Waterjet Cutting Glass

Nothing can be better than the waterjet technology to cut your glass materials

Your glass cutting projects have two probable outcomes- You may find perfectly shaped glass pieces for further decoration. There is also a chance of ending up with a shattered glass pieces. To get the former result for your glass cutting project, you can rely on water jet. With ordinary tools, you have a risk of getting injured with your cutter. However, you will find it safe to use waterjet cutting glass.

Types of waterjet cutting glass

  • Heat-treated glass
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Chromatic glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Glass blocks
  • Insulated glazed units
  • Glass wool

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Waterjet Cutting Glass

Finished glass material cut by water jet
Finished glass material cut by water jet 5
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Applications of waterjet cutting glass in the industry

Glass is useful in the construction field for a range of purposes. By using the engineering properties, manufacturers design several items with glass. The hard substance, glass is available in brittle, translucent, and transparent versions. From designing small objects to constructing large architectures, glass has a range of applications. The treated glasses have high strength and are not easily breakable. But, using the water jet technology, you can cut the glass perfectly. Find waterjet cutting glass options for you.


Why should you prefer waterjet cutting glass?

Waterjet cutting glass

You can create complicated patterns with waterjet cutting glass. The high-quality technology ensures faster cutting and higher productivity. Moreover, you will find minimal kerf in the process. As you can save raw materials, you may minimize scrap. The operating cost of waterjet cutting system is low. Another advantage is that is helps with omni-directional cutting.

Functions & Advantages of Waterjet Cutting Glass

You can cut almost any type of glass with the high-pressured water jet. As it helps with the jet erosion process, it manages glass items of any thickness.

Water jet technology refers to the cold cutting methodology, and it turns out minimal heat. That is why your glass objects do not have distortion. Due to the absence of any mechanical stress, waterjet cutting does not cause damage to your materials.

The eco-friendly solution, waterjet does not harm the environment, as it does not use hazardous waste. Moreover, the inert garnet is recyclable, and the process does not leach out heavy metals. The abrasion removes the garnet containing some materials.


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When I choose the waterjet cutting machine, I think your company’s sales staff are very professional, thank you for helping me choose the most suitable machine for me.

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I have received the machine for the second time and I am as satisfied as before. Thank your technicians for patiently guiding us to install and use the machine. Now I am very proficient in operating the machine.

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Tips for using

Waterjet cutting glass


What is the standard nozzle distance? Can I adjust it?

The gap between the nozzle and the tip ranges from 0.030 to 0.060 inches. We call it the stand-off” distance. By adjusting the system to a low stand-off, you can control the taper. Thus, you will find faster and better quality cuts.


Which piercing method is best for waterjet cutting glass?

It may not be easy to pierce glass objects, and some other materials. However, the choice of the right piercing method will keep your glass material safe.

Wiggle piercing is the way of shifting the cutting head while running the waterjet cutting system. You can avoid the risk of backwash from the waterjet.

In case of the dynamic piercing method, the waterjet moves slowly into your glass material. The successfully implemented dynamic piercing process is very fast. When it is a brittle glass, you can lower the water pressure to avoid any damage.


What table size should I use for cutting glass with the water jet technology?

Based on the glass material size, you can decide on the table size. The smallest tables have a dimension of about 2 feet by 3 feet. The larger ones are capable of cutting 50 feet long objects. The table size must cover the common glass sheet sizes.


Should I use higher horsepower and operating pressures?

Both horsepower and operating pressure provide you with some advantages. You can increase the cutting speed with higher horsepower. By raising the operating pressure, you will have a faster cutting process. That is why you can choose waterjet cutting glass as the best solution. The pressure level can range from 55,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI.


Should I check the waterjet glass cutting machine regularly?

Maintenance is highly important to get the best result from waterjet cutting glass. You have test different components of the system. Moreover, regular tests will ensure the nozzles and pump are in the perfect condition. You can keep up their functionality with your maintenance effort.


How does waterjet cutting glass ensure high efficiency and low production cost?

The consistent flow of garnet to the tube and no blockage risks help with uninterrupted production. That is why you will find optimum efficiency level and low production cost. Choose the best waterjet abrasive standard to get the desired result. You will find no chance of downtime during the cutting project.


Pure waterjet versus abrasive waterjet- Which is better for glass cutting needs?

Water jet cutting with pure water can be effective in dealing with papers and other disposable items. However, as you need to cut glass, you may rely on abrasive water jet. The pure water jet applies very low cutting force, and it is intended for thin materials. On the contrary, abrasive water jet cutting is a versatile process and does not cause any burr. You can prevent material wastage with this process. Both thin and thick glass piece will be easy to cut with waterjet abrasives.


Can I cut laminated glasses with waterjet?

Laminated glass used for safety purposes is not easy to cut. You may avoid cutting this glass with the water jet cutting process. The result from the cutting process may not be of proper shapes. There is a risk of getting shattered due to the application of water jet.

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