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High Efficiency

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High Efficiency

High Accuracy


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The ultimate guide to FAQs

water jet aluminum cutting machine


1. Can a water jet cutting system cut aluminum?

Waterjet cutters made of high-quality technologies can easily cut a piece of aluminum. However, the thick of the metal is the most important factor before cutting the piece. Make sure that the thickness of the aluminum objects is not more than 305 mm.


2. Does waterjet cutting cause any structural changes to your aluminum objects?

As the waterjet cutting process does not need heat, your aluminum piece will have no structural effect. You can avoid the risk of melting, burning, and warping issues with waterjet aluminum cutters. Moreover, there is no risk of any harmful gas emission.


3. When should you use waterjet cutters for aluminum cutting projects?

You can use waterjet cutters to create patterns on your aluminum sheet. Moreover, you may cut thin to thick machine parts. In most cases, fabricators use them to deal with 2D aluminum profiles and structural plates. Thus, check the design of your aluminum objects to know the use of waterjet cutters for your purpose.


4. Why is a waterjet cutter better than a laser cutter?

CO2 lasers can cause a number of issues while cutting aluminum pieces, as they have reflective properties. To avoid the problem, fiber lasers have been introduced for higher precision cutting. However, waterjet cutters can accomplish the cutting project without a thermal process. You need a combination of abrasive and water to cut aluminum with waterjet cutters.


5. What will I do when I have any technical problem with my waterjet aluminum cutter?

At SAME, we have a team of technicians to help you in solving your problems with the water jet aluminum cutting system. We have chat systems and video-based customer assistance services. You can have real-time conversations with our team.


6. How much is water pressure needed to cut aluminum with a waterjet cutter?

The thickness of aluminum can cause a difference in the waterjet cutting pressure. However, in most cases, the pressure level ranges from 50,000 to 60,000 PSI. Some newer models enable you to raise the pressure to 90,000 PSI.


7. What arrangements should you make before arranging the waterjet aluminum cutter?

The air pressure of the machine needs to be 4 to 6 kg/cm2. You must select a compressor accordingly. You can use a servo stabilizer that protects your CNC panel from the risk of power fluctuation. The abrasive sewing net must have a 40-mesh design.


8. Why should you use waterjet cutters to aluminum?

Modern waterjet cutters ensure high accuracy, and they can manage complicated shaped aluminum objects.  Moreover, with minimum heat generation, you can accomplish the aluminum cutting process. These waterjet cutting systems are highly energy-efficient, and it is safe to use them.


9. Are waterjet aluminum cutters eco-friendly?

While other methods, like grinding and milling, emit dust, waterjet cutters do not cause problems. They never produce harmful fumes to the environment. Moreover, you can cut your aluminum objects with a small amount (1 to 2 liters) of water. The process also does not turn out any hazardous waste products.


10. What are the major parts of waterjet aluminum cutters?

The high-pressure pumping system plays an important role in controlling the water pressure. Another important part is the stainless-steel pumping setup. You will also find a control unit that regulates the movement of the cutting head. Moreover, the nozzle is another component to deal with the pressurized water. Besides, the sturdy waterjet cutting table and catcher tank are other notable parts.


11. Is it safe to use waterjet aluminum cutters?

Waterjet aluminum cutting systems are user-friendly, and operators will not find the safety issues with these systems. You can control the cutting system from a safe distance. There is no risk of injury. Some users have found the risk of eye damage. That is why you must put on solid eye protection to use the system.


12. How do I know when my waterjet aluminum cutting system has some issues?

You have to make sure that there is no damage and defect to the waterjet aluminum cutters. Moreover, the on/off valve must not have any leakage issue. The increasing temperature level in relation to the adjacent parts indicates that the valve is not closed.


13. Does the aluminum piece have cracks due to the application of waterjet cutting systems?

You will get a smooth and clean cut in your aluminum piece. You will find no cracks on the surface. In most cases, users have not found these cracking problems. Still, you have to control the cutting speed and pressure while using the device.


14. Does the waterjet aluminum cutter cause any noise?

The best waterjet cutting system does not cause noise. The technical advancement has resulted in the reduction of the noise level of the cutting process with abrasive waterjet technology. You need to check the decibel while buying the system.


15. Which industries need waterjet aluminum cutting systems?

Mostly, different manufacturing companies use these waterjet cutters for their purpose. Manufacturers in aerospace, construction, automotive, power lines, consumer electronics, spacecraft components, ships, and several other industries use this waterjet aluminum cutter.


16. Laser cutting versus waterjet aluminum cutting system- Which is costlier for you?

Waterjet aluminum cutters are cheaper options for your business. On average, the laser cutting cost can be about $20/hour. On the contrary, it is $12 to 20 per hour for the waterjet aluminum cutting process. Thus, to lower the operating cost, you can choose the waterjet cutter.


17. Does garnet mesh size have an effect on the cutting speed?

There is a relation between the cutting speed and the garnet mesh. Bigger mesh abrasive can make the cutting process slightly faster. However, you will get a rough finish. The most commonly chosen option for waterjet cutting is 80 mesh. The abrasive size does not have much impact on the thin aluminum sheet.


18.How does a waterjet aluminum cutter reduce the long-term cost?

While maintaining edge quality and precision, the waterjet cutting system reduces wastage. Moreover, you do not need to invest a high amount in maintenance. The overall waterjet cutting process is highly energy efficient. That is why you can control the cost in the future.


19. Can I add efficiency with low-pressure cutting?

It is a myth, and you must not pay attention to it. Waterjet cutters are designed to apply pressure over the aluminum and any other chosen materials. You need to choose high pressure to find the highest efficiency.


20. Does an abrasive waterjet aluminum cutter work slowly?

Some fabricators think that the waterjet aluminum cutting systems take effort and time to show results. However, the best waterjet cutters rely on the accelerated erosion process to cut through the aluminum within the shortest time. Interestingly, the fast cutting speed will not result in any issue.


21. Is it hard to cut complicated aluminum parts with waterjet cutters?

Some users think that waterjet aluminum cutting systems struggle to slice through precise 3D parts. However, the truth is that technological developments in the 3D cutting fields have added versatility to our waterjet cutting systems. The cutting head can be twisted in different directions, and thus, waterjet machines cut complicated 3-dimension parts in one motion.


22. What abrasives should I use for waterjet aluminum cutting?

You need different synthetic and natural materials as abrasives for waterjet aluminum cutting purposes. In the industrial field, garnet is a very popular choice. It provides a durable material to create sharp edges. Your waterjet will get a good cutting ability.


23. Do I need to polish aluminum after cutting it with waterjet cutters?

Waterjet tile cutting saves you the effort to polish the material. As the waterjet aluminum cutter does not cause distortion to the aluminum piece, you can avoid polishing it. You may also maintain a high accuracy level in the output.


24. What are the tips for using waterjet aluminum cutters?

You have to minimize the cutting speed and pressure level of the cutter to avoid microchipping. Another important thing is to ensure that the abrasive is not more than 150 mesh. You can alter the abrasive size for the settings menu of nozzle and pump.

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