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aircraft parts

The aerospace industry uses carbon fibers to design different components of flights to add optimal strength.



You can find men wearing black rings. Those rings are made of carbon fibers and tungsten.


Phone cases

There is a trend of using attractive carbon fiber cases for the latest mobiles.



Manufacturers use carbon fiber to design protective helmets and missiles.


Sporting goods

Carbon fiber has a range of applications, including golf clubs, tennis racquets, and ice hockey sticks.


Pocket knife

There are carbon fiber pocket knives with long blades and innovative lock designs.

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The ultimate guide to FAQs

water jet carbon fiber cutting machine


1. Is a waterjet carbon fiber cutter easy to use for a beginner?

Waterjet technology has been with us since the area of post-World War 2. Due to its position and fast cutting technique, it provides an experience of industrial quality equipment.

The carbon fiber cutter requires a complex process to operate. But once you know the technique, it becomes easier to manage it. An individual needs instructor training to use the machine.

However, you can easily avail yourself of the operations, machine set up, and design software training. One needs to use consumables to run the machine. The waterjet carbon fiber cutter can cut through many materials, including glass, carbon fiber, marble, etc.


2. Which industries use waterjet carbon fiber cutters?

Various industries use waterjet carbon fiber cutters. The diverse use of this machine can be seen in the aerospace industry for the application in tool and die, job shop, et cetera.

The architectural or artwork industries use the waterjet carbon fiber cutter for profile cutting of the stained glass, including Church mosaics. Teachers also take the help of a waterjet machine to teach different artworks on marble granite ceramic or other stones.

The automotive industry uses the waterjet carbon fiber cutter for cutting the exterior and interior trims such as carpets, liners, dumpers, or composites casting and parts.

Electronic and the food processing industries show the use of waterjet carbon fiber cutter. The beverage manufacturing equipment primarily uses it. Lastly, one can justify using a waterjet carbon fiber cutter while manufacturing different orthopedic appliances.


3. Is the waterjet carbon fiber cutter a long-lasting solution?

The waterjet carbon fiber cutter offers the most versatile solution to the manufacturing units. It is capable of providing a smooth and clean cut with minimum additional fixturing. One can consider this machine for a long-lasting solution due to certain factors mentioned below:

  • This machine is capable of reducing any gases or hazardous dust.
  • It is one of the environment-friendly methods that do not provide any hazards.
  • Units that use the waterjet carbon fiber cutter can save a lot on raw materials.
  • The waterjet carbon fiber cutter works faster than other conventional tools.
  • This cutter is omni-directional and works in every direction.

With all these advantages, one can surely admit this machine has long-lasting solutions.


4. What abrasives need to be used in waterjet carbon fiber cutting?

Every waterjet carbon fiber cutter uses abrasives. Garnet is one of the wealthiest and most reliable substances that every water carbon fiber requires while cutting. It offers the appropriate combination of density, durability, and particle shapes. This amalgamation maximizes the cutting capabilities.

As an abrasive garnet, it also offers significant hardness. It can last for a long time before you replace it. It is what makes garnet a cost-effective option.

In some cases, you can also recycle the garnet. It, however, depends on the size of the garnet that you choose. One can also use garnet in blast cleaning as it provides environment-friendly cleaning and cutting.


5. What factors are important while purchasing waterjet carbon fiber cutters?

Before buying waterjet carbon fiber cutters, you must consider the type of material you would cut. To cut rigid materials, you must use a grade material with the water stream. If you often cut more complex material, you need to apply an ample grit tank that you can easily maintain.

If you have a complex cutting job, you need to purchase a specialized machine that performs complicated cuts. It might sound a bit odd, but if you buy a used waterjet machine, you can get it for half the price. At the same time, the work will be like that of a new one.

But when you buy a used waterjet cutting machine, do check for the intensifier. Make sure that the pump seals are in working conditions. The electrical cabinets and the nozzles also require a check.


6. How do you control the best edge finish with your water jet carbon fiber cutters?

With waterjet carbon fiber cutters, you will find a fantastic edge treatment. Waterjet carbon fiber cutting system never causes mechanical stress. It has no heat distortion and heat-affected zones. You can easily use the output without secondary finishing.


7. Give a comprehensive guide to using waterjet carbon fiber cutting systems.

The principle of the waterjet carbon fiber cutting system uses the principle of liquid pressurization. The mechanical energy from the power source of the motor gets converted into pressure energy. This mechanism involves a specific device. The high-pressure pump or the booster port accelerates the phenomena.

The water from the water source passes through the small hole of the nozzle with high-pressure energy. This pressure energy, however, gets converted into kinetic energy to form a high-speed Jet.

It is the method of cutting substances using the waterjet carbon fiber cutting system.


8. How do I use waterjet carbon fiber cutting system for different industrial purposes?

If any individual wants to apply a high-pressure waterjet carbon fiber cutting system, it can carry out the mechanism by using the industry, automobile industry, and aerospace industry. Apart from that, you can also use this technology in industrial training.


9. Is there a risk of damage to the carbon fiber piece for cutting it with the waterjet cutter?

The waterjet cutter uses force to cut carbon fiber pieces. However, the force that the machine uses for cutting may be less than the expected force. Moreover, while cutting, it’s important that you use proper fixtures to maintain a proper hold of the material. Fixtures somewhat lessen the risk of damage that the cutter can do to the carbon fiber. It maintains the position of the machines while reducing the chances of any ruined designs or unwanted movements.

It might look easy to move the machine during the production period but that might waste both your resources and time.


10. What value do I get from waterjet carbon fiber cutters?

The water jet carbon fiber cutting system relies on a pump to generate high-pressure water. The water pressure will slice through the carbon fiber objects very easily. The thick carbon panels can be cut with minimal effort. Moreover, you may cut them accurately.


11. How much accuracy can you maintain with waterjet carbon fiber cutting systems?

The waterjet cutting process can be considered highly accurate. If you want to go for any precise cut, then the use of a waterjet carbon fiber cutter is highly recommended.

However, the initial hole that the Waterjet cutting machine makes is somewhat irregular.
The waterjet cutting machine projects a v axis of motion. This mechanism allows the machine to go for angled cuts. So, therefore, there will be a lot of precision when a person works with a waterjet carbon fiber cutting system.


12. How should I choose the right waterjet carbon fiber cutting system?

While buying a suitable waterjet carbon fiber cutting machine, you must inspect the different components of the machine. According to your material or workpiece, you need to choose the kind of waterjet cutting machine. If you want to cut softer materials like thinner plastic and wood, you need to choose plain water, whereas if you choose carbon fiber, you need to have the efficiency and capacity of a grit tank.


13. Is your waterjet cutter efficient in cutting carbon fiber perfectly?

A waterjet cutter can efficiently cut the carbon fibers. However, the thick part requires multiple passes that can cause wear on the workpiece. It takes a lot of time, but it requires cleaning of the dust from Jeep slots. It would be best to have proper tuning with the machine to cut the carbon fibers into small pieces.

The jet diameter that comes with the waterjet cutter can roughly tune itself to 0.025 inches. It can design intricately without providing any damage to the workpiece.


14. How much do you need to invest in operating waterjet carbon fiber cutters?

One has to invest a wholesome amount to get a waterjet cutting system. However, the investment depends upon the application of the machine. The small waterjetcarbon fibercutters can start around a whole amount of some 50 to 60k dollars. It involves the consumables that need to be maintained for achieving peak performance. Some of the necessary items of the consumables include nozzles, mixing chamber, high-pressure pump sales, and orifices.

You will find plenty of second-hand machines that work perfectly well with half the cost of the new machines. Depending on the size and the application, you have to incur the cost.


15. What is the cost of operating waterjet carbon fiber cutters?

It is a general question that everyone asks. People generally get confused between a waterjet cutter and a typical plasma cutting machine. However, the cost of operation includes the cost of water, the abrasive different power requirement, or different consumables.

The abrasive, especially the garnet one, can cost up to 70 to 75 % of the total cost on an hourly basis.

You must understand what kind of drivers you are using to get an estimation of the cost.


16. How do you maintain waterjet carbon fiber cutters?

Every mechanical machine is subject to wear, and a waterjet carbon fiber cutting machine isn’t an exception. That is why we need to perform preventive maintenance to optimize its performance and make it last longer. Here are the three ways you can choose to maintain your waterjet carbon fiber cutters.

  • Some waterjet cutters come in a modular design; hence we can remove the entire intensifier unit and replace it in less than 30 minutes.
  • One can also opt to buy an annual maintenance subscription service from the manufacturer. These services include all the preventive maintenance your waterjet cutter will require.
  • If you are more inclined to the DIY kind, there is also an option to perform maintenance yourself. You might have to follow proper intervals in a strict manner in that case.

Either way, you can obtain the best productivity and highest uptime for the waterjet cutters if you perform periodic maintenance.


17. How much water pressure is required to cut carbon Fiber using waterjet cutters?

Waterjet cutters usually operate in the range of 55000 to 80000 psi. However, it can go up to 90000 psi when required. While cutting carbon fiber, a waterjet maintains a high value of water pressure, preferably above 85,000. Even then, we need to deploy proper abrasive use so that the carbon fiber is cut properly. As the pressure increases, the velocity of the waterjet increases, which results in the efficient cutting of the carbon fiber. At lower pressures, the use of abrasives is maximum, and it diminishes as the pressure increases. We need to attain a balance between abrasive content and high-pressure value to obtain the optimum cutting of carbon fibers.


18. How fast can a waterjet cutter cut the carbon fiber?

A regular waterjet ejects a water stream at the speed of 2500ft/s. This speed of the waterjet is sufficient to cut through any material, be it hard steel or carbon fiber. The speed of carbon fiber cutting using a waterjet cutter is similar to other hard materials. A waterjet can cut a small part of carbon fiber in a single pass owing to its fast feed rate.


19. How much Carbon Fiber thickness can be handled by waterjet cutters?

A great advantage that waterjet cutters provide is cutting very thick panels of carbon fibers without any hassle. If the waterjet tuning is done properly, we can also cut small features on a carbon fiber plate with relative ease. Usually, a thickness of a few inches of carbon fiber can be handled easily by a properly functioning waterjet cutter.


20. Why are waterjet carbon fiber cutters better than other cutting systems?

There are many reasons why waterjet cutting is the preferred option for cutting carbon fiber. Let us go over the most common ones.

  • Waterjet cutters can go through very hard materials. Carbon fiber is a very hard substance, requiring efficient cutting processes for optimum results. That is why waterjet cutters are the best fit for carbon fiber cutting.
  • Waterjet cutters also provide the benefit of dust containment when used to cut carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber dust can work its way up your valuable machines causing rapid wear. Moreover, it can prove to be hazardous for your lungs and cause irritation in your throat when inhaled. Waterjet cutters contain a water tank where all the dust gets blasted into, hence containing them. You do not need any expensive equipment for dust evacuation when you use a waterjet cutter for carbon fiber cutting.
  • No heat-affected zones (HAZ) are created when you cut carbon fibers using a waterjet cutter. In fact, waterjet cutting is famous for providing a non-thermal way of cutting hard substances. This relieves the need for secondary finishing in many cases.


21. What is the edge treatment quality of waterjet carbon fiber cutters?

Waterjet carbon fiber cutters use abrasives to cut. This can cause the edges to have rough surfaces. But if we can control the garnet mesh size along with the feed rate, then the roughness can be minimized. The finer abrasive we use, the finer finish we can obtain. Even then, there will be parts where the finish will be unacceptable, and we’ll have to use sandpaper for secondary finishing. This additional time required for secondary finishing of edges might work as a disadvantage. Yet, if we can balance the cutting speed and control the use of abrasive, we can get a smoother finish than expected.


22. What are the major parts of a waterjet carbon fiber cutter?

A waterjet carbon fiber cutter contains similar parts to that of a waterjet cutting machine. Let us have a quick look at them.

  • Pump – Let us start with the basics first, high-pressure pump. Every waterjet cutter needs a high-pressure pump that can pump out water at a very high speed. The average waterjet cutter uses a 480 V, 3 phase, 100 A, 60 Hz pump. The high-pressure pump is at the heart of the waterjet cutter. It is responsible for pressurizing the water stream and continuously delivering it through the mixing tube. At this point, a supersonic stream of waterjet comes out of the jeweled orifice onto the surface of the carbon fiber. We can find two kinds of pumps being deployed in waterjet carbon fiber cutters, direct-drive and intensifier-based. The majority of carbon fiber waterjet cutters use intensifier-based.
  • Cutting head – The cutting head of the waterjet is a slimline-designed object having a high tolerance value. It is instrumental for cutting at right angles.
  • Control system – If the high-pressure pump is the heart, then the control system is the brain of the waterjet carbon fiber cutter. We use the control system to manipulate and implement all the cutting operations. It contains a motion control and nozzle positioning that provides the highest accuracy level when cutting the carbon fiber.
  • Cutting table – The cutting table is a robust piece of equipment that aids in cutting carbon fiber. It is equipped with a powder coating. Replaceable galvanized metal slats are used to boost its longevity.
  • Automatic feeding system – The waterjet cutter needs a continuous abrasive flow for continuing with the cutting process. The automatic feeding system establishes just that. It refills the abrasive vessel where the pressure system is located. This system transports the abrasives to the cutter.


23. How do you use a waterjet carbon fiber cutting machine for the growth of your business?

If your business involves carbon fiber resizing and fixing, then you can benefit a ton by properly using the services of a waterjet cutter. You can enhance production as waterjet machines cause minimal downtime. Also, with the absence of a heat-affected zone, you do not experience any thermal distortions to the carbon fiber subjects. Hence if your businesses pertain to the automotive industry or aerospace engineering, then you have to deal with carbon fiber cutting a lot. Even in the mechanical industries of lift and equipment manufacturing, carbon fiber waterjet cutters are indispensable.


24. Does the waterjet carbon fiber cutter cause any burrs on the material?

The waterjet carbon fiber cutter deploys a non-thermal cutting process. This means that it does not generate any HAZ or heat-affected zones. Hence the chances of causing burrs on the carbon fiber material are negligible. In fact, one can barely find any after the cutting is done. The edge finish might not be of superior quality due to the extensive abrasive usage. Nevertheless, it does not create burrs on the carbon fiber material.


25. Does a waterjet carbon fiber cutter work better than a laser cutter?

Yes, the applications of a waterjet cutter in carbon fiber cutting are more extensive and preferred than laser cutters. This is because laser cutting is a thermal process producing HAZs. This can damage the material in many cases, especially when improperly handled. Also, laser cutting produces rough surfaces and burrs on the material, which requires secondary finishing. Waterjet cutting relieves us from that requirement. Although secondary finishing might be required for quality edge treatment yet, that is very minimal.

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