AC 5-axis

Cutting Head

AC 5-axis

Cutting Head

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Product Specifications

SAME waterjet introduced foreign technology and successfully developed AC five-axis waterjet using IGEMS software, which is mainly used for 3D cutting of metal materials.

This AC five-axis waterjet has a high-precision infrared height measurement function, which is not limited by the flatness of the plate, has high cutting accuracy, reduced costs, and is more convenient to operate

AC5 axis waterjet cutting head is cutting samples
AC5X Technical Parameters
A-axis rotation angle±67°
C axis rotation angle±360°
Cutting angle±45°

Advantages & Features​

  • Realize arbitrary cutting within the range of 0°~45°
  • Essential for rock slab processing
  • Solve the traditional water cutting slope problem and easily realize 2D/3D cutting

Waterjet cutting video demonstrates

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