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Copper alloys are the most commonly used for ornaments to add hardness and ensure better color.


Industrial machinery

There are industrial pieces of machinery made of copper, as it is corrosion resistant and slows down bacterial growth.


Plumping pipes

The underground water pipes are mostly made of copper. These pipes have high strength and withstand stress.


Drone Motors

Drones are now highly innovative devices, and drone manufacturers use copper for the motor part.



Copper cookware always has a classic look. Copper is better than stainless steel due to its higher heat conductivity.


Game Consoles

Although game consoles have plastic casings, the major material used for them is copper.

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Our waterjet cutters include different control systems, including IGEMS, Ncstudio, and Beckhoff. Selection of the right one is essential.


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The ultimate guide to FAQs

water jet copper cutting machine


1. Why should you use a waterjet to cut copper?

Waterjet cutters ensure a high level of accuracy and precision while cutting copper. You will find minimal burrs and rough edges with this advanced cutting technique. You may not need additional polishing and finishing touches with these waterjet cutting systems. Delivering garnet and water at almost 87,000 PSI, the device maintains its precise cutting capabilities.


2. Can we have multi-part production with a waterjet copper cutter?

Waterjet copper cutters are best for both single-part and multiple-part production. That is why you can rely on them for higher productivity. You can make the optimal usage of copper materials.


3. Is there any alternative to waterjet cutters to cut copper items?

Some fabricators try to use laser cutters for the copper cutting process. However, they do not get the best output due to the reflection. Copper machining is not easy without waterjet cutters. You can choose an abrasive water jet system to cut copper with minimal effort.


4. What type of copper can you cut with waterjet cutting systems?

Copper is available in different types of alloy, including 101, 110, and 122. Moreover, copper available in both sheet and plate is easy to cut with your waterjet cutters. You can deal with annealed and full temper copper using your advanced waterjet cutters. You will find a smooth edge finish.


5. How much thickness can be handled by your waterjet copper cutters?

Our advanced waterjet copper cutters can work on both thick and thin pieces of copper. The thickness of copper must not be more than 100mm. You can cut this thick copper in a single pass. However, the speed rate can make a difference in the result.


6. How accurate will the copper cutting process be by using the waterjet cutters?

You can find tolerance of about 0.004″/0.1mm with your waterjet copper cutting system. The waterjets ensure higher accuracy than what you find with your laser cutters. You can cut copper quickly and accurately with our waterjet copper cutter.


7. What are the best tips to use waterjet copper cutters?

  • Consider multiple cutting heads to raise production level.
  • Do not cut through air gaps that are higher than 0.020 inches.
  • Do not compromise abrasive flow rates to reduce your operating cost.
  • Use diverse abrasive mesh sizes for different copper cutting projects.


8. Does a waterjet copper cutting system affect the material?

As there is no heat zone, your copper piece will have no adverse effect. On the contrary, laser cutting systems can result in melting and burning issues. Waterjets do not cause cracks and surface hardness issues. Moreover, you will find no emission of harmful gas from your waterjet copper cutters.


9. Do waterjet copper cutters leave burrs?

You will find crisp quality cuts in your copper pieces. The burr-free finish will give you the best output. However, in the case of plasma cutting systems, you may find sharp burrs. You can use the perfectly cut copper for a range of purposes, as it has no flaw.


10. How should you use waterjet copper cutting machines for your business growth?

The copper cutting trend is common to different industries. As you can cut copper pieces fast with our waterjet cutters, you can serve your customers better. Moreover, your manufacturing technique will be more reliable. We have a versatile copper cutting system that cuts a range of materials, including copper.


11. Does your team offer technical assistance for any issue with water jet copper cutters?

Yes, we have a team of customer representatives to help you with technical solutions. Our customer agents will also help you to maintain high efficiency and control cost.


12. Which factors are important to buy water jet copper cutting systems?

While buying the water jet copper cutter, you have to focus on features, like

  • Intensifier- Our waterjet cutters have a pumping system for a high-pressure generation.
  • Control system- We can provide you with a demo of our products. You will learn about their proper functioning.
  • Nozzle- The nozzle must not have rust and dents.
  • Electric cabinet- You need to set it up properly.


13. Which parts are highly important to your water jet copper cutting systems?

Our waterjet copper cutters have multiple parts, including

  • High-pressure pump- The pump creates water pressure to accomplish the cutting process.
  • The stainless-steel plumbing system is another part of delivering pressurized water.
  • You can find a cutting head as a part of the Venturi chamber.

Other components are the abrasive delivery system, electric motor, catcher tank, and control system.


14.What is the cost of electricity, water, and other parts to operate the waterjet copper cutter?

The major water jet copper cutting systems’ operating costs can include the cost of electricity, garnet sands, abrasives, and other parts. The garnet abrasive is 18 to 23KG/hour, while the water needed is 220L/ hour. The consumed electricity is 25-32Kw/hour.


15. Is waterjet the ultimate solution to cut copper?

Yes, you can rely on waterjet cutting systems to accomplish your copper cutting process. You will get a quality finish by using these advanced devices. Water jets help you to turn out flawless outputs. You will find the perfect shape of the copper piece.


16. How do water jet cutters cut copper?

You know that waterjet cutters are capable of producing a high speed of water. The water coming out of the tapering nozzle plays a role in cutting the copper pieces precisely. There is no application of heat in this process.


17. Why is a waterjet better than a flame cutter system to deal with copper?

Flame cutting systems are portable and can work on thick metals. However, when you need safer and tidier options, you can rely on our water jet systems for copper-cutting purposes.


18. Why is your water jet copper cutter better than plasma cutting systems?

Most importantly, water jet cutting systems are versatile options. They are safer and beginner-friendly. You will find a refined look in your copper pieces. They are more effective than flame-cutting systems. There is no risk of damages to the fringes of the final cut.


19. What is the edge treatment quality of water jet copper cutters?

You will get superior edge quality using our water jet copper cutting systems. Several fabricators like the devices for burr-free edges that have a consistent look. You do not need to waste time on secondary finishing. You will find Q1-Q5 edge quality.


20. How do you provide a premium quality water jet copper cutting machine at a comparatively low price?

Our waterjet copper cutters are available at a reasonable rate, although they are not the cheapest ones. Our company uses innovative technologies for different components of water jet copper cutters. We ensure a trouble-free solution to your copper-cutting process.


21. Why is it better and safe to cut copper underwater?

The underwater water jet cutting process for copper reduces the noise level. You can find the sound level of up to 75dB. It is better to choose an optional automatically working submerged cutter. You can control the level and check the cutting process quality.


22. How much abrasive does your waterjet copper cutter consume?

Based on your pump range, you can decide on the amount of abrasive consumption. Still, the standard amount of abrasive needed for the process ranges from 300 gr/min (0,7 lb/min) to 450 gr/min (1 lb/min).


23. What will happen when you have put your hands in the jet's direction?

It may get out instantly. But, we use the safest technologies to design our system. We have mounted a protective covering near the cutting zone. You have to maintain the distance from water jet distance.


24. Which water is to be applied for the waterjet copper cutting process?

You may use softened and filtered drinkable water. You may not need to filter water with an inverse osmosis process. It will prevent water from becoming aggressive.


25. Where should we dispose of the garnet abrasive?

The garnet and water for water jet copper cutters are not abrasive. They are eco-friendly components. You may put the filtered water down your drain. However, when you cut harmful materials, you must dump the water in a proper site.

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