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Marble Walls

The natural stone marbles are best for backsplash and accent walls. Marble slabs, available in different patterns, create a beautiful statement.


Marble countertops

Marble countertops are common in kitchen rooms. Proper maintenance prevents stains on the countertop.


Marble Furniture

Marble furniture can add a level of elegance to your home interiors. Marble lamps and marble coffee tables look attractive.


Marble Sculptures

Marble is a commonly chosen stone to design sculptures. Sculptors use marble cutters to create the model.


Marble Pillars

Beautiful architectural structures have marble pillars. These marbles add a decorative value to the structures.


Marble Bedrooms

Colorful marbles are perfect choices for your bedroom floors and walls. The use of marble can change the overall environment of bedrooms.

Water jet marble cutting machine with customization options


Let us learn your marble cutting needs. We will help you to choose the perfect model of water jet marble cutter.


The waterjet pump plays an important role, and we provide you with affordable systems.

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We can customize your worktable’s dimension. You will have no problem cutting the marble stones.

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IGEMS, Beckhoff, and Ncstudio are the control systems available to us. Choose the right one.

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Add productivity to your business by investing in marble cutting system accessories. You will find a better outcome.

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The ultimate guide to FAQs

water jet marble cutting machine


1. What is a Water Jet Marble cutting machine?

A waterjet is a computerized technology used to cut marble by implementing the pressure of a water stream to separate a piece into two! It is basically an industrial tool that has become quite popular. It can either be a jet of water, or a mix of water and some abrasive substance.


2. What is the composition of the water jet marble cutting machine?

A waterjet cutting machine is equipped with a hydraulic pump which is meant to compress the water at a high pressure, a cutting head generating the water velocity, a nozzle, and an abrasive container. Also, the waterjet is incorporated with high-quality steel pipelines.


3. Why use a waterjet cutting machine to cut marble?

A waterjet cutting machine is said to deliver a smooth finish to the marble. Since marbles are greatly used for structural purposes, a waterjet ensures giving the perfect edge processing to them. The precision of the cut and the efficiency, ease of use of the method, as well as the multitude of designs that are possible with this waterjet technology, are some of the reasons you should be opting for it!


4. How does a water jet cutting marble machine work?

A waterjet-cutting marble machine is well known for its efficiency in delivering the desired designs. Moreover, the high-pressure water jet in combination with the abrasive substance is ideal for cutting any kinds of stones or such materials (here, marbles).


5. What is the cutting accuracy of the marble waterjet machine?

The automatic compensation of the natural conicity of the water jet is one of the sole reasons why this equipment is so very popular among the people. There is no denial of the fact that it delivers accurate results.


6. How thick can a waterjet marble cutting machine be cut?

A water jet that is used to cut the marbles is known to come with an impeccable cutting capacity – a feature that is going to help in the automatic control of the thickness of the art piece.


7. What is the quality of the edge treatment of the waterjet marble cutting machine?

If you have not used a water jet marble cutting machine earlier, you can obviously stay assured that the quality of the edge treatment is really amazing! It delivers such astounding outcomes that you will have no complaint regarding the edge treatment of this cutting machine.


8. What marble can't be cut by a water jet marble cutting machine?

A water jet is usually said to be capable of cutting any kind of marble that is of considerable thickness. It is known to offer an incredible amount of flexibility for almost all varieties of marble and for all of its thickness too!


9. How much does the water jet marble machine cost to operate?

The water jet marble cutting procedure is said to have various economic benefits over that of the traditional methodologies. It also ensures low consumption of resources as well as saves a lot of time too! In general, the whole operation may cost you somewhere around 50k dollars, but a lot of it depends on the application as well. You should also count the abrasive costs into the category alongside.


10. What abrasives are used in waterjet marble cutting?

Garnet is typically used as an abrasive in the water jet marble cutting process. However, there are times when silicon carbide, glass bead, white fused alumina, emery powder, and brown fused alumina are also used as an alternative to garnet.


11. What are the benefits of cutting marble with a water jet compared to laser cutting?

If you want an expensive cutting technique, then you can go for laser cutting. Though its precision, speed, accuracy is better than the water jet cutting technique yet, it can’t cut through marble. The water jet cutting technique, however, can cut through marbles, thus giving you the desired structure.


12. What are the benefits of cutting marble with a waterjet compared to flame cutting?

If you are a novice, you can go for the waterjet technique instead of choosing flame-cutting. In flame cutting techniques, it’s portable, which means you can transfer the materials used anywhere. It benefits cutting through all metals. The waterjet cutting technique, on the contrary, aids you in slicing any materials. Compared to the flame cutting technique, this process is tidier and has less chance of accidents. Water cutting methods allow you to have on-point precision. Finally, the sides/fringes getting damaged is more in the flame cutting method.


13. What are the benefits of cutting marble with a water jet compared to plasma cutting?

The waterjet cutting technique is versatile, which means it can cut through any material. Also, if you’re an amateur, you can make use of it. No emission of detrimental gases, and since there’s no heat, no fringes get chipped away. Contrariwise, plasma cutting can cut through primary metals like aluminum, stainless steel, or copper.


14. Does the marble crack when using a water knife marble cutter?

Of course not, as the preferred machine for cutting marble, the water knife is very good at punching holes in stone.


15. Why does my marble break when cutting?

The marble breaks during cutting, mostly due to the failure to select the appropriate cutting tool. Water knife because of its cutting characteristics so that marble will not be affected by stress, so it becomes the preferred choice of marble cutting.


16. How do you keep jagged edges from cutting marbles?

As mentioned earlier, water knife cutting marble can maintain perfect edge handling. Therefore, if you cut marble with a water jet, you can not worry about this problem at all.


17. Is it possible to omit the polishing process by using a waterjet marble cutting machine?

Yes, it is possible to omit the polishing process if you are using a waterjet marble cutting machine since it uses just a stream of water to cut the piece of marble. However, experts are seen to recommend going for the polishing procedure even after that so as to get a smoother finish.


18. Is a waterjet the best solution for cutting the marble?

Waterjet is considered to be the best and most effective solution for cutting the marble. Since marble is comparatively thicker than any other material, waterjet is the only possible method to cut through it. Also, with the help of the waterjet technique, you can achieve smooth-edged and surfaced marble.


19. What are the tips when using a water jet to cut marble?

When you are using the waterjet technique to cut marble, you have to keep few things in mind.

  • You have to keep the piercing pressure low as it will prevent the marble from getting cracked up.
  • Look out for the marble veins, as they can ruin your whole effort. The softer veins in the marble can make the entire piece cracked.
  • Make sure that your marble is evenly supported. If you put it in uneven support, then there is a high chance that it might roll off while working.


20. Which industries are currently using waterjet marble cutting machines?

The industries that use waterjet marble cutting machines are Electronics, Aerospace, Metal fabrication, Textile, Medical devices, and Machine Manufacturing.


21. How to confirm which system your waterjet marble cutting machine needs?

Talking about the primary requisite while ensuring the operation of a water jet marble cutting machine, you ought to ensure the availability of a high-pressure water stream that may exhibit a pressure of 6200 bar approximately.


22. How do you use waterjet marble cutting machines to make your business grow rapidly?

The following reasons are why many businesses are going for waterjet marble cutting machines.

  • While cutting your marbles with our waterjet cutting machines, you can reduce the generation of a high amount of waste. Thus, you will save costs by using our innovative marble cutting machine.
  • The waterjet marble cutting machine is the best option if you want to cut a stack of materiel kept together. The force with which the water releases helps you to cut through tough materials like marble. Just by a single water jet shot, you can cut open a whole stack of materials, which also saves your time.
  • Another reason why companies choose waterjet is that it’s readily available in the market. This, in turn, reduces the production cost but also makes sure your production remains high.


23. Does SAME provide technical support for water jet marble cutting machines?

SAME provides methodological support. The technical team allows you to talk with them and help you solve your problem. You can get in touch with them either through a call or video call. SAME’s technical team has solved many issues previously, as a result, has satisfied customers.


24. How much does a CNC water jet marble cutting machine cost?

The price of a CNC marble cutting machine will be around Rs. 37,00,000 – 55,00,000


25. What should be considered when buying a Water Jet Marble cutting machine?

Here’s a list of few tips that might help you while purchasing a Water jet marble cutting machine.

  • The first and foremost thing one should keep in mind is the budget. Never go overboard with the price. For personal use, a waterjet marble cutting machine will be a bit costly, but if you are buying it for the company, then the cost will be reasonable.
  • A waterjet marble cutting machine is a huge machine. So you need to consider the space of your place where you would install it.
  • Try to buy a machine that has more features. It might cost you a little extra, but it will assist you to do your work faster and better.

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