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High Efficiency

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High Efficiency

High Accuracy


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

waterjet granite cutting machine


1. What is a waterjet granite cutter?

A waterjet granite cutter is essentially a high-speed water jet cutting machine combined with a CNC cutting table. It performs cutting of hard stones, especially granite and marble. Concrete bricks and ceramic tiles are also cut using a waterjet granite cutter. A typical waterjet granite cutter has dimensions of 3x2m as slabs of granite mostly come in a similar size. Their thickness lay somewhere between 1cm to 4 cm. The cutting speed of such waterjet granite cutters is changeable from 200mm/min to 400 mm/min. Let us discuss the operating principle of such a waterjet granite cutting machine in brief.

The magnificent kinetic energy developed by the water coming out of the nozzle provides the precision for cutting the granite. Irrespective of the width of the granite, waterjet cutting provides the ability to cut the granite into any desired shape without damaging them.


2. What is the composition of a waterjet cutting machine?

A waterjet granite cutting machine typically contains the following pieces of equipment.

High-pressure H2O jet pumps for pumping water through the nozzle at high speed. The specifications of the pumps are usually 480 V, 100Amps, 3 phases, and 60 Hz. The pumps are the core of the waterjet cutter. It pressurizes the water stream and delivers it relentlessly through the mixing tube to the point where a supersonic stream of waterjet is released from the orifice. In most cases, two kinds of high-pressure pumps are deployed in waterjet cutters. Intensifier-based and direct drive-based.

Cutting table – The cutting table is another essential part of the waterjet cutter. It is a sturdy and robust steel-constructed table having a powder coating. Its longevity is enhanced using replaceable galvanized slats of metal.

Cutting head – The cutting head is responsible for having physical contact with the granite subject and cutting it as desired. It constitutes a slimline design and highly tight tolerances that make it a great choice for cutting at steep angles.

Control system – The control system is the brain of the entire waterjet cutter. It is here that all decisions related to the cutting operations are implemented. Waterjet cutters usually deploy software for managing all control operations. They are aided with nozzle positioning and motion control. This provides us high levels of accuracy while cutting the granite.

Automatic feeding system – The auto feeding system provides a continuous supply of abrasive flow to the cutter that allows it to carry on with the cutting process. It refills the abrasive pressure vessel, which contains a pressure system that transports the abrasives to the cutter.


3. Why should we use a waterjet machine to cut granite?

Waterjet cutting has been a go-to method for cutting granite in the marble industry. It offers a higher level of productivity and also cost savings when performed in bulk. The method is quite advanced yet simple and is quite adaptive in the industry. Moreover, the lack of a HAZ (heat affected zone) provides the advantage of negligible distortion and relieves us from the need for secondary finishing. Waterjet cutting technology allows us to create lots of designs and shapes on granite which are in demand from home improvement companies.


4. How does a waterjet cutting machine work?

Waterjet cutting is very efficient in stone cutting, especially hard stones such as granite or quartz. It employs a high-speed, high-pressure waterjet to cut materials of varying thickness. It displays a high value of precision while doing so. The waterjet might contain an abrasive material, preferably pomegranate sand, that helps it cut through the granite with relative ease. Waterjet cutting machines produce granite cuts that are relieved of thermal damage as it is a non-thermal cutting process. It is an environment-friendly process and is sustainable and convenient in the long run.

The entire process is merely an accelerated erosion process where a water knife is used to cut through the granite. A water knife is a highly pressurized stream of water that is pushed into a mixing chamber using a diamond nozzle. The high pressure creates a vacuum and draws the abrasive into the stream, which, when fired at the granite object, creates the water knife for cutting. The sand particles within the water knife erode the granite material at high speed, providing the perception of cutting. This leads to the concept of a knife where there actually isn’t any. Just a stream of water and abrasives at high speed.


5. What is the cutting accuracy of the granite waterjet machine?

Waterjet cutting provides a flexible granite cutting solution to the manufacturing industries. It reduces the processing time of the granite cutting procedure. Also, it flaunts an impressive cutting accuracy between the range of ± 0.1 to ± 0.2 mm. It depends largely on the machine being used and the thickness of the granite is cut. This helps in creating complex architectural designs that require standard granite cutting abilities.


6. How thick can a waterjet granite cutting machine be cut?

Theoretically, a waterjet machine is capable of cutting up to any thickness. Yet, the tolerances will change with the changing thickness. If the materials are under 4 inches thick, then a tight accuracy level. In the case of thicker materials, an almost net near shape is achieved.


7. What is the quality of the edge treatment of the waterjet granite cutter?

The waterjet cutting technique is a non-thermal one which means it does not create any HAZ. This makes it a safer and more convenient cutting method, as in most cases, it relieves us from any secondary finishing. The edge treatment obtained from the waterjet granite cutter is of superior quality. It perfectly preserves the edges of the granite and also ensures that the surfaces are smooth. The edges remain softer and smoother post-cutting than any other stone cutting technique. Even when the granite is thin, there is virtually no chipping on the edges of it after cutting using a waterjet.


8. Can the waterjet granite cutter meet all their applications?

A waterjet cutter is efficient enough to handle all granite cutting requirements. It is currently the most sought-after stone cutting technique owing to the many benefits it provides on stone cutting. Virtually granites of all thickness can be cut effectively using a waterjet stone cutting machine. Hence it can be considered as a very versatile machine that meets all applications of stone cutting. It is also used in cutting other hard materials such as glass.


9. How much does the waterjet granite machine cost to operate?

Though the cost of a waterjet granite cutter might be on the higher side, its operating cost is one of the cheapest. Every hour the machine costs around $15 to $30. The exact amount depends on the project it is dealing with. For thicker materials, the cost might increase. However, its operating cost is the lowest one can get of all the granite cutting methods prevalent in the industry.


10. What abrasives are used in waterjet granite cutting?

Various synthetic, as well as natural materials, make up the abrasives for waterjet cutting. Professionals deploy an assortment of abrasives in cutting granite. Among them, the most prevalent is garnet that offers a certain rigidity and reliability in the cutting process. It enhances the cutting ability of the machine leading to a higher quality end product.


11. What are the benefits of cutting granite with a water jet compared to laser cutting?

You do not need to buy a custom tooling system for waterjet cutting. Thus, waterjet cutting is more economical than laser cutting. This cold process does not heat up your materials. There is no chance to affect the materials’ physical state. Moreover, as you do not need to remove heat-affected materials, you will save effort.


12. What are the benefits of cutting granite with a waterjet compared to flame cutting?

Flame cutting usually involves heat and leads to a decarburized layer, which is brittle enough (also known as the heat-affected zone). However, a waterjet is a mechanical cutting method with a high-pressure water stream, generally used to cut the material. The most significant advantage of waterjet cutting is that it does not emit dangerous fumes, and thus, is much cleaner as a method than that of flame cutting.


13. What are the benefits of cutting granite with a water jet compared to plasma cutting?

Waterjet cutting is not just limited to metals, but it can be used to cut different other types of materials. Waterjet cutting is not a thermal process, unlike that of plasma cutting which isn’t a great choice to cut materials that are a bit thicker. To be more specific, plasma cutting is only applicable to cut materials that are a part of its electric circuit.


14. Will the granites crack when using a waterjet granite cutter?

Since waterjet cutting involves a water stream released at high pressure, it is vital to ensure that this procedure is carried out by professionals holding expertise in granite cutting. The expert will note the desired pressure to do the cutting and prevent the granites from cracking unnecessarily.


15. Why do my granites break when cutting?

Granite is undoubtedly one of the most popular objects used to adorn the kitchen, washroom, and other remodeling structures. While a professional would be the best person to help in installing the granite countertops, only proper tools and patience can ensure that the granite isn’t breaking while cutting.


16. How do you keep jagged edges from cutting granites?

There is a myth saying that a water jet can cause rough striation marks. However, these jagged edges are the result of the speed rate of the machine. The edge finish of the product is not a big issue. Still, the best solution is to use waterproof masking tape. Mark the cutting line over the tape and prevent the problem of jagged edges.


17. Is it possible to omit the polishing process by using a waterjet granite cutter?

You can avoid the polishing process after cutting the granite with our waterjet cutting system. The waterjet cutter will not cause inconsistency to the piece of granite. It maintains a high level of accuracy, and that’s why you will have a smooth granite piece.


18. Is a waterjet the best solution for cutting the granite?

Yes, waterjet cutting is said to be the best solution for cutting granite. It is primarily regarded as an industrial tool that uses an extremely high stream of water, or at times, a mixture of water along with an abrasive substance. Also, it includes zero heating which is yet another reason for which professionals consider it to be much more advantageous over flame cutting and plasma cutting.


19. What are the tips when using a water jet to cut granite?

  • Apply low-pressure piercing to avoid cracking issues
  • Support the material evenly. It should be supported appropriately on the slats.
  • Choose a long lead-in to prevent abrading problems.
  • High speed and low pressure are the best combinations for etching stones.
  • The speed can be 150 pm, while the pressure can be 15 ksi


20. Which industries are currently using waterjet granite cutting machines?

Granite is now useful for different industries. The paving stone makers, countertop manufacturers, fireplace designers, and architects invest in waterjet granite cutting systems.


21. How to confirm which system your waterjet granite cutting machine needs?

It is known that waterjet cutting machines are an integral part of many industries. These machines are powerful, versatile cutters.

A waterjet cutter uses a stream of water from a high-pressure source of water to cut through different materials. Based on the composition and functioning, waterjet cutters are of two main types –an abrasive waterjet and a pure waterjet cutter. A pure waterjet cutter uses only the force of water to cut. On the other hand, abrasive waterjet cutters use abrasives, such as garnet, to cut objects. Garnets are common minerals; they erode the surface of objects while passing through the waterjet nozzle.

The type of waterjet cutting system you need depends on what kind of materials you want to cut. Pure waterjet cutters are ideal for cutting softer materials, including plastic, gaskets, food, foam, etc. If you want to cut stone (granite), then abrasive waterjets are a better choice. Moreover, abrasive waterjet cutters tend to operate at higher pressure.

You can get several machines that operate on different control systems. Among them, IGEMS CAD/CAM allows you to program and visualize toolpaths directly on 3D models. The BECKHOFF CONTROLLER is a standard in programming machines through your PC, and Vihong Naikai software is also a trusted controller. You can pick one according to your needs.


22. How do you use waterjet granite cutting machines to make your business grow rapidly?

A waterjet granite cutting machine can come in handy in a lot of ways. It can help to grow your business significantly.

These machines are extremely powerful; a waterjet granite cutter can cut up to 12inch thick granite. That means it is the only cutting machine you will need.

Waterjets can cut with high precision. That means the cuts will be of high quality. Moreover, the materials you need to operate the machine are widely available.

There is no need to spend a lot on waste management. The abrasives are non-toxic and go to landfills.

In addition, you don’t need to change tools to cut different materials. That saves a lot of time.


23. Does SAME provide technical support for waterjet granite cutting machines?

SAME is among the world’s leading companies when it comes to waterjet granite cutting machines.

SAME waterjet granite cutting machines come fitted with state-of-the-art components, equipped with the latest technology. Also, the advanced controller helps you guide through complex models and offers seamless cutting.

In addition, they respond to your inquiries within 12hours. That also includes customization requirements.

Every waterjet granite cutting machine you order from SAME comes with careful packaging, so your machine reaches you in perfect condition. Moreover, excellent technical support makes SAME the perfect destination for buying waterjet granite cutters.


24. How much does a CNC waterjet granite cutting machine cost?

Many factors decide the price of a CNC waterjet granite cutting machine. The size of the machine, the purpose, mechanical parts, and components all add up to the cost. A major part of that depends on the high-intensifier pump.
A base-level waterjet granite cutter can cost around $40,000, whereas a high-end, customized device can cost $100,000 or more.


25. What should be considered when buying a Water Jet Granite cutter?

Practically it will not matter what kind of materials you’ll be cutting – as modern machines are compact and usable to cut any kind of material.

The type of operation will determine the machine you need. If you are going to operate in your garage or small shops, a smaller machine with a smaller table might fit the situation better. Otherwise, it would be better to choose a bigger machine with a bigger table and higher-pressure pumps for larger industries.

Again, customized machines come at a greater price value than basic devices. The expense will increase with the number of cutting heads and axes. That will be a requirement if you need to cut complex designs out of granite. A better-quality cutting software will help you to achieve that with added expenses.

In the end, look for warranties and customer support to get the most out of your waterjet granite cutting machine.

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