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You can determine the size of your work table from the size of the part you want to produce and the size of the raw material you want to cut.


To confirm that your glass cutting business requires taper compensation, if you are not sure, you can ask our experts for a better choice of cutting systems.

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SAME offers 3 control systems, Ncstudio, Beckhoff, and IGEMS. Selecting the right control system will best meet your costs and efficiency.

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In practice, you should select the right waterjet pump for the most cost-effective production based on your business needs.

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The right options increase productivity and quality, and you can choose the right parts for your production needs.

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the ultimate faq guide

waterjet metal cutting machine


1. What is a water jet metal cutter?

A water jet metal cutter is a tool that uses a high-pressure water jet to cut through metal. Water is mixed with an abrasive and passed through a gem orifice in a water jet metal cutter, creating a high-pressure jet capable of rapidly eroding metals and cutting through them easily.


2. What is the composition of the water jet metal cutting machine?

The components that make up a water jet metal cutting machine are:

  • High-Pressure Pump – It pressurizes the water and supplies it to the nozzle so that a water jet can come out through the cutting head.
  • Stainless Steel Plumbing – It transports the high-pressure water from the pump to the nozzle.
  • Control Unit – It is the system containing pre-installed programs using which an operator can control the motion of the cutting head to meet their requirements.
  • Waterjet Nozzle – Inside the nozzle, high-pressure water is pushed through a gem orifice to create a jet. This jet is then introduced to abrasives, and they form a cohesive jet that has the speed and strength to cut metals.
  • Motion Equipment or X-Y Traverse System – It allows the cutting head to move freely across the water jet table to cut out the required pattern.
  • Waterjet Table – A strong, sturdy table that supports the metal to be cut.
  • Catcher Tank – It neutralizes and collects the used up water and abrasives during the cutting process.


3. Why use a waterjet cutter to cut metal?

Here are 8 major benefits that justify the usage of water jet cutters on metals:

  • Minimal Kerf – Smaller kerf means that it is possible to achieve greater accuracy and precision, especially while cutting intricate shapes.
  • Cold Cutting – Since minimum heat is generated using a water jet, there is no risk of distortion from overheating or damage to the material being cut.
  • Superior Edge Finish – Water jet cutting offers a smoother finish and minimizes the need for secondary finishing.
  • Eco-friendly – Water jet cutting doesn’t release hazardous waste or fumes into the environment.
  • Energy-efficient – The water and abrasives are usually recyclable. Also, because of high precision and edge quality, scrap waste generation is minimum, and secondary finishing is unnecessary. This makes it energy-efficient.
  • Safer Process – It enhances operator safety through reliable control systems that keep the operator at a safe distance at all times.
  • Easier To Maintain – Water jet cutting eliminates the hassle of blade maintenance in the form of sharpening, switching, or replacing.
  • Long Term Cost Reduction – Through precision and edge quality, water jet cutters minimize wastage. Maintenance costs are significantly lower, and the process is energy-efficient too. This cut costs in the long term.


4. How does a water jet cutting metal machine work?

High-pressure water enters the water jet nozzle and passes through an orifice made of a jewel, like sapphire, ruby, or diamond. This creates a jet that enters a section of the nozzle called the Venturi Chamber. This is where the abrasive is fed into the jet from the side. Then the water and the abrasive enter the Mixing Tube, where they are mixed till they form a cohesive stream. You can learm more from Wiki about water jet cutter.

When the jet finally exits the cutting head, it has the power and energy to cause rapid erosion of the material to be cut, creating an initial through-hole. After the through-hole is ready, the machine cuts along the path, following the instructions given to it through the control unit.


5. What is the cutting accuracy of the metal waterjet machine?

Some of the latest advanced water jet metal cutters can handle the cutting of small parts with up to ±0.025 mm tolerance. At least ±0.05 mm tolerance can be expected in most cases.


6. How thick can a waterjet metal cutting machine be cut?

Economically speaking, water jet metal cutters can cut steel up to 7.5 cm in thickness. While it’s possible to cut thicker steel, it takes a significantly longer period of time, which drives up the cost per cutting. Advanced water jets can cut steel that is about 23 cm thick as well, but such special requirements come up quite rarely.


7. What is the quality of the edge treatment of the waterjet metal cutter?

Water jet cutting is known for its superior edge quality. Smooth, burr-free, and uniform edges can be achieved using water jet metal cutters, which is why this method is preferred for high-end design. In most cases, there is no need for secondary finishing after the water jet metal cutting process.

Edge quality of water jet cutters is usually indicated by the grades Q1-Q5, with Q1 and Q5 offering the roughest and smoothest edge quality, respectively.


8. What metal can't be cut by a water jet metal cutter?

Diamonds and other materials close to diamonds on the hardness scale cannot be cut by a water jet. Tempered glass breaks when a water jet attempts to cut it. Some composite materials can also be challenging for a waterjet to cut since water may not be able to seep through the different layers.


9. How much does the water jet metal machine cost to operate?

The operational cost of a waterjet metal cutter depends on the type of material to be cut, the machine model, and the water to abrasive ratio. On average, it can cost anywhere between $20-$40 per hour.


10. What abrasives are used in waterjet metal cutting?

The most efficient and commonly used abrasive for water jet metal cutting is garnet. It is close to diamond in terms of hardness but much more affordable than similar materials. Other materials used as abrasives include silica sand, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, olivine, and so on.


11. What are the benefits of cutting metal with a water jet compared to laser cutting?

With the help of the laser cutting technique, you can sharply cut through thin metals. But with the waterjet technique, you can cut through any metals/materials. Also, with the help of laser cutting, you can engrave simple designs, serial numbers, etc. on the other hand, water jet allows you 3D metal cutting.


12. What are the benefits of cutting metal with a waterjet compared to flame cutting?

With flame cutting, you can carry the things required for it anywhere, i.e., it’s portable. Also, flame-cutting allows you to cut through excessive thick metals. Waterjet cutting, on the other hand, helps you to cut through any material. Also, the process is much tidier and less prone to accidents. With the water-cutting technique, you can get the exact precision that you want. Since no heat is produced during the cutting process, the fringes don’t get damaged.


13. What are the benefits of cutting metal with a water jet compared to plasma cutting?

On the one hand, you can use the water jet cutting technique on any materials, i.e., it’s versatile. Also, it is a much safer option; as a result, any amateur can use it. The water jet technique releases no harmful gases and doesn’t damage the fringes of the cut area due to heat. Simultaneously, plasma cutting is also an effective way to cut through metals like copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. Also, it gives the metals a much-refined look and much effective than the flame technique.


14. How does a water jet cut steel?

The waterjet can cut through steel with the help of its high-speed water that oozes out of tapering jeweled nozzle. The jet of water maintains a consistent speed that allows it to cut through metals like steel.


15. Can water cut through steel?

Yes, water can cut through steel with the help of a machine known as a waterjet. The water that gets released from this machine’s nozzle hits the steel at a high force and consistency, which in turn helps it to cut through.


16. How thick steel can waterjet cut?

The waterjet can cut up to 3 inches thick steel.


17. How much pressure does waterjet cutting steel require?

To attain a precise cut-out, the waterjet requires 60,000-90,000 PSI. The higher the pressure, the better will be the cutting.


18. Is a waterjet the best solution for cutting the metal?

Yes, waterjet is the best solution for cutting metals. Unlike other techniques, you can use it on different types of metals. Also, it gives you the exact cut-out you want without releasing toxic gases.


19. What are the tips when using a water jet to cut metal?

If you want to cut metal using a water jet, keep these few tips in mind.

  • If you are cutting a material that has below 0.100-inches thickness, you can choose a 25 hp parameter combination and go for multiple heads. This will help to increase your production.
  • Try to refrain from cutting through the air gaps more than 0.020-inches
  • Go for smaller break-out tabs to improve the effectiveness of cutting harder metal
  • Emphasize rotating the slats
  • Always cut the material underwater
  • Discard all abrasive waste
  • Check on the tank cleaning software
  • Modify the nozzle test setting


20. Which industries are currently using waterjet metal cutting machines?

Water jet metal cutting machines have several notable advantages, and this is why it is widely capturing several industries.

  • Aerospace Industry: Water jet metal cutting machines can efficiently cut alloy materials and other materials, including plastic glass, carbon fiber composite, etc. It pertains to cold cutting, no post-treatment, and causes no damage to material properties.
  • Military Industry: It can cut inflammable and volatile installations, an armored plate of the combat wagon.
  • Railway: Railway rail is growing its popularity all over the world.
  • Automobile Industry: It is a useful tool for the automobile industry. Credit goes to its ability to cut all metal and non-metal composite materials that meet the demand of contemporary automobile production.
  • Beer Industry: During the developing procedure of beer, stainless steel is probably the most significant material for maintaining the authentic flavor of the beer. So the use of water jet metal cutting machines in this industry is worth mentioning.


21. How to confirm which system your waterjet metal cutting machine needs?

Waterjet cutters are highly precise cutting machines. The machine uses a very high-pressure stream of water to cut and slice different objects. Generally, the water pressure falls between 45,000 psi to 60,000 psi for a standard waterjet cutter. However, ultra-high pressure waterjet cutters are also there, generating water pressure around 94,000 psi.

There are several types of waterjet cutters, depending on the components, operation type, features, etc. To confirm a system that your waterjet metal cutter needs, you need to focus on these factors.

First of all, there are two types of waterjet cutters – a pure waterjet and an abrasive waterjet. The pure waterjet uses just the water pressure and force to cut through objects. The other type uses abrasives, as the name suggests. The abrasives perform a more sanding-like operation, eroding the material. Pure waterjets perform well for cutting softer materials, such as rubber, Styrofoam, plastics, food, gasket material, etc. Abrasive waterjets can cut harder materials such as stone, ceramics, glass, metals, Kevlar, and composites.

As your focus will be on metal cutting, going with an abrasive waterjet cutter is a better idea. That will release some strain from your waterjet, and you can cut effectively with relatively lower pressure. The abrasive waterjet can cut 12inch-thick metal plates with the right pressure and cutting speed. To cut various shapes from metal, you may consider a five-axis cutting head with optimized cutting software.

Besides, you need an intensifier pumping system to make your waterjet metal cutter work. The pumping system creates very high pressure, suitable to cut metal. It uses a hydraulic system, which is connected to a larger horsepower motor. These are enough to operate your waterjet metal cutting machine effectively.


22. How do you use waterjet metal cutting machines to make your business grow rapidly?

The trend of metal cutting is expanding day by day. A waterjet metal cutting marching possesses the ability to quickly diagnose the need of the customers’ demands and then fix them in real-time. It further helps to enhance the reliability of the manufacturing technique.

This machine is great for processing almost all types of materials. Plus, there occurs no disruptions in the mechanical properties of the metal. Hence, several big industries are demanding the use of water jet cutting machines. Accordingly, you will see an upside in the business grow rapidly.


23. Does SAME provide technical support for water jet metal cutting machines?

Yes, the Suitable Control System or SAME provides triple control systems that are Ncstudio, IGEMS, and Beckhoff. When you choose the ideal control system, it can meet your price and efficiency.


24. How much does a CNC water jet metal cutting machine cost?

CNC Water Jet Metal Cutting Machine offers the best price for their customers. You can learn more about their varieties and cost by browsing through their website.


25. What should be considered when buying a water jet metal cutter?

When you consider buying a water jet cutter, make sure to check out these features during the inspection.

  • Intensifier: The waterjet cutter comes with an electric pump to generate high pressure that is essential to cut hard materials. So, make sure to check the pump seal is free of any leaks.
  • Nozzle: Always check out the nozzle and see if it is free of dents and rust.
  • Electrical Cabinet: Try to sort out the electrical cabinet when buying. Often, it gets jumbled and would consume much time to sort out.
  • Control System: Always get a demonstration before buying. It helps to reveal if there remains an issue as it is not possible to check everything glancing at the system. If you get a damaged control system, it will severely hamper the functioning of your water jet cutting machine.

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