Waterjet Cutting Titanium

Both titanium alloys and pure Titanium of different grades ranging from grade 1 to 11

Although Titanium is lighter, it is harder. While you use a mill for machining titanium, you may face a slow cutting problem. Thus, to save time and enjoy the higher productivity of your manufacturing business, you can rely on Waterjet cutting titanium. You will take advantage of modern technology. Also, Titanium can be cut easily with the water jet cutting process. The setup time is not much longer. Moreover, there is no risk of warping issues with the Waterjet cutting titanium project. Cut the metal from any angle based on your needs.

Types of Titanium that is easy to cut with the water jet cutting process:

  • Softest Grade 1 titanium
  • Moderate-strength Grade 2 titanium
  • Pure and strong Grade 3 titanium
  • Low-ductile Grade 4 titanium
  • Commercially pure Titanium
  • α type titanium alloy
  • β type titanium alloy
  • α + β type titanium alloy

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Waterjet Cutting Titanium

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Uses of the Waterjet cutting titanium for different manufacturing needs

Titanium is a lightweight silver metal with high durability, and that’s why its popularity is growing in the manufacturing sector. You can find its applications mostly in the medical and aerospace industries. Titanium is corrosion-resistant, and thus, manufacturers have found it useful for designing different items. Moreover, Titanium is blended with other metals, like aluminum and iron, to make an alloy. The strength of Titanium is similar to steel. However, you need to apply special techniques for cutting Titanium. To get clean and consistent cuts, you can rely on the water jet. Find the common uses of Titanium for different purposes.


Why should you rely on Waterjet cutting titanium for your manufacturing services?

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Waterjet cutting titanium is a high-efficiency process. The best manufacturers prefer the water jet to accomplish the manufacturing process. The water jet has the potential to deal with Titanium of any thickness. You do not need much effort for Waterjet cutting titanium. Moreover, you will get financial advantages to dealing with the Waterjet cutting titanium process. The process does not consume a high amount of energy for water jet cutting of Titanium.

Advantages and significance of waterjet Cutting titanium

Waterjet cutting titanium is one of the fastest available solutions. You can choose it as the best alternative to other CNC machining processes. You can adjust the feed rate to cut titanium with the desired speed. Within a few seconds, you can cut titanium into pieces. Thin titanium can be cut in a single pass, and you do not need much effort.

In your waterjet cutting titanium process, water is the major need to slice through the titanium material. You can avoid a mess due to the integrated dust containment. You may not find this benefit with other available cutting technologies. Dust from cutting titanium can reach the interior side of the machine. While you touch the dust and inhale it, you may have serious health effects.

To fabricate titanium items, you may need to cut the sheet into a number of patterns. Waterjet lets you do it easily without much skill. Beginners have found it easy to manage the waterjet cutting process for manufacturing titanium items.


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Why is Waterjet cutting titanium is better than milling titanium?

Based on the choice of cutting methods, you can find a difference in the production rate. You know that Titanium has distinct characteristics, and it is essential to consider them while cutting the metal. Due to the high reactivity, Titanium may result in abrasions, galling, and seizing. Moreover, the elastic modulus of Titanium is very low, and thus, you can find the problem of deflections. Furthermore, roughness on the sub-surface will affect the surface integrity.

With water jet cutting, you can avoid these problems, as it cuts through Titanium and provides burr-free edges. There is no risk of contamination. While other cutting methods result in thermally damaged chips, you will not have the problem in the case of the water jet. You do not need to use complicated mechanical parts at the time of water jet cutting.


How much thick can titanium be cut with the waterjet?

With waterjet cutting, you can manage the thickness of 0005″ to 12″. However, based on the thickness level, you need to decide on the pressure of the water stream. For instance, When the piece of Titanium is 18″ by 18″ by 5/8″, you can apply 60,000 PSI of water. The flow rate of water can be 3″ per minute. Thus, based on the water pressure, you can find differences in the potential of cutting Titanium. Although your titanium piece is thick, you will save time with the process.


How does the waterjet cutting process work to deal with titanium items?

High-pressure water is much effective in cutting Titanium. The water needs to reach the orifice with a diameter of up to 0.020”. The orifice can resist the effect of abrasion resulted from the stream of water. The abrasive added to the stream of water is effective in cutting hard materials.


What uniqueness can you notice in Waterjet cutting titanium?

Water jet cutting is a versatile choice in the titanium product manufacturing industry. There are some ways in which a water jet is different from other cutting processes. It does not emit contaminated gas. Moreover, it has the capability of perforating Titanium without starting holes. You can rely on the environmentally friendly process to cut Titanium.


Do I need secondary finishing of titanium cut with the water jet?

With abrasive water jet cutting, you can produce parts that need no secondary finishing. In some special applications where you need tapped hole and mirror finish, secondary finishing becomes easier. Abrasive Waterjet cutting titanium can result in a hardened edge.


Why do you get optimal value from water jet cutting?

You do not need to pay tooling charges. Furthermore, as water jet cuts cause narrow kerf, you can make the optimal use of materials. Moreover, the waterjet cutting process does not produce waste.

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