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Customize your water jet glass cutting machine from Manufacturer


You can determine the size of your work table from the size of the part you want to produce and the size of the raw material you want to cut.


To confirm that your glass cutting business requires taper compensation, if you are not sure, you can ask our experts for a better choice of cutting systems.

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SAME offers 3 control systems, Ncstudio, Beckhoff, and IGEMS. Selecting the right control system will best meet your costs and efficiency.

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In practice, you should select the right waterjet pump for the most cost-effective production based on your business needs.

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The right options increase productivity and quality, and you can choose the right parts for your production needs.

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The ultimate faq guide

waterjet glass cutting machine


1. What is a water jet glass cutter?

A water jet glass cutter is basically an industrial cutting tool that cuts glass using a high-pressure jet water system with an abrasive substance. This combination is ideal for achieving the most accurate and clean cuts in the glass.
Besides, the usage of a high-pressure water jet system dates back to the mid-1800s to get a clean cut of the complex shapes of glass.


2. What is the composition of the water jet glass cutting machine?

The water jet glass cutting machines are composed of several parts. This includes the following –

  • High-Pressure Pump

The high-pressure pump is the soul of the water jet system. This high-pressure pump puts pressure on the water and operates to deliver it continuously through the process of plumping and the mixing tube. This has to go on until a swift waterjet surge of water exits from the jewel orifice.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing is a stainless steel composition that helps to deliver steady pressurized water.

  • Cutting Head

A cutting head is a composition of a Venturi chamber, jewel orifice, and mixing tube. The presence of the cutting head ensures in setting a perfect self-alignment.

  • Motion Equipment

This is a powerful floor-mounted Cantilever System that includes the exact X-Y Mechanism.

  • Control System

The Control system uses popular Dwg files, which then automatically converts them into numeric files.

  • Catcher Tank with a Working Table

A catcher tank comes in use to accumulate water and then for abrasive at the time of water jet cutting.

  • Abrasive Delivery System

This is a potent system that feeds an exact proportion of abrasive automatically.

Other than these components, here are some other important ones-

  • Memory
  • High-pressure piping
  • Pressure Intensifier
  • Guiding machine (CNC-controlled)
  • Electronic motor
  • Oil tank and oil pump
  • Electric motor
  • Nozzle with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.5 mm and a valve
  • Water treatment mainly for desalting and filtration.


3. Why use a waterjet cutter to cut glass?

A waterjet cutter is perfect for cutting glasses accurately. Be it for cutting a complex stained glass, piercing some holes in them, or for cutting the laminated ballistic glass easily; it offers versatile cuts cost-effectively.
Apart from these, it can benefit in multiple other ways.

  • Easily cut intricate patterns
  • Makes the cutting faster
  • Reduces scrap
  • Offers omnidirectional cuts
  • Minimizes the tooling costs


4. How does a water jet cutting glass machine work?

The waterjet cutting glass machine makes an accurate cut using the high-pressure water jet with the combination of an abrasive system. In this cutting process, the workpieces get detached from each other through the high-pressure water jet. For this reason, water jet cutting needs an extremely high pressure that can go up to 6200 bar.

This high pressure of the water helps to develop sterility to the used water. The process requires experts who can take care of the standard water treatments, including reverse osmosis or softening.

During the process, a sound pressure of around 120dB pops up. Besides, the nozzle remains under the water bell, or there occurs a rise in the water level of the jet catcher


5. What is the cutting accuracy of the glass waterjet machine?

The glass water jet cutting machine offers a highly accurate cutting. When the cutting starts, the waterjet cutting machine attains a fraction of tolerance of +/- 0.001″, maintaining the consistency. Hence, this helps in making the glass water jet cutting machine highly suitable for cutting the precision parts.


6. How thick can a waterjet glass cutting machine be cut?

Cutting glass with waterjet glass cutting machines is surprisingly easy. With the right technical settings, a waterjet can cut through one millimeter of chemically toughened glass to two inches thick bulletproof glass. The glass thickness can determine the speed of cutting. For example, a waterjet glass cutting machine can cut ¼ inch thick glass at 120 inches per minute using 55000 psi of pressure.


7. What is the quality of the edge treatment of the waterjet glass cutter?

Sometimes, waterjet glass cutting machines can introduce taper in cuts. It generally happens when the waterjet dwells longer on the top than the bottom of the material. That phenomenon is compensable if you slow down the cutting speed. There are other ways to compensate for the tapering. You can articulate the nozzle by using specialized computer programming.


8. What glass can't be cut by a water jet glass cutter?

There are a few types of glass and ceramic materials that a waterjet glass cutter cannot cut. That depends on two things – the hardness of the material and the way of reacting to water. Very hard substances like diamonds are very difficult to cut, and it’s not cost-effective. If we talk specifically about glass, there are examples, too. Tempered glass will break from the force of the waterjet.


9. How much does the water jet glass machine cost to operate?

It is one of the most important factors about operating a waterjet glass machine. You need a different setup altogether – consumables, power requirements, etc. Moreover, there is the cost of water and abrasives. Upon hourly usage, the abrasive can cost almost 75% of the total expense. On the other side, water is the cheapest.

It would be useful if you gather some knowledge beforehand so that you can make a better decision.


10. What abrasives are used in waterjet glass cutting?

In the respect of usage and availability, garnet is the most common abrasive. It aids in a superior cutting job.

Garnets are a type of gemstone. It is a hard material and it makes sharp edges. That works in the favour of precise cutting. Garnet is either alluvial or mined. Mining this material is expensive, so a mined garnet typically costs more than alluvial garnet.

Other than that, you can choose olivine. It is a softer material, so it is useful to cut soft or brittle material like glass.

It is not advisable to use abrasive-containing silica. That can lead to silicosis. Consider using the recommended abrasive from your manufacturer.


11. What are the benefits of cutting glass with a water jet compared to laser cutting?

Water jet glass cutting is more appropriate for applications in the Aerospace industry. This is because it is essentially a cold process and puts in no heat while cutting the glass. This process creates a no heat-affected zone and hence does not alter the glass’s physical state or cause it to warp. It also benefits sheet metal fabricators a lot. The glass cutting process can directly go from the water jet cutting to welding or threading operations, thereby eliminating the need to separate heat-affected materials. As a result, the speed and efficiency of the process are heightened as labor requirement is reduced.

When it comes to laser cutting of glass, heat is generated, and it does create a heat-affected zone. Water jet cutting also causes very clean cuts, and hence the need for sanding or grinding the edges is also removed. The water jet cutting machines can be easily automated hence facilitating prototypes and higher production. All of these diminish the process costs extensively.


12. What are the benefits of cutting glass with a waterjet compared to flame cutting?

Similar to the previous comparison, waterjet glass cutting creates a no heat-affected zone. Flame cutting, staying true to its name, is a thermal process, and hence a heat-affected zone is a must. Water jet cutting is much safer than flame cutting as there is no thermal exchange involved. It also doesn’t emit any toxic fumes as compared to flame cutting. Besides, it doesn’t damage the cut area of the glass thermally, which is a risk that flame cutting runs.


13. What are the benefits of cutting glass with a water jet compared to plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting is also a thermal glass cutting procedure that deploys an electrical arc for ionizing and heating gas. This gas, in turn, produces plasma for cutting the glass. The glass is a conducive object, becomes part of the electrical arc, and hence is cut.

Waterjet glass cutting poses similar benefits as compared to other thermal cutting procedures. The absence of a no heat-affected zone works in favor of the water jet process. It is also a better process for cutting glass that is thicker than a few inches since plasma cutting isn’t the perfect suit for that.


14. Can a water jet cutting the laminated glass?

Laminated glass is found to be used for applications where safety is a critical requirement. Safety glass or laminated glass cutting can be a very tricky task, trickier than cutting normal glass. Water jet cutting is not the best fit for cutting laminated or safety glass. The pressure generated from the water jets might not suffice to perfectly cut through the laminated glasses and hence wouldn’t result in proper shapes. Laminated glass, being thin, will shatter under the pressure of a waterjet as it puts the glass under considerable stress.


15. Can a water jet cutting the thin glass?

High-quality thick glass is easier to cut using a water jet when compared to low-quality thin glass. In the case of thin glass, the water jet puts it under significant stress. This stress becomes more than it can handle, and the glass shatters completely into pieces. Hence we advise not to use waterjet for cutting low-quality thin glass.


16. Can a water jet cutting the stained glass?

Yes, a waterjet is perfectly suitable for stained glass cutting applications. As mentioned earlier, due to the absence of heat-affected zones in waterjet cutting, there is no worry about rough edges. Moreover, there is no need for secondary finishing in most cases. Stained glasses are smoothly cut using waterjet cutting. The glass has a usual tendency to crack, but using a waterjet to cut stained glass won’t result in that outcome.


17. Can I cutting tempered glass with a water jet?

Tempered glasses aren’t of superior quality and are considered as thin glass. It has a safety measure that compels it to break into pieces when it is punctured. This makes it unsuitable to be cut using a waterjet. Although in some instances, we can find tempered glasses are cut using waterjet cutting techniques.


18. Is a waterjet the best solution for cutting the glass?

Waterjet cutting is the preferred option for many owing to its controlled pressure and small stream size. These features make it the ideal option for cutting a host of materials, including glass. From thick glasses such as shaped mirrors or cell phone panels, waterjet cutting would be appropriate for all such applications. It is hence the go-to procedure for a number of industry applications.

The benefits that waterjet cutting provides are as follows.

  • High performance against thick glass cutting
  • Enhanced level of precision
  • Smoother edges after cutting
  • Safer as it creates a no heat-affected zone.


19. What are the tips when using a water jet to cut glass?

There can be numerous tips that come in handy while using waterjet for cutting glass. A few vital ones are as follows.

  1. Use finer abrasives when cutting mirrors to prevent chipping off the reflective paint. Also, ensure that you have the reflective paint side faced down while cutting it using a waterjet.
  2. Fix the glasswork properly before beginning to cut it. Support it from the bottom using something that is soft yet sturdy to provide the necessary structure to it. A waterjet brick is a great option for this. The support surface should be flat and uniform.
  3. Begin pumping the pressure at zero and slowly ramp it up. The objective is to make the lowest pressure water hit at the initial mark while the abrasives begin flowing.
  4. Always pierce using a Vacuum assist. Use the accessory to pull off the abrasive through the nozzle. Before the water reaches full pressure, ensure that the abrasive flow is on.


20. Which industries are currently using waterjet glass cutting machines?

Waterjet glass cutting finds extensive use in a plethora of modern-day industries. These include Automotive, Aerospace, Metal fabrication, Medical device manufacturing, etc. The Food processing and textile industries also utilize waterjet cutting methods in their daily applications. The glass cutting industry is another major consumer of waterjet cutting machines.


21. How to confirm which system your waterjet glass cutting machine needs?

Choosing the right system according to your business needs can get twice the result with half the effort. If you need us to help you choose, please contact us.


22. How do you use waterjet glass cutting machines to make your business grow rapidly?

Ans) the reason why with each passing day, many businesses are choosing waterjet glass cutting machines is because of the following reasons:

  • You can cut through a pile of thick raw materials stalked together just by using waterjet glass cutting machines. The waterjet is hard enough to cut through the raw materials in a single pass. As a result, many raw materials can be cut in a very short period, thus saving production time.
  • The waterjet glass cutting machines minimize the amount of waste generated during the cutting of raw materials. Thus the excess cost is saved when using waterjet glass cutting machines.
  • Since waterjet glass cutting machines are readily available, it makes it ensures high productivity. All the machines are user-friendly, and any layman can use them just by watching videos.


23. Does SAME provide technical support for water jet glass cutting machines?

Yes, SAME does provide technical support for water jet glass cutting machines. If the customers need any assistance, they can call the support system, and the team will give the required services. Video and chat services are also present to provide technical support. The technical support system is very efficient in their services.


24. How much does a CNC water jet glass cutting machine cost?

If you want to buy a CNC water jet glass cutting machine, then it would cost you around $35,500. Contact for Exact Price


25. What should be considered when buying a water jet glass cutter?

The basic factors that should bear in mind while buying a water jet glass cutter are-

  • The cost of the machine is the basic thing to consider before buying. If you have a larger budget, you can go for a costlier water jet glass cutter.
  • The size of the machine is another important thing to consider. Since the machine will take up a lot of space. You need to figure out which size will be perfect for the place you want to install it in.
  • The more features your water jet glass cutter has, the better. It will help you to have a more polished product and save you more time.

The material used for the water jet glass cutter is essential. It is the type of material that will determine the durability and the sturdiness of the glass cutter.

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