder materials, pure water jets are perfect for papers. You can cut both thin and thick papers using water jets. As it is a thin stream of water, your paper does not absorb it. Thus, you do not need to be concerned about the integrity of paper materials while cutting them with water jets.

Types of papers that you can cut safely with water jet:

  • Bond paper
  • Lining paper
  • Copier paper
  • Artist’s paper
  • Acid-free paper
  • Gloss-coated paper
  • Cardstock paper
  • Matt coated paper
  • Standard Letterhead paper
  • Heavyweight paper

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Water Jet Cutting Paper

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Uses of water jet cutting paper to design different products

Made from the wood pulp of softwood trees, like pine, papers are useful in our life in different ways. Papers are the basic essentials for writing purposes. However, based on the thickness and weight, papers have applications in the manufacturing industry. The term GSM denotes the paper’s weight, and it can range from 70 to 400 GSM. Moreover, the paper thickness can vary from 60mic to 480mic.


Why do manufacturers rely on water jet cutting paper?

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Waterjets have transformed the way of cutting paper and different disposable paper products. While other cutting methods have issues of reliability and redundancy, waterjets have provided manufacturers with the fastest solution. They have become a highly efficient way to cut papers of any weight and density. Waterjets do not produce airborne dust. Moreover, you do not need to be concerned about the cutting tool getting dull. Thus, you will have a long-term value of water jet cutting paper.

Functions and Advantages of Water jet cutting paper

Water jets do not result in heat-affected zones on your paper. But, they are capable of cutting papers at high speed. High efficiency is one of the primary reasons for choosing water jet cutting paper. Manufacturers who design paper products do not need to invest a high amount in the paper cutting project. Still, they will get precise results from the process.

You may have used knives for cutting lightweight papers. However, you will find a difference in the edge strength and quality by using water jets for cutting papers. The strength and potential of water jets are not less than that of a sharp knife. Moreover, you do not need effort for maintenance. You can cut coated paper stocks without cracking the edges. You can choose any angle to cut paper with waterjets.

Water jet cutting paper is the perfect choice for novice manufacturers who have no specialized skills. Without technical skills, you will leverage the advantage of water jet technology. You will have better productivity by choosing water jets for your paper cutting project. But, based on the paper’s thickness and weight, you can adjust your water pressure.

You do not need to apply heat to cut paper, and thus, the paper pieces will have no risk of getting damaged. As water jet is a cold cutting technology, you can rely on it for your paper product manufacturing projects. You can cut your papers in any shape by applying a water jet.


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Tips for using

Water jet cutting paper


What should be the nozzle size and water pressure for your paper cutting projects?

For the water jet cutting paper, the nozzle size can range between 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm. Based on the paper cutting needs, you can choose this nozzle size. The stainless steel nozzles have a diamond ring orifice, and they are easily adjustable. Moreover, the water pressure needed to cut papers ranges from about 1000 to 3000 PSI.


How much accuracy can you maintain with water jet cutting paper?

The accuracy level for water jet cutting can be down to 0.005 inches. The repeatability can be almost 0.001 inches.


Why do I use a pure water jet for paper cutting needs?

While you are going to cut papers, a pure water jet is better than an abrasive water jet. It is not an invasive process for your papers. As the stream is fine, it does not apply much pressure on your papers. But, abrasive waterjet cutting is much powerful and can deform your paper pieces. To have a safer solution, you can rely on a pure water jet. You may find knives and other tools for your paper cutting purpose. However, they do not ensure clean and precise cuts. That is why pure water is the best option for cutting papers.


Can I cut paper from any direction using water jets?

With water jets, you will have an advantage from omni-directional cutting. Thus, you may choose any direction for your paper cutting purpose. You can cut complicated shapes, and the output can be of any model. You may pierce holes and create sharp corners with the use of a water jet.


Does the Water jet cutting paper process produce waste?

You know that there is no need to do sanding and grinding to deal with Water jet cutting paper process. That is why you will find no waste and residue from this innovative process.


Does waterjet cutting metal cause environmental pollution?

Water jet cutting paper never emits harmful gas. Thus, you will no contact with hazardous materials, and the process is safe for the environment. You may also filter the water before its disposal.


How does it control noise from Waterjet cutting paper?

You can place the decibel meter at the right place to reduce noise issues. Moreover, underwater is the best position to deal with your Waterjet cutting paper project.

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