Waterjet Cutting Marble

Calacatta Marble, Thassos Marble, Statuario Marble, and Mystery White Marble.

Water jet cutting is the best method to deal with both white and colored marbles. It helps in giving any shape to the piece of marble. To do artistic works and create architectural constructions, you can use waterjet cutting marble. Waterjet lets you cut marbles of any thickness. Without damaging the original beauty, the waterjet cuts through the marble precisely. Delicate and careful management of waterjet technology will give you the desired result.

The color of your marble is not a factor while you are dealing with the water jet cutting process

  • Pure white marble
  • Unique cream marble
  • Highly elegant black marble
  • Marble
  • Red marble for flooring
  • Beautiful green marble

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Uses of waterjet cutting marble to manufacturing different items

Marble is one of the most commonly used rocks for different purposes. It has a slight porosity and firm crystalline structure. Made of metamorphic rocks, marbles are found in a range of colors for the presence of minerals, like clay, silt, and sand. You can find the application of marbles for decorative and structural purposes. Due to the limited porosity, marbles do not absorb a high amount of water. As they are hard, ornamental objects made of marbles can last long. Check out other uses of marbles in our life-


Why should you use a waterjet to cut marbles?

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Although marble is a durable stone, a water jet has the capability of cutting through it. You can cut the marble into any shape based on your needs. You do not need to use heavy machinery for waterjet cutting marble. You can pay attention to every intricate detail. Your waterjet cutting project will be successful without much effort.

Advantages and significance of waterjet Cutting marble

The water jet cutting method makes it easy for you to deal with hard material, like marble. Although marble is highly durable, you do not need the effort to accomplish this task.

The piece of marbles cut with a water jet will be smooth and burr-free. Designers and architects can rely on waterjet to find quality output. This method does not turn out heat and pressure to cut marbles. Still, it leaves the surface smooth and saves your time.

Keep up the durability and integrity of marble- As waterjet cutting marble is a cold treatment, it never causes cracks. Moreover, there is no risk of injury while cutting the marble with a waterjet.

Waterjet cutting marble does not need the use of harmful substances. Moreover, the process does not contaminate the environment. The grinding granules and water will not harm the environment. There is no risk of inhaling dust particles during your water jet cutting project. Furthermore, water is reusable, and it is another notable factor in the eco-friendly process.

During the water jet cutting project, the marble piece is easily and precisely manageable. You can make the optimal use of the material, like marble. Your raw material will have no wastage for the cutting process. Thus, you will have the ultimate value of your investment.

Straight lines, small cuts, curves, internal holes, and fine details- you may need different results for your marble cutting project. However, without specialized skills and time, you will find the desired outcome using a waterjet.

While saving marble and other raw materials, you can save costs. Moreover, the water is reusable, and you do not need to use high electric energy for water jet cutting. That is why you will save costs in the overall process.


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How much water is needed for waterjet cutting marble?

Your project duration and its size are important factors to decide on how much water you need for the task. But, water spray engines are capable of reusing water and keep up low consumption of water. In most cases, a waterjet uses 1.5 to 5 gallons of water per minute. Some water is needed for cutting purposes, while the rest of the water is for cooling the pump.


Should I have to treat my water to use it for waterjet?

You need to test water for totally dissolved solids and ensure that there are no bacteria. While your water has dissolved minerals, it can damage high-pressure tools. Weather and some other factors can affect water quality. Thus, it is important to test water periodically. Moreover, water quality can cause nozzles to wear out fast, and that is why you have to test water for TDS.


Does the waterjet cause a delamination issue to your marble cutting project?

You will not face this issue when you have managed the waterjet properly. However, you need to deal with the piercing process before applying a water jet to the marble.


What should be the table size for waterjet cutting marble?

The table size must coincide with the dimension of your marble piece. The standard table sizes are 5 by 10 ft. 4 by 8 feet, and 6 by 12 ft. Also, you may place an order for smaller tables.


How does the water for waterjet cutting gain energy to accomplish the task?

The high-pressure generators play a role in pumping water. The pressurized water then flows through the tubing structure and reaches to end. The pressure energy gents converted into velocity energy to let water pass at a very high speed. While water touches the marble, its energy helps in breaking it into pieces.


How much water pressure do I need to cut marble?

The pressure level can start from 55,000 PSI, and it can be increased to 90000 PSI for waterjet cutting marble. By setting the right pressure, you can find the perfect result.

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