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High-pressure water pumps are essential in water jet systems. In the water jet cutting process, the water pump needs to continuously provide high-pressure water to complete. In the water jet system, both booster pumps and direct drive pumps can be used.

Direct-Drive pump

The direct-drive pump uses a motor to drive the crankshaft of the three pistons to rotate, generating ultra-high water pressure. The advantages of direct drive pumps are energy-saving and continuous output. SAME’s direct-drive pumps have energy-saving technology patents and consume only 5kw-10kw per hour. Under the same pressure, the cutting efficiency of the direct drive pump is 20% higher than that of the hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic Booster Pump

The booster pump uses hydraulic pressure to drive greater pressure and is the most widely used type of water jet booster. Compared with direct-drive pumps, booster pumps can produce higher pressure, so, they can cut thicker metal materials and have a wider range of applications. The internal parts of booster pumps have strict requirements on metal materials, so the failure rate is far lower than that of direct drive pumps.


How To Choose A Pump?

Both direct drive pumps and booster pumps have their advantages. The advantages of direct drive pumps are energy-saving and easy maintenance, and the advantages of booster pumps are stability and high pressure. We should choose the appropriate pump according to our own application needs. If you still have any questions, please contact us. Our professional team is happy to solve any questions about the waterjet business for you.

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