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The ultimate guide to FAQs

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1. Can a waterjet cutting system cut paper?

The Waterjet cutting system has been one of the oldest cutting technologies that the paper manufacturing company has been using for several decades. In fact, in some cases, the waterjet Technology cuts through hardened materials like glass metals or even stones. The pure waterjet water technology is used to cut through food and paper. The thin and clean waterjet stream does not create any mess while cutting the paper. It avoids any absorbance into the paper since it uses cold-cutting technology. This technology refrains the creation of heat-affected zones while providing a precise cut. It thoroughly maintains the integrity of the paper. The efficiency of this technology and machine helps the paper manufacturers without any doubt.


2. What type of paper can be cut with a waterjet cutter?

The waterjet cutters cut through different types of papers. It is one of the most versatile paper-cutting devices. One cannot say that this cutter discriminates against any materials to be cut. It can cut any paper, including thin materials like boxes, paper tissues, protective poly coating paper, food-service paper, excelsior cushioning, corrugated cardboard, waxed paper, or even a bag.

Due to the presence of a diamond orifice, one can maximize the cutting life of the waterjet cutter.


3. Which manufacturers use waterjet paper cutters?

There are different manufacturers all around who manufacture waterjet paper cutters. Some of this includes:

● Flow waterjet
● Omax waterjet
● KMT waterjet
● SAME waterjet
● Techni waterjet

These are the names of some of the trustworthy manufacturers in the world. They can provide you with the service, benefits, and utmost satisfaction of using the product.


4. Do waterjet paper cutters last long?

The longevity of the waterjet paper cutters depends on the way one uses the product. If you tend to use the waterjet paper cutters with a lot of force, then within a few years, you need to replace them part due to maximum wear. However, if one maintains the product while it is in use, it will have better longevity.


5. Why is a waterjet paper cutting process eco-friendly?

The waterjet paper cutting process is one of the most eco-friendly processes of cutting papers. It can cut any paper at high speed without creating any problem with the material. This paper cutter does not use any abrasives, unlike the abrasive waterjet cutting system. It does not produce any debris while going through the process of paper cutting. Unlike the laser cutter of the flame cutter, it does not even produce any hazardous emissions.


6. How much thick paper can be cut by your waterjet cutter?

The waterjet cutter is capable of cutting paper that ranges from 0.0005 inches to 12 inches thick. Within these cutting considerations, one can cut paper precisely.
Despite the thickness, the Waterjet cutter can cut paper or any other material without any inconvenience.


7. Give some maintenance tips for waterjet paper cutting systems.

Here are ten tips that can help one maintain their waterjet paper cutting system to increase the product’s longevity.

● One must follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for proper maintenance.
● Make good use of the preventive maintenance software. It tracks the operating hour and provides alerts if the working hour exceeds its competence.
● While cleaning or maintaining the product, make sure that you are doing it in a clean environment.
● At least once a month, one should inspect the table slab to estimate the amount of wear in the waterjet paper cutter.
● When one is using an abrasive, remember to keep the abrasives free from any dirt or debris.
● Clean the nozzle assembly which the help of an ultrasonic cleaner
● It should be your regular task to remove all the accumulated abrasives and other objects from the tank.
● The user needs to test the quality of water before use.
● If needed, try to buy the spare parts of the waterjet paper cutter in advance.


8. What advantages do you get from waterjet paper cutters?

The waterjet paper cutter happens to be one of the versatile paper cutting solutions. Due to some of the advantages, one should prefer the use of waterjet paper cutters. The cutting provides no dust, and hence it is one of the cleanest and convenient tools to work with.

However, the cutting allowance is smaller, which makes this paper cutter easy to handle. While cutting, one cannot feel the evidence of any heat produced. Due to that reason, the waterjet paper cutter provides a smoother cut. The waterjet paper cutter is known to produce no heat zone. It results in a smoother cut.

Apart from precision cutting, other advantages of waterjet paper cutters: it requires no blade sharpening, and also some of the machines can provide smaller cutting kerfs.

● The process does not carry any airborne dust or cleaners.
● The omnidirectional catching producers no wastage of raw material
● A minimal setup is required to cut the maximum number of materials.
● It is the safest technology.
● It is ideal for stacking the material. It, however, depends on the density of the product.


9. What are the major parts of your waterjet paper cutters?

The waterjet paper cutter comes with a high-pressure nozzle. Most of the machine creates the precise cart with the help of this high-pressure pump. One can use any two types of pumps, including a crankshaft pump or an intensifier pump.


10. How is the edge treatment quality for waterjet paper cutters?

The waterjet paper cutter maintains an excellent edge finish. It provides a smooth look typically closer than +/- 0.05. However, the difference lies in the cutting speed and the thickness of the material. If the material is a bit thicker, then one should apply proper pressure to achieve smooth edges. However, for cutting a paper, a minimum of 50000 PSI pressure must achieve an excellent edge finish.


11. How should you use waterjet paper cutting systems?

The first waterjet paper cutting system came into existence in early 1970. To cut paper, one used pure waterjets. It was mainly a requirement for the aerospace industry to cut honeycomb or paper-based materials. It is one of the most versatile paper-cutting technologies that can cut any thickness of paper without biasedness.

This process, however, gave rise to the use of the abrasive waterjet cutting technique. The thin and most slick stream of water from the waterjet stream does not get absorbed into the material. Instead, it leaves with a cleaner cut that looks more precise than a cut with any other cutter. Therefore one can use a waterjet paper cutting machine to cut any paper goods on materials efficiently without facing any problem.


12. Do you offer technical service for waterjet paper cutting systems?

We have a team of professionals to provide technical solutions when you have issues with the waterjet paper cutting systems. Our responsive service providers always ensure customer satisfaction. They will listen to your words and find the solutions. However, as we have user-friendly waterjet papers cutters,you may not face technical issues.


13. Is there a risk of damage to the paper piece for cutting it with the waterjet cutter?

A waterjet cutter is one of the most versatile cutting tools that one can use to cut paper. It provides precise internal cut-outs with the help of high tolerance. The accuracy of the cutting tool varies from person to person with the change in application. The waterjet cutter uses the technology of the cold cutting process. It eliminates all the problems caused due to heat distortion. While cutting papers, one would not find any risk of damage caused to the paper piece.


14. Can you use a waterjet paper cutter to cut straight lines?

The waterjet paper cutter uses high pressure of water to cut down paper. Using this thin stream of the high-pressure waterjet, one can easily cut down the material. Due to this high pressure, one might face problems cutting the paper in a straight line. However, you can even cut the piece into consecutive bars if you can use the correct abrasives.
You can apply to achieve a straight line cut to lower the pressure to 50000 PSI, and you can earn a cut in a straight line.


15. Is a waterjet paper cutter easy to use for novices?

Waterjet paper cutters use the technology of high pressure. Most of these high-pressure pumps operate around 3.4 MPa 25.5 MPa. It, however, needs an expert hand to function. As the intensive fire pump helps create pressure by moving the hydraulic oil, one must know how much pressure to release to cut the paper easily. This process, however, requires a thoroughly educated person in this field.

Sometimes one needs to use abrasives like Aluminum oxide or garnets. In that case, if a person does not know the proportion of mixing the abrasives with water, then it won’t provide an efficient cut. Hence if a person learns to use the technique, they can easily cut paper with a waterjet paper cutter.


16. How do you use waterjet paper cutting machines for the growth of your business?

Waterjet paper cutters are known to be one of the most versatile cutting machines. You can use this machine for cutting different kinds of papers. It is, however, recommended that for the easy growth of your business, you should have two smaller units instead of one big unit. Also, the environmentally friendly cutting process can help your business to grow without causing any harm to the environment. Along with that, the availability of the product worldwide helps in the prosperity of the company.


17. Does the waterjet paper cutter cause burrs on the material?

The waterjet paper cutting machine uses the cold cutting Technology that eliminates all the problems of hardening edges, heat distortion, and burr problem. This particular paper cutting method generates no heat that causes any secondary effect of change in the structure of molecules. Therefore using search specialized application, one can easily say that the waterjet paper cutter does not produce any burrs on the material. Due to this reason, the material does not require any second coat of finishing.


18. How much should you invest in operating waterjet paper cutters?

The two principal investments that one has to make in a waterjet paper cutter are cutting tables and the waterjet pump. The cutting table is the foundation of the waterjet paper cutter. You must pay attention to the cutting table as it will help in the production process.

On the other hand, one can call the high-pressure pump the heart of waterjet paper cutters. You must invest on an hourly basis to get the required production.


19. How much water pressure is needed to cut paper with waterjet cutters?

Pressure is one of the essential factors in waterjet paper cutters. To cut paper efficiently, one must need to provide a force of 50000 PSI to 60000 PSI. At such high pressure, you are sure to trim any thickness of paper within no time. However, at such high pressure, one has maintained the speed to have a better grip over the material. Else you will have a very cut with such an efficient paper cutting machine.


20. How fast can a waterjet cutter cut the paper?

In the case of a typical waterjet paper cutter, it can operate at a speed of 1021 meters per second with a pressure limit of 60000 PSI. At such a rate, the water content and intense amount of energy provide the capability to cut any thickness of the paper. However, when you add abrasives to the paper cutter machine with some pure water, it can increase the machine’s efficiency. Does at a very high speed, and you can readily get the efficient cutting within no minutes.


21. Why are waterjet paper cutters better than other cutting systems?

Waterjet paper cutters are no doubt one of the best paper cutting technologies that one can have. These are some of the reasons why the waterjet paper cutters are better than other cutting systems.

● The waterjet paper cutting machine does not have any material limitations. It means that it can cut through any length and any thickness of paper efficiently. Also, with some abrasives, the Waterjet Technology, and the addition of abrasives, the waterjet technology can cut more efficiently.
● The waterjet paper cutter has no heat-affected zone as it uses a cold cutting process. Not only it provides clean cuts, but also this machine increases the safety of the operator by eliminating any risk of burns.
● The machine provides a high cutting quality and does not require any additional finishing process. It accelerates the process of cutting the paper by saving time. Likewise, it increases the overall efficiency of the work.
● Lastly, one should refer to the waterjet paper cutters since they do not cause any harm to the environment. Due to this reason, the cutting process accelerates while saving our time and increasing our efficiency.


22. How much accuracy can you maintain with waterjet paper cutting systems?

Accuracy happens to be one major factor why people choose to use the waterjet paper cutting system. This paper cutting system can and creates a tolerance level of 0.001 inches. That is 0.025 mm. One can cut material of 1 inch at such tolerance with an accuracy ranging from +/-0.005 to 0.100 inches. Somehow the tolerance is significant due to the construction of the machine.


23. How should I choose the right waterjet paper cutting system?

Choosing a suitable waterjet paper cutting machine depends on the application process. On what depth of material you are going to use, the cutting system can provide work effectiveness. For example, if you have thick paper to cut using the waterjet paper cutting technology, you should have an efficient smaller unit instead of a bigger one.


24. Is your waterjet efficient in cutting papers perfectly?

The waterjet cutter can show optimum efficiency while cutting papers. The best systems ensure accuracy in the result. Based on the thickness of the paper, you may change different attachments that come with the waterjet cutter.


25. Does waterjet paperwork better than a laser cutter?

The waterjet paper cutter can be your choice if you are looking for an efficient cutting with no bruised edges. However, it might provide you with a bit of a slow-cutting technique other than that of the laser cutter, but it would not disappoint you with the efficiency and effectiveness of cutting.

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