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Video Demonstration of 5-axis Waterjet Cutter

Watch a video demonstration of a 5-axis waterjet cutting to get up to speed on its cutting characteristics.

High Efficiency

High Accuracy


High Efficiency

High Accuracy


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5-Axis Waterjet Glass Project


Make beautiful glassware by cutting glass into different shapes.

5-Axis Waterjet Steel Project


From building construction to household item manufacturing, steel cutting is essential to a range of purpose.

5 axis waterjet wood project


Pure waterjet can easily cut wood while maintaining accuracy.

5-Axis Waterjet Aluminium Project


Aluminum cutting project is important in different manufacturing sectors, and waterjets can cut this lightweight metal.

5-axis waterjet rock project


With minimal effort, you can cut different types of rocks using waterjets



There is no need for abrasives to cut cardstock and other types of papers.

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You can use a 5-axis waterjet cutter with any of the 3 control systems- Beckhoff, Ncstudio, and IGEMS. Choose the best control system that ensures high efficiency and low cost.

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We need to know the dimension of the raw material that you like to cut with our 5-axis waterjet cutters. Based on this information, we provide you with a high-quality waterjet cutter.

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The ultimate guide to FAQs

5-axis waterjet


What is the function of the optional 5-axis waterjet head?

The optional 5-Axis waterjet cutting heads play a role in ensuring additional cutting potentials on your standard Waterjet system. You will get the value of the taper compensating waterjet heads. However, you will have a chance to cut complicated tapers. The attachment of these heads will increase the capabilities of the overall cutting machine.

For the 5-Axis cutting process, there must be the proper distance between the material distance and the nozzle tip. Using the taper compensating head, you will find better value.


Why is your waterjet cutter better than a Robotically Controlled cutting system?

From a theoretical perspective, every waterjet cutter is a Robotic Controlled system. Some manufacturers have chosen a standard robotic manipulator and fitted a waterjet cutting head to it. But, these waterjet cutters are simply a Robotic Arm equipped with the modern waterjet cutting head. They can cut different materials due to the exceptional capabilities of the robotic arms. However, you will have some demerits while using them. They need a complicated setup and more safety considerations. You can avoid these issues with our 5-axis waterjet cutting systems.


What do you mean by taper compensating head?

Taper compensation helps in limiting the angle of motion. You can refine the cutting speeds with our taper compensating heads. When the stream of water reaches the rear side of the nozzle, it finds its way through the chosen materials. Those heads enable the nozzle to tilt slightly to compensate for the angle developed during the process. The nozzle will adjust the waterjet and prevent corner washouts.

Though the stream of water compensates for the taper, the tilting mechanism does not affect the natural tapering effect. It is caused due to the faster motion of your system.


What are the advantages of using your 5-axis waterjet cutters?

The 5-axis waterjet cutting process has become the best choice for several manufacturers and contractors. These professionals have found waterjet cutters are better than traditional cutting tools. You can cut the materials to the right level of depth. 5-axis waterjet cutting ensures a number of advantages-

  • A highly versatile process

Waterjets have capabilities of cutting through any material, like tile, stone, rubber, and glass. They will slice through multi-layered and single-layered materials.

  • Cleaner and better cuts

With waterjets, you can apply the cold cutting method. Thus, they do not apply stress and heat over the materials to be cut. As there is no heat and stress, your materials will have no damage. A high level of temperature may affect the physical integrity. You may avoid it with waterjets.

  • A cost-saving process

The components used for waterjet cutters do not need clamps, tool changes, and other kits. That is why you can save costs and time for manufacturing items.

  • No noise issue

You can use the 5-axis waterjet cutter by submerging it in water. Thus, you can eliminate noise problems and maintain precise cuts. Conventional cutting methods are louder and can cause distractions to your workers.

  • An eco-friendly process

Our 5-axis waterjet cutters do not turn out harmful chemical wastes. You can use them with the closed-loop system. Also, you can prevent the wastage of water.

  • Safer for your use

As waterjets do not produce harmful fumes, there is no fire hazard. You may keep away from airborne dust. Waterjets are risk-free, and they are the perfect choice for beginners.


Is it easy to operate your 5-axis waterjet cutters and cut different materials?

We have designed our 5-axis waterjet cutters in a special way to ensure our customers can use them easily. You do not need special skills to use every part of our water cutting tool. Moreover, you will find the best outcome in the process.

Abrasive waterjets cut materials of different thicknesses, like glass, metal, hardened steel, titanium, ceramics, stone, rubber, plastic, and rubber. For instance, when you apply waterjets to pass through a titanium slab of 4 inches, you need a water stream of 50000 PSI. The garnet grit travels at a speed of 700 mph. Waterjets reach up to 90000 PSI, while household faucet has a water pressure of 60 PSI. Similarly, the pressure cleaner works at a water pressure of 4000 PSI. Thus, the waterjet is the most powerful. The difference in water pressure can make a variation for applications. Waterjets’ pressure can range from 50,000 to 90,000 PSI.


How does the waterjet cutting process save time in your contour and bevel cutting projects?

Contour and bevel cutting with waterjets helps in reducing the lead time to your customers. You will be able to cut the perimeter shape out of the original part. That is why we help you in adding contour cutting and bevel into our program. Within a short time, you may manage your materials.


I need to cut angles for my weld preparation project. Why is 5-axis waterjet cutting better than conventional methods (like grinding)?

Grinding and similar other methods may be effective for your needs. However, they are primarily loud and messy options. You do not like to have to deal with these methods at your workshop. The modern and innovative 5-axis waterjet cutting process will be a cleaner choice. You can maintain consistency in your angles and bevels. You may not be able to achieve a better result with the grinding process. With waterjet, you can ensure a uniform weld fill for your joints and seams.


What are the cutting capabilities of 5-axis waterjet cutters?

Due to the cutting heads, you will find several capabilities of our 5-axis waterjet cutters. The presence of multiple cutting machines helps you inincreasing the production level. Moreover, the setup process for building prototypes is free from hassles. Our manufacturers have used the most innovative technologies todesign our waterjet cutters. These systems are capable of cutting any thick, thin, small, and large parts made of different materials.

With the full 5-axis cutting heads, you can angle the stream of water up to 90 degrees. They can turn out multidimensional cuts in complicated workpieces. You can use your waterjet cutting heads for welding preps, making bevels, and separating different cuts on 3D materials. You can deal with both water-only and abrasive cutting processes.


Why use a 90,000 PSIwaterjet cutting system?

5-axis cutting is a no-heat cutting process, and you will find a better cutting speed with this technique. The higher cutting speed ensures the best output. The cost of operating any waterjet cutting system is mostly related to abrasive. By applying the water pressure of about 90,000 PSI, you will not need a high amount of abrasive for every inch of the cut. That is why you will save money with this water pressure level. Most manufacturers choose this PSI for their needs.


Does your cutter help with full 5-axis cutting?

Our 5-axis waterjet cutting systems have a special, unique design with highly efficient motors. We ensure that our tools will help you in achieving the highest accuracy level. You will enjoy the backlash-free motion. Thus, you will find a reliable cutting mechanism by investing in our 5-axis waterjet cutters.


Does the 5-axis cutter have some limitations?

Although there are some limitations with the 5-axis water cutting process, they are easily manageable. One of the major issues is with kerf, and it is related to the 5-axis water jet. That is why you cannot cut the interior corners using your 5-axis waterjet.

Moreover, when the machine width is about 0.04in, you may anticipate that it is the minimal gap to be made. However, in reality, the 5-axis waterjet passes through the chosen materials before slicing along the desired cut lines.


Is a 5-Axis Waterjet cutter effective for stainless steel cutting?

We have a highly advanced 5-Axis waterjet cutter with high-tech parts. It can cut through stainless steel with a thickness of 5″. Every machine of our company provides you with a good amount of workable cutting space.


Does workpiece thickness affect the waterjet cutting accuracy?

The thicker workpiece makes it harder for you to maintain accuracy in your cuts. For instance, when your material is thicker than 1 inch, it can decrease the accuracy level. The accuracy may drop to about 0.01”. To avoid this problem, it is essential to drill a hole into your workpiece. However, the hole may be irregular due to your thicker materials. The best trick for you is to pre-drill the holes into your chosen workpiece.


How much is the base accuracy of your 5-Axis Waterjet cutter?

To be honest, the water jet cutting process maintains a high level of accuracy. With the beginning of the cutting process, the waterjet cutting machine helps in achieving tolerance of level about +/- 0.001″. That is why the waterjet cutting method is effective in cutting parts precisely. But, there are some factors affecting the accuracy level of the cut.


What is the relationship between part tolerances and waterjet cutting?

You may have heard about different high-precision cutting methods. However, the waterjet cutting process is the best one of them. There are lasers providing you with ultra-precise cutting solutions and smooth edges.

But, they transfer a high amount of heat onto your workpiece. Thus, the physical properties of your workpiece will have an effect.


What are the advantages of a dynamic tilt head water jet?

With our dynamic tilt head 5-Axis Waterjet cutters, you will get two major advantages

  • As taper is not desirable, you can easily eliminate it with our waterjet cutter.
  • You will get a perfect edge with it.


How does a 4-axis waterjet differ from a 5-axis waterjet system?

Using 4-axis waterjet, you can cut parts with a particular bevel angle (like cones). On the contrary, 5-axis waterjet systems enable you to cut part with any bevel angles on the chosen part.


Why should I buy your 5-axiswaterjet cutter?

We have carefully designed our 5-Axis waterjet cutters as the best automated industrial tools. You can use them for cutting materials during your manufacturing project. Our versatile systems have 2D and 3D cutting capabilities. The combination of high-pressure water with abrasives (like grit) helps in cutting the hardest materials. Moreover, we ensure better speed with our waterjet cutting systems. To get a highly economical, efficient, and accurate result, you can invest in our products.


How does 2D waterjet cutting differ from 3D waterjet cutting?

2D water cutting process is safe, and you have no risk of injuries. When the cutting head turns out the abrasives and water at high speed, the head is directed downward. That is why you will find a safe dissipation of the jet stream in the tank. On the contrary, the cutting head for 3D cutting projects is angled upwards. You will find a situation that needs additional safety measures. Our modern 5-Axis waterjet cutters are available with the best safety features and advanced technologies. You can avoid any risk during the process.


Is there any way to control the depth of a waterjet cut?

Presently, you cannot find any way of controlling your waterjet cut depth. The water stream will not stop its functioning while it reaches a different side of your workpiece. Moreover, it will cut anything that comes in its path. Thus, during your 5-axis cutting process, you have to be cautious to prevent your materials from having contact with the stream.


Which industries need a 5-axiswaterjet cutter?

Almost any manufacturing sector can use our 5-axis waterjet cutting systems. You can cut through any hard and soft materials, including plastics, paper, metal, wood, and acrylic. You can save your effort using our waterjet cutters.


Does a 5-axis waterjet cutter need software?

Our 5-axis water jet technologies are highly advanced, and professional fabricators know the best tricks to make precise cuts. However, you can still use software to design your prototype. The software helps with better calculation, and you will have no errors in the process.


How does a 5-axis waterjet cutter increase my productivity?

We deliver the best quality 5-axis waterjet cutters that can increase your productivity level. You will find them better than conventional-style ultrahigh-pressure systems. Our cutters are almost 30 to 50% faster compared to other standard water jet pumps. Our pump consistently delivers 87,000 PSI that you cannot achieve with water jet technologies. Due to the increase in the water pressure, you can find a rise in the stream velocity. The stream will move faster to reduce the diameter. You do not need much amount of abrasives. Every particle carries more momentum.

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