Water Jet Cutting Granite

Low-grade granite, mid-grade granite, and high-grade granite

The advanced technology, a water jet can cut granite into intricate designs. When water with a high velocity and pressure passes through the granite, you will get an accurate shape. You can use abrasives to make the process more efficient. The water jet also works with a high-pressure pump to add velocity to water. The piece of granite will have a minimal taper from the process.

Types of granite materials that you can cut with a water jet:

  • Greisen
  • Granophyre
  • Aplite
  • S-type granite
  • I-type granite
  • Rapakivi

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Water Jet Cutting Granite

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Samples of waterjet cutting granite (2)
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Applications of waterjet cutting granitefor industrial needs

The igneous rock, granite, is versatile, as it has a range of applications. As it is a highly resilient rock, you can find its use for different industrial purposes. Unique color choices and strength are some other reasons for choosing graphite for manufacturing purposes. Moreover, granite has large grains, which are easily visible. Two major components of graphite are quartz and feldspar. Other components include mica and amphiboles. Granite has applications for both indoor and outdoor projects. You can choose water jet cutting granite for your projects. It will be easy to manufacture different objects.


Why should you prefera waterjet for cutting granite?

Samples of waterjet cutting granite (1)

Water jet cutting is a special process where you do not need to apply heat. Thus, the piece of granite will have no negative effect due to this innovative process. The machine is also easy to use, and you can manage your granite cutting process easier. Water jet cutting granite also maintains a high level of accuracy.

Functions and advantages of water jet cutting granite

One of the major reasons for choosing waterjet cutting granite is to have an output with the perfect edge quality.The precisely cut granite will make your manufacturing process easier. Waterjet is the best option to keep the edge free of burrs.

Manufacturing businesses that have a low budget do not like to invest in costly systems for their granite cutting needs. That is why water jet is the cheaper alternative to them. Although the operating cost is not high, you can maintain the best output.

Your water jet cutting granite process ensures more than ±0.038 mm accuracy. It is one of the reasons for which manufacturers prefer water jets as the ultimate option for cutting granites. Moreover, you can maintain the desired shape of the piece of graphite. The high-pressure water has the capability of slicing through graphite.

While the laser cutting process needs heat application to the graphite, waterjetis a cold cutting process. Your graphite will be safe and retain its originality. The internal molecular structure of graphite will remain intact-

You can remove your concern about water jet cutting granite. You do not need to have any technical skills to deal with our water jet technology. As you can enjoy the fast cutting of graphite, you can increase your business productivity and profitability. Apply waterjet to your graphite piece, and it will do its work. You can manage the speed rate of the pressurized water.


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Tips for using

Water jet cutting granite


Is water jet cutting environment-friendly?

Water jet cutting granite does not cause the emission of gas, and that is why there is no contact of hazardous materials with the environment. You can filter the water and put it down the drain.


Does the water jet cutting granite process make any noise?

You can find differences in noise based on where you have placed your decibel meter. The distance of this meter from the supersonic jet is highly important. When you have chosen underwater granite cutting, you can keep the noise below 75 dB. However, while the distance between the workpiece and tube is large, the noise can reach 95 dB.


Is there any risk of deformation while cutting your granite with a water jet?

As a water jet does not need heat, you can avoid slag and unnecessary waste. You can face these issues in your laser cutting process. The garnet and tap water are recyclable.


What is the perfect nozzle size to cut the granite piece with a water jet?

The nozzle has a distance from the tip, and it is mostly 0.030 to 0.060 inches. You must know about the right distance to cut your granite items. Check the stand-off distance and then start cutting granite. Precise cuts can be achieved in this way.


How fast can I cut granite with a water jet?

You can save time by cutting your thick granite pieces with a water jet. However, speed adjustment is another factor making a difference to the overall result. But, the slower process is better when consistency is your concern. You can try to alter different cutting heads to identify the right one for better output.


How much pressure is needed to cut granite using a water jet?

The pressure level of water starts from 55000PSI, and it can be up to 90000 PSI. Check the thickness of your granite piece, and based on it, you can adjust the PSI level.


Which is the best table size to manage your water jet cutting granite?

Measure the piece of granite that you need to cut. Then, you can choose the table size that fits your graphic item.


Water jet versus plasma cutting- Which is better?

Plasma cutting can be effective in cutting granite and other stones. However, the gas emitted due to this technology affects granite. For this reason, you can choose water jet cutting as a better option to manufacture graphic items.

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