Top 5 Waterjet Machines in the Australia

Top 5 Waterjet Machines in the Australia

According to 2019 reports, Australia is one of the largest economies in the world, ranking at number 13th with a GDP of $1.40 trillion.

That is why, along with many other necessities and machinery, the need of waterjet machines for precision cutting of various small and large materials is growing rapidly in Australia.

Top 5 waterjet machines in the Australia
Source: SAME WaterJet

Because WaterJet Cutter can do these tasks very quickly and efficiently. It is a very versatile and flexible tool with a wide range of applications for a wide range of industries, including minimizing the harmful effects of heat.

So, this is the right time to choose a waterjet machines manufacturer for your business and start a profitable journey.

As always, to help you find a reliable manufacturer, we’ve compiled a list of 5 waterjet machine manufacturers in Australia.

So, let’s dive in!        

5 WaterJet machines in the Australia                                                                

1.    TECHNI Waterjet

TECHNI Waterjet
Source: TECHNI Waterjet

Nature of Business: Manufacturer

Location: 47 Barry Road, Campbellfield, 3061 Victoria , Australia

Contact Details:


  • Waterjet Cutting System
  • CNC cutting machines
  • PAC 60 5-Axis Cutting Head
  • Electric Servo Pump ESP
  • Abrasive Waterjets

About the Company

TECHNI is on success track from the previous many years to become a manufacturer that provides reliable, innovative waterjet products and services. It is one of the oldest and most experienced companies whose main purpose is to offer superior value to customers.

TECHNI Waterjet succeeds in providing high-quality machines due to its dedicated, enthusiastic, and committed team of reliable employees.

The company was founded in 1989 and from ever since is trying to design such systems that are best suited for a very tough Waterjet environment.

2.    Performance WaterJet


Nature of Business: Supplier

Location: Level 6, 10 Herb Elliot Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Contact Details:


  • Waterjet Systems
  • Combination Mitre Saw & Waterjet Systems
  • GMA Abrasive Waterjet Garnet
  • Waterjet Consumable Supplies
  • Ultra-high Pressure Pumps
  • 3/5 Axis Waterjet Cutters

About the Company

Performance Waterjet or simply PWJ is a reliable and skilled water jet cutting company operating as an Australian distributor under Flow WaterJet.

PWJ has a small but experienced team of experts working under one umbrella to deliver market-leading equipment to the waterjet cutting industry.

Besides, they provide advanced add-ons to improve and maintain the productivity of existing machines.

The mission that PWJ has been working on for many years is to improve profits by providing businesses with better and quality waterjet cutter solutions.

3.     Headland

Source: Headland

Nature of Business: Supplier

Location: 95 Highbury Road, Burwood, VIC, 3125

Contact Details:


  • Waterjet
  • Abrasive waterjet
  • Laser Cutting
  • Machinery Spare Parts
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Power Tools

About the Company

The headland is a multi-generation company established in 1949 and has been in the market for over 71 years.

After spending 71 years in the business, they now have extensive experience in the supply of machinery to the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

They specialize not only in advanced waterjet cutting machines but also in software and machinery technology.

4.    Intermac

Source: Intermac

Nature of Business: Manufacturer

Location: 473 Victoria St, 2104 Wetherill Park – Australia

Contact Details:


  • Advanced materials processing machines
  • Woodworking machines
  • Glass & stone processing machines

About the Company

Intermac was founded in 1987 and is a Biesse Group division that not only manufactures but also markets highly reliable and high-quality machines and systems.

Intermac, with approximately 300 skilled workers, carries out most of its production activities at the Pesaro plant, with a production area of 30,000 square meters.

The company guarantees 100% positive customer satisfaction and has great experience in designing and manufacturing waterjet machinery for glass, stone, and metal processing.

5.    SAME WaterJet

SAME WaterJet
Source: SAME WaterJet

Nature of Business: Manufacturer

Location: 48 Justin Street, Smithfield, NSW 2164 Australia

Contact Details:


  • Waterjet Cutting Machines
  • Cutting Heads
  • High-Pressure Pump

About the Company

Same is a leading waterjet company that had its origins in China. The company has provided its customers with an amazing quality of work which has led them to become a customer favorite. They have been able to emerge as leaders due to their very first ability of theirs.

The fact that Same has the fastest waterjet cutters has allowed the company to make a name for itself.

They have harnessed their focus and attention to the needs of their clientele so that they can ensure that every experience with them is a good one. Reasons like these have allowed Same to master the art of customer care and they have over 90% positive reviews.

This organization has been given many certifications as they have proved their substance by a display of impeccable work ethic.


Due to the huge number of poor-quality waterjet machine manufacturers, there are hundreds of factors and points you need to keep in mind when making a good choice.

But to save your time, we’ve put together this list of the top manufacturers of water jet machines in Australia after thorough research.

We hope you liked the article. If you are interested in a manufacturer in another area, you can also check out the Top 5 waterjet machines in India.

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