Waterjet Cutting Carbon Fiber

Intermediate, standard, high, and ultra-high gradecarbon fibers

Water jet is the perfect option when you need to cut thick carbon fiber panels with minimal effort. While using a router for cutting carbon fiber, thicker parts may need multiple passes. That is why it can be a time-consuming process and results in wear and tear. Moreover, you need to clean the dust and chips from the slots. On the contrary, water jet helps in cutting carbon fiber of any level of thickness. Thus, to save time and effort, you can rely on water jet cutting carbon fiber.

Types of carbon fiber grades easily cut with the use of water jet cutting process:

  • Low modulus carbon fibers (grade- less than 200 GPa)
  • Intermediate modulus carbon fibers (grade- almost 300 GPa)
  • Standard modulus carbon fibers (grade- 230 GPa)
  • High modulus carbon fibers (grade- over 350 GPa)

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Waterjet Cutting Carbon Fiber

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Applications of waterjet cutting carbon fiber for manufacturing purposes

Made of thin fibers, carbon fibers are sturdy and lightweight. The lightweight carbon fibers have higher strength to weight ratio. Moreover, temperature fluctuation does not cause much effect on the carbon fiber material. Due to the high tensile strength, carbon fibers have their applications for different commercial purposes. They do not wear away easily due to their unique fatigue properties. The corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant carbon fibers are useful for manufacturing a range of materials. Furthermore, with the use of proper resins, carbon fibers can become UV resistant. Learn about the use of carbon fibers for different manufacturing purposes.


Why do we encourage using waterjet for cutting carbon fibers?

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Carbon fiber sheets and carbon fiber reinforce plastics are easy to cut with water jet. The abrasive water jet has capability of cutting these materials. You do not need to deal with the bulky tooling process. By using water jet, you can cut your carbon fiber piece in any direction. You will get precise and reliable result while paying attention to every detail. The stream of water does not cause fraying and cracking problems.

Advantages and importance of water jet Cutting carbon fibers

Water jet cutting carbon fiber speed is faster while compared to router and other cutting technologies. Based on the feed rate, you can cut the carbon fiber sheet in a few seconds. You will find advantages especially with thicker parts and smaller bits. In a single pass, you may accomplish the task and save time.

During your water jet cutting process, you can take advantage of the dust containment. While using other cutting technologies, carbon fiber dust may get into the interiors of a component. When you come in contact with the dust, you will feel itchiness. However, in case of water jet, carbon dust reaches the water tank, and that is why it is easily manageable.

You can tune up the water jet diameter to almost.025 inches. It will help in creating multiple designs. You may make small holes and turn out some intricate internal features.


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Tips for using

Waterjet Cutting Carbon Fiber


How do you have quality edge finish with water jet cutting carbon fiber?

As waterjet needs the use of abrasives for cutting through the thick carbon fibers, you may find slightly rough surface. However, you can control it by choosing the right garnet mesh size. With the finer abrasive, you will find finer finish. Moreover, the feed rate is another factor making a difference in the edge finish. Although some carbon fiber parts have an acceptable finish, other parts need sanding for a smoother finish. You must maintain the intricacy of parts and the cutting speed.


Does water jet cutting carbon fiber cause delamination?

Some manufacturers claim that the application of water jet causes delamination of carbon fiber layers. But, we have designed our product in a way that controls the carbon fiber piercing method and prevents delamination. There is a vacuum assist valve pulling the garnet through the nozzle. That is why you can avoid any issue to your carbon fiber piece.


How do I choose the right piercing method for water jet cutting carbon fiber?

You may find challenges while piercing carbon fiber objects. But, you can overcome it by selecting the right piercing technique. You can keep your carbon fiber material free of risk.You can choose wiggle piercing method to shift the water jet cutting head and operate your tool. It helps in preventing the backwashing risk. Moreover, dynamic piercing is another process for moving the water jet slowly to carbon fibers.


I like to maintain the perfect nozzle distance. How do I do it?

You must make sure that the distance from the tip to the nozzle is between 0.030 inches and 0.060 inches. With the perfect stand-off distance, you can find a difference in the result. During your water jet cutting project, you can choose the low stand-off distance. Moreover, the taper is controllable with it. The final cuts will be of better quality.


How do I choose the table size for water jet cutting carbon fiber?

Your first step is to measure the size of carbon fiber materials. Then, you can start choosing a custom table for your workpiece. The smallest table size is about 2 feet by 3 feet. You may also buy the larger ones of about 50 feet in length. The table must accommodate your carbon fiber sheet easily.


Do I need to adjust the operating pressure and horsepower?

Both these factors play a role in making the water jet cutting advantageous for you. You may raise the cutting speed to get higher horsepower. Similarly, with more operating pressure, there is a faster carbon fiber cutting speed. Make sure that the pressure level is at least 55,000 PSI for your carbon fiber materials. You will achieve the best result.

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