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SAME Waterjet is the best waterjet manufacturer in China

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SAME was founded in 1997, is China’s first development and production of waterjet companies, in the field of waterjet technology has many innovative technologies. The customers we have and the profits they make are proof of our growth.

In the years of continuous development, we have always adhered to our philosophy, our commitment is to provide you with the world’s latest, best, most advanced waterjet technology and equipment. We are willing to become your trusted permanent partner through the quality of our products, management level, and the professional services of many highly qualified professionals and sales teams.

Our Goal

SAME’s goal is to provide customers with reliable and innovative waterjet products and services. The most professional services, high-quality products, competitive prices, and fast production efficiency will create a stable cooperative relationship between us, and let’s win more markets together.

Know us More:

Innovation & Reliability

For 23 years, SAME has been providing waterjet solutions to many industries around the world. We are always focused on your business, and our area of expertise is the development and manufacture of waterjet systems, ensuring the innovation and reliability of waterjet technology.

Our team:

Dedication & Enthusiasm

SAME has a team of professionals you can trust. No matter what type, parts, modules, components or sub-component solutions you need, our team of professionals can help you with any problems you may encounter

Our Certifications:

Quality & Certification

We are committed to providing the highest quality machines to help you: increase productivity while optimizing costs to support your developments and international growth.

SAME has ISO9001, CE certification, as well as more than 20 national patents, you can trust the partner.

Our Customers:

Trust & Integrity

We work with our customers to create an environment of mutual trust. We are a team dedicated to the success and a loyal and reliable partner for our customers.

Our Partners

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