Water Jet Cutting Copper

Oxygen-free copper, copper-nickel alloys, Electrolytic tough pitch copper and a lot

The high-velocity water with a pressure level ranging from 30,000–90,000 psi can easily cut your copper. Moreover, the abrasive particles and high-pressure pump add efficiency to the overall processs. Your copper workpiece will have no heat damage due to Water jet cutting. In most copper cuts, the water cutting technology turns out taper of less than a degree.

Types of copper materials suitable for water jet cutting:

  • Copper compounds
  • Recycled copper
  • High conductivity copper
  • Copper alloys
  • Copper combined with other metals

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Water Jet Cutting Copper

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Applications of Water jet cutting copper for industrial needs

Copper refining and processing is a common scenario in industrial sectors. You can find several products made of copper. The ductile nature of copper has made it the best element to manufacture different objects. Moreover, it has the high thermal and electrical conductivity needed for the production of several items. Furthermore, copper is resistant to soil corrosion and weather effects. It also has antimicrobial properties, and that’s why copper is useful for constructing different parts of a public building. Check out what you can manufacture by using Water jet cutting copper materials.


Why should you choose waterjet for cutting copper?

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Water jet cutting refers to a non-contact procedure, and thus, there is no risk of distortion to your copper item. Moreover, this process minimal loads to the machine structure. That is why you can find high accuracy in the result.

Functions and Advantages of Water jet cutting Copper

The most important reason for relying on Water jet cutting is to have better edge quality of the properly cut copper. Waterjet ensures a smooth and uniform burr-free edge. You do not need the secondary finishing of your copper items at your workshop.

The Water jet cutting is the best option for slicing through thick copper items. You may also find it easy to deal with your multi-layer products without any issue. You can manage products of any type and thickness.

The accuracy rate of Water jet cutting copper ranges from ±0.038 to ±0.2mm. Thus, you can use water jet to cut any intricate design.

Your copper may be of any odd shape. A high-pressure water stream combined with abrasives has the capability of cutting any shape and model.

The cold cutting method with a waterjet does not need heat. Thus, there is no risk of distortion of your copper objects. It is highly advantageous when you need to fabricate copper items of intricate designs.
The cutting process generates no heat, and thus, there will be no effect on the molecular structure of your copper item.

You will find high efficiency while operating your waterjet system for cutting copper. Moreover, your copper product manufacturing business will have high profitability, as you can easily cut the component for fabrication purposes. While using a waterjet, you do not need to replace the cutting tools to switch to a different product. By adjusting the feed rate and speed, you can accomplish the task. The cutting process generates no heat, and thus, there will be no effect on the molecular structure of your copper item.


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Tips for using

Water jet cutting copper


How far does the water jet cutting shoot?

Water jets can cut copper up to 6 inches. However, in some specialized applications, a waterjet can cut up to 100 feet with the use of 1-inch nozzle.


Does water jet cutting copper cause any deformation?

The cold cutting method, known as Water jet cutting, helps you to avoid waste and slag deformation. You may find these problems during your laser cutting process. The water and garnet for abrasive cutting are recyclable.


Which nozzle size is perfect for your Water jet cutting copper?

The tip and the nozzle have a gap of 0.030 to 0.060 inches. Maintaining the right stand-off distance is essential to cut copper items properly. You can choose the low stand-off distance for better control of the taper. In this way, you will find quality cuts in your process.


Can I cut copper very fast using Water jet cutting?

The overall composition of your copper workpiece can make a difference in the speed of cutting it. Based on the type of cut you need, you can adjust the waterjet speed. The slower one presents you with a cleaner and better edge. You will also find consistency in the kerf. However, when edge quality is not a factor for you, it is safe to choose a faster cut. You may also combine different cutting heads for better production. These heads are controllable separately.


Do I need to use higher operating pressure for Water jet cutting copper?

Higher operating pressure is advantageous for you, as it helps with faster cutting. You can adjust the pressure from 55,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI based on your needs.


What is the best table size for a water jet cutting copper technique?

Based on the size of copper, you can choose the right table size. The table dimension starts from 2 feet by 3 feet. You can also select the larger ones.


How thick copper can be cut with water jet?

You can cut any metal with thickness ranging between 0.5mm and 170mm. The best tolerance level can be 0.008″/0.2mm. You can maintain a perfect accuracy while cutting copper with water jet. Moreover, the thickness of copper does not affect the cutting potentials of waterjet.


Why Water jet cutting copper is better than plasma cutting?

Although plasma cutting can cut copper and other hard metals, it can cause burning and melting issues. The gas from this cutting technology cuts copper at a high temperature. That is why you can replace plasma cutting method with Water jet cutting. You will have smoother and cleaner cuts of your copper items.

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