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Video Demonstration of 60000PSI Waterjet Cutter

Watch a video demonstration of a 60000PSI waterjet cutting to get up to speed on its cutting characteristics.

High Efficiency

High Accuracy


High Efficiency

High Accuracy


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Materials you can cut with 60000 PSI waterjet cutter

Samples of water jet cutting wood (2)


From wooden toys to furniture, everything can be manufactured with our 60000 PSI water jet.



Aluminum is a lightweight metal that you can cut into different shapes with an effective stream of water.

Marble kitchen worktops


Beautiful marbles, cut into perfect shapes, add aesthetic beauty to your room.

Samples of waterjet cutting Plastic (2)


Plastic is one of the soft materials that you can cut with pure water jet cutters.

paper cups


You can cut hard papers with water jets, and there is no need to be concerned about damages.



You may use granite to make countertops and different materials, and a water jet cutter is your ultimate partner.

60000 PSI waterjet cutter customizations become easy with us


Choose your 60000 PSI waterjet cutter, and you will find compatible components for your cutting system. Our product will be perfect for your business needs.


In practice, you should select the right waterjet pump for the most cost-effective production based on your business needs.

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SAME provides you with reliable control systems, like Beckhoff, Ncstudio, and IGEMS. The choice of the control system will be the perfect choice in terms of efficiency and costs.

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We help you in choosing the perfect sizing of your water jet table. You can comfortably start cutting your material using the cutter.

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The right options increase productivity and quality, and you can choose the right parts for your production needs.

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The ultimate guide to FAQs

60000 PSI waterjet


What is the relation between water pressure and cost per inch?

The water pressure at 60000 PSI, the cost of the garnet abrasive comprises almost 50% of the overall cost. However, when the water pressure is higher, you can reduce the abrasive cost. Subsequently, the amount of time for piercing a start hole will get decreased. However, you need to pay for other relevant costs, like overhead and building space. These factors will affect your profitability.


Is 60000 PSI the highest water pressure produced by the waterjet cutter?

No, you can choose the higher water pressure for your waterjet cutting needs. Some water jets turn out 500 to 700 pounds PSI. However, professional manufacturers like to use advanced water jet cutters that are capable of reaching the water pressure up to 1600 PSI. It will be easier for you to cut through the hardest surface.


Can I use a 60000 PSI waterjet cutter for any material?

60000 PSI is the standard water pressure needed to cut materials of different types. However, when you need to cut through carbides and ceramics, you have to raise the pressure level. Due to the higher water pressure level, you will find better cutting detail, and the diameter of the stream will be smaller. Maintenance also becomes easier, as the modern pumping unit has a foolproof maintenance system. You can find a high-speed pressure loading system integrated with a pump. However, in most high-production environments, manufacturers rely on the 60000 PSI waterjet cutter. But, for the intricate and detailed corner-cutting needs, you may choose higher pressure.


How much water does your 60000 PSI waterjet cutter consume?

It has been found that 60000 PSI waterjet cutters mostly consume 0.5 to 1 gallon of water in a single minute. Compared to other devices, the 60000 PSI waterjet cutter uses less water. For instance, a garden hose that does not have cutting ability uses about 8 gallons of water every minute. Thus, to save water during your everyday cutting project, you can choose our water jet cutting system.


Can I use a 60000 PSI waterjet cutter for creating sharp corners with high accuracy?

Lots of manufacturers use the 60000 PSI waterjet cutting system due to its capability of creating sharp corners with high precision. The major issue with other cutting methods is that they involve heat. While heat comes in contact with your workpiece, its structural composition will have an effect. However, our 60000 PSI water jet cutters do not use heat. While cutting sharp corners, you will find an accuracy of around 0.0001 inches.


What is the relationship between the water velocity and 60000 PSI water cutting efficiency?

We can define efficiency in different ways. As you are using a waterjet cutter, the jet becomes highly efficient when you can cut the materials faster at the lowest cost. Pressure equals efficiency and productivity due to the water jet velocity.

The increase in water pressure can raise the speed rate of your water stream. While the stream comes out of the orifice, it relates to the velocity. Thus, the faster flow of the stream results in quicker cuts. You will need less abrasives in this case. The best way of making your water jet go fast is to increase the water pressure. But, to leverage the benefits of the high-velocity stream, you must use a pumping system intended for this operation.


Why should I use your 60000 PSI waterjet cutter?

We provide you with a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain system. Although you need to pay for the operating costs per hour, you will save more on garnet abrasives. Thus, the upfront costs may be higher. But, you will gain profit in the future. We have designed our systems in a scientifically proven way. You will find no flaw in the system. Make your manufacturing project successful with our waterjet cutters.


Does your 60000 PSI waterjet cutter wear away?

We have designed our 60000 PSI waterjet cutting systems with high-quality components. However, some parts need maintenance to make them long-lasting. The components, like orifice, focusing tubes, and pump seals, need replacement after years of usage. Still, you will get the best value from our 60000 PSI waterjet cutting systems.


How does your 60000 PSI water jet cutter work?

Waterjet cutting systems have become a trendy choice for professional fabricators. Based on the chosen model, you can find a difference in pressure. However, you will notice no difference in the cutting technology.

A waterjet cutting tool needs high water pressure. However, you need to use abrasives, which are fine garnets put into the waterjet nozzle. You have to blend abrasives with water before the system adds pressure to the water jet. There is no risk of damage to your material.


How much tolerance can you obtain with our 60000 PSI water jet cutters?

Waterjets help in making parts to tight tolerances. In most cases, our water jet machine parts have a tolerance of about ± 0.001″. However, some systems are available with a tolerance of around ±0.002″. But, to achieve the preferred tolerances, you need to understand some factors affecting the precision waterjet machining process.

The obtainable tolerance level varies with manufacturers. Thus, tolerance with our waterjet cutters may be different from other branded products. Over the years, refinements have been done to ensure better capabilities and higher tolerances of waterjets. Thus, you will find good tolerances in our modern machines.


What is the difference between tolerance and positioning accuracy?

The term positioning accuracy indicates the level of preciseness maintained by the positioning of the abrasive jet head on the cutting table. You can precisely place the cutting head to achieve high tolerances. It is the major step for your waterjet cutting process.

While buying a machine, you can measure parts available with it. We will let you know the positioning accuracy of our 60000 PSI waterjet cutters. However, it has no role in affecting the cutting accuracy level in the parts.


What factor affects the precision of your 60000 PSI waterjet cutter?

You can find multiple factors playing a role in affecting the waterjet cutting process.

  • Material hardness– It is one of the important factors affecting the preciseness of the machining process. Harder materials can turn out less taper. But, the taper is a factor to identify the type of tolerances you will hold. The adjustment of the cutting speed will let you compensate for taper.
  • Material thickness– The thicker material makes it harder to manage the jet’s behavior. That is why you will find more taper around every curve. Moreover, thickness level affects the taper type and amount. Thinner materials (3 mm) will result in a V-shaped taper. On the contrary, thicker ones cause barrel-taper.
  • Accuracy in positioning- The precise positioning of the jet helps in precise machining of the parts. You will have a perfect worktable for the cutting process.
  • Stability of the table- Improper velocity control, vibrations between your materials and the motion system, and several other variances result in blemishes. Due to the absence of stability in hardware, you may face issues. However, with our cutters, you will not have this issue.
  • The abrasive jet control– It is one of the relevant factors affecting the precision level to your parts. High-quality software will make the cutting speed faster.
  • Limits to tolerance– There are some built-in limitations related to the waterjet machining process. When you have compensated for them, they will restrict the precision.


Will the 60000 PSI of waterjet pressure be able to cut through the bulletproof glass?

As it is bulletproof glass, you can imagine the durability of the material. The bullets within the shooting range cannot pass through the glass. However, you may cut through this super-thick glass effortlessly using the water jet cutting system.


How much is the cost of water for 60000 PSI of the waterjet cutting process?

You can use high-pressure water for waterjet cutting solution. However, there is no need for high investment in it. The quantity of water depends on the number of materials to be cut. Moreover, thicker materials need more water for cutting purposes. It does not cost to buy 1000 to 5000 gallons of water. Based on the type of materials that you like to cut, you can decide on the amount of water.


Should I know about taper for 60000 PSI of waterjet cutting?

Taper refers to the difference between the between and top profiles of the cut. While the stream of water starts eroding materials, there can be some inconsistency. Due to the taper, you will have no straight edge. Thus, there is a chance of less precision. To ensure the highest precision, you can choose the tilting jet head. It will minimize the taper, and you will get the best result.


Does the water jet with the 60000 PSI cutting process result in kerf?

The tool width for abrasive water jets ranges from 0.020″ to 0.040″ based on the tube diameter. While you try to create a perfect corner, you will find an increase in the kerf. However, the material thickness is another relevant factor in this case. The thicker materials make it harder for you to maintain accuracy in the corners.

You can find differences in the kerf width based on the nozzle size you have chosen. A narrower kerf results from the low-horsepower pumping system. Compared to abrasive jets, pure water jets turn out smaller kerf.


What is jet lap with respect to the waterjet cutting process?

Some fabricators overlook the lap while cutting materials in a straight line. However, lap becomes important when you are dealing with the corner parts. When the jet has reached the corner, you have to slow down the motion.


Can I stack materials to add efficiency to the process?

Yes, you can stack your materials to increase the productivity of your manufacturing business. You may do it while cutting standardized parts.


What are other ways to make the waterjet cutting process more productive?

You have more than one option for doing it. For instance, you may add multiple cutting heads and purchase an intensifier pump that delivers higher water pressure. Tight nesting of parts is another trick to increase the productivity level.


Does 60000 PSI leave some burrs and rough edges?

No. With proper handling of the water jet cutter, you will not find these problems. That is why it is different from conventional cutting methods.


Is there any adverse environmental effect due to water jet cutting with 60000 PSI?

No. Water jet cutting is an eco-friendly process causing no harm to the environment. Moreover, water applied for the cutting process is acceptable. You can easily drain it away without any risk. You can use organic abrasives for the process.


Does the contact with abrasives and water stain the materials?

No. It is like normal contact with water. Your materials will remain intact and will have no distortion due to the water jet. You will get the desired output from the process.


Is water jet cutting costlier than other machining processes?

You do not need a high investment in the waterjet cutter and the overall operation of the system. Moreover, you will find high efficiency at a reasonable. You may reduce your manufacturing cost with a 60000 PSI water jet cutter. 


Why is it better to choose the underwater cutting processes?

The underwater cutting process enables you to minimize the noise level. It will prevent the sound from crossing 75dB. However, in this case, the process will not be viewable to you. 


Do I need the training to use your 60000 PSI waterjet cutter?

You will need the training to acquire skills to operate the cutter. Still, to learn the basics, you may need about a week. Beginners will find it easy to control the system for cutting purposes.


How much abrasive do I need for your waterjet cutters?

The waterjet system needs about 0.5 pounds of garnet per minute. Most commonly, garnet abrasive is the best choice, as it is recyclable easily.

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