Waterjet Cutting Plastic

Plastics, like polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, PVC, and more.

Waterjet cutting plastic has become the best option for manufacturers who design different items with plastics. While abrasive waterjet works for harder materials, the pure waterjet can be safe for plastic pieces. You can cut plastics with a thin stream of water that has a high force. Although this waterjet is pressurized, it does not affect the integrity of your plastic objects. Thus, you can rely on the modern waterjet cutting process for your plastic production project.

Types of plastics that you may cut with water jet:

  • Low-Density Polyethylene
  • High-Density Polyethylene
  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate

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Waterjet Cutting Plastic

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Usage of water jet cutting plastic to manufacture different items

Plastics are one of the most commonly used components in our daily life. From bags to computer microchips, everything contains plastics. You can find plastics in different versions based on their applications. Besides, the versatile properties have made plastics an acceptable choice for manufacturing needs. Plastics have applications in a range of industries. Durability, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and corrosion resistance are major reasons for choosing plastics to manufacture consumer products. You can now check out how manufacturers use it to cut plastic sheets and create different items.


Why is waterjet cutting plastic the best option for manufacturers?

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Waterjet cutting done with a thin stream of water helps in cutting plastic in almost any shape. Although some plastic sheets are thicker, you can easily deal with them using a water jet. Your plastic pieces will have no distortion and other adverse effects. Without complicated skills, you can make your waterjet cutting plastic process successful. Thus, you can include water cutting as one of the steps to fabricate plastic objects for consumers and several other purposes.

Functions and Advantages of waterjet cutting plastic

Waterjet cutting plastic will be highly advantageous for your project. It is better than laser, plasma, and flame cutting technologies. The application of heat can distort and melt your plastic. Thus, a water jet is a safer and better choice for any time of plastic. There is no chance of distortion.

You can enjoy precise cuts with the water jet cutting plastic process. The precision parts have tolerances of about ± 0.005″. Moreover, you can control the cutting project with a computer and software. It will be easy to make geometric shapes. You do not need to be concerned about rigorous standards to maintain precision. There is a minimal risk of error.

As plastics are one of the softer materials, you can choose pure water cutting for your project. The innovative process with recyclable water does not cause harm to the environment. Moreover, you do not need to use chemicals, oils, and liquids for waterjet cutting needs. Thus, take advantage of the precision cutting process to manufacture plastic items.

With waterjet cutting, you will have a smoother edge and no burn marks. It does not cause burrs and cracks. The internal molecular composition of your plastic pieces will remain intact. The tensile strength does not get decreased due to the waterjet cutting process. Thus, to get the best quality edge, manufacturers rely on the waterjet.


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Waterjet Cutting Plastic


How much can thick plastics be cut with a waterjet?

By applying waterjet, you will find it easy to cut through 10” thick plastic materials. You do not need much effort to accomplish this task. Moreover, it takes the shortest time to cut plastic components with waterjet.


Are the original parts visible to me while cutting plastic parts with the waterjet cutting process?

The CNC machining, known as waterjet cutting, is effective in dealing with any plastic objects. You may rely on a computer system and use a scanner to create the model of the desired cuts. You can avoid errors by using it.


Water jet versus plasma cutting- Which is better for your plastic cutting project?

In the case of plasma cutting, you cannot avoid making kerf. Moreover, it consumes a high amount of power. That is why you keep away from both these problems with waterjet cutting plastic. You need some water and minimal electric energy for your waterjet cutting process.


How do I decide on water pressure to cut plastics?

Plastics are not hard materials, and you can cut them with a minimal amount of water pressure. You can try to cut them with about 50000 PSI.


Why is water jet cutting plastic better than the laser cutting process?

Similar to plasma cutting, laser technology consumes a high amount of energy. Moreover, you need to be skilled in dealing with the laser cutting process. The production speed has a risk of inconsistency. That is why you can rely on the waterjet cutting process. There is no need to have special skills for it.


How does waterjet cutting save your time?

You can easily get the final shape in a single pass of the stream of water. Moreover, you do not need secondary processing of the plastic pieces cut with a waterjet.


How is the cut quality of the water jet?

Waterjet is known for delivering the best quality cuts of your plastic sheets. You can maintain accuracy and find the flawless edge of your plastic parts. Water jet helps in ensuring perfection to the final cut of your plastic sheet. You can manufacture products flawlessly with waterjet cutting plastic.


Does waterjet cutting plastic produce noise?

Some manufacturers found that waterjet cutting has produced loud noise. But, it is easy to solve the problem by placing the decibel meter. The meter must be at a perfect distance from the stream of water. You can keep the plastic underwater to minimize the noise problem.

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