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At SAME, our waterjet acrylic cutters have control systems, including IGEMs, Ncstudio, and Beckhoff. Find the control system perfect for your needs.


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The ultimate guide to FAQs

water jet acrylic cutting machine


1. Why is waterjet acrylic cutting a green technology?

Waterjet acrylic cutting is considered to be a green technology and environmental-friendly. It uses a relatively small amount of water which measures 1 to 2 liters per minute. It produces no hazardous waste product. The garnet that the waterjet acrylic cutting machine requires is wholly filtered and inert. Later the water can be disposed of down the drain without causing any harm to the water bodies.

The waterjet acrylic cutting machine is undoubtedly the most versatile profiling device that you will find on the market. One of the advantages of this tool is that they have the ability to cut any materials without having a few exceptions. Even green technology cutting machine uses the most composite materials.


2. Describe the process in which waterjet cuts acrylic.

Different units use the Waterjet cutting technology to cut plastic or at relief products. The thin and transparent waterjet streams do not cause any harm to the material while cutting. Even the water does not get absorbed into the material and maintains the moral integrity of the material.

Apart from that, this technology does not create any heat-affected zone. At the same time, it leaves the material with a precise cut. The clean-cut and smooth finish eliminates the second operation of the toll for having a perfect finish. Therefore, the efficiency of the perfect cut on acrylic makes the waterjet one of the most competent tools for acrylic cutting.


3. What is abrasive waterjet acrylic cutting?

The abrasive waterjet acrylic cutting is a technique in which the waterjet nozzles project the abrasive particles at high speed. It somehow erodes the material that you are working with.

It is done to enhance the waterjet as the abrasive materials are further added to the water and given pressure of 400 MPa. It enables them to come out at a speed of 900 m per second. This process can induce the water wedging action of abrasives.

However, if you control the particle flow rate and the reverse speed of the waterjet acrylic cutting machine, it will decrease water wedging behavior.


4. What components comprise the waterjet acrylic cutters?

The waterjet acrylic cutter has different components. The base contains a catcher that holds the machine. However, the other components are the cutting head, abrasive waterjet, water providing tube, pump, high-pressure tube, and abrasive Hopper.

One can cut different materials, including alloys like stainless, aluminum, titanium, and Inconel. Apart from that, one can also use it for cutting Steel, laminates, composites, plastics, rubber gaskets, fiberglass, and glass.


5. Can you cut stacked pieces of acrylic with your waterjet acrylic cutters?

The waterjet acrylic cutters can cut through to the stacked pieces of acrylics with ease. However, laser cutters are limited when it comes to thickness as they can handle any amount of thickness. One can use the waterjet acrylic cutter to handle a wide range of cutting functions. It can cut up to stainless Steel, measuring 10 inches thick. It depends on what kind of cutter you are using. If you work with highly thick material, a waterjet acrylic cutter will provide consistent results.


6. Whom should I contact when I have any technical issue with waterjet acrylic cutting systems?

If the buyer faces any technical issues without a water trailer cutting system, they can contact the manufacturer. Every company has highly skillful and talented professionals who provide after-sales services to their customers. Some of the companies also opt for the SAP system. It enables them to buy spare parts easily in an error-free environment. Also, you will get the servicing number of different manufacturers that can help you with your technical issues. They provide prompt and efficient service.


7. How often does your waterjet acrylic cutter need servicing?

The servicing period of the waterjet acrylic cutters depends on the amount of time you use the product. Based on its application, the waterjet acrylic cutter can cut plastic and process it with the help of 3D machining, bending, or welding.


8. Which parts can wear away in the waterjet acrylic cutter?

If the waterjet acrylic cutter has a low-quality orifice, it will break down quickly. Once the orifice breaks down easily, it can disrupt the cutting of the material. It can result in loss of productivity and time. However, one has to use a decent quality to make the waterjet acrylic cutter last longer. Despite all this, the user of this machine needs to maintain it after use.


9. What should be the water quality to cut acrylics?

There are various methods to cut acrylic sheets successfully. One can choose any method depending on the type of application they are going for. For example, if you want to go for an odd shape, then you can use a pencil and get started with the work. If you want to go for breaking and scribing, you can break it with the help of a waterjet acrylic cutter.

In every case, you have to make sure that you need the pure quality of water. Otherwise, it can affect the result of your work.


10. How much water does the waterjet acrylic cutter consume?

Waterjet acrylic cutter consumes 3 to 20 liters of water per minute world it is operating. Some of the water that the machine contains needs to cool down the pump. Before one invests in one such machine, they should buy it from a qualified tested company. Also, One should test the water for the mark of total dissolved solids or TDS. Some companies offer only bacteria dissolved solids in the water, but you should go for the TDS.


11. What is the best way of processing the used abrasive?

Abrasives can be processed in two ways. It depends upon the application of grains into the workpiece. In the case of a bonded abrasive process, the particles are put together within a particular matrix. Their combined shape, however, determines the geometrical shape of the finished products. For instance, in the case of grinding, the particles are held bonded together in the wheel.

Whereas in the case of loose abrasives, the structure does not connect to the grain. These can be applied without any lubrication. Since in this case, the grains can move independently.


12. Does your waterjet acrylic cutter leave a small cone on the objects?

The waterjet acrylic cutter has an excellent cutting quality; therefore, it leaves an excellent quality crisp cut. It provides a burr-free finish. Therefore there is no scope that a waterjet acrylic cutter might leave a small cone on the object, unlike the plasma or laser cutters which can leave slag or sharp burrs.


13. What factors cause a difference in the cutting accuracy of your waterjet acrylic cutter?

Some factors cause accurate cutting when you use a waterjet acrylic cutter. The cold cutting technology creates the most accurate cut in the material. Also, using pure water completely melts the material and does not produce any unwanted flat.

The pre-drill pilot makes the accurate hole into the what piece. It somehow increases the production complexity.


14. Which industries use waterjet acrylic cutters?

Various industries can use waterjet acrylic cutters. Some of these industries include:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Food processing
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Textile
  • Medical device

However, in all these industries, some of the applications of the waterjet acrylic cutter are:

  • Glass and metal art
  • Fiberglass cutting
  • Gasket cutting
  • Metal art or glass art
  • From product cutting
  • Nontraditional material in exotic metal cutting


15. Why is waterjet acrylic cutting technology unique?

The waterjet cutting machine has a straightforward and unique functional principle. When the fine Jet of water hits the surface of the material you are working with, it causes separation of material. To generate the high pressure of the jet stream of water, one must include a high-pressure pump that can produce pressure up to several thousand bars.

Jet Technology makes it one of the versatile cutting machines. It can cut through any material precisely. If one is dealing with acrylic, then it can precisely cut 5-inch thick acrylic. This phenomenon makes the water change acrylic cutting technology as one of the unique cutting Technology.


16. Why are waterjet acrylic cutters better flame cutting systems?

No doubt the waterjet acrylic cutter is better than the flame cutters. Laser cutting or flame cutting can provide higher precision that can produce a clear finish on the workpiece. But the waterjet acrylic cutters can cut any thickness of the sheet. It does not have any material restrictions.

It is an essential factor to consider that waterjet acrylic cutters do not require any cleanup, unlike the laser cutter or the flame cutter. The waterjet acrylic cutters are also extremely noisy in comparison to the laser cutters. But if you want to cut thicker material, then the waterjet acrylic cutters stand out better than the flame cutters. If you want speed cutting oviposition, then you should definitely opt for the flame cutting systems.


17. What is the cost of operating waterjet acrylic cutters?

The cost of the waterjet acrylic cutters can start around dollar 60k. However, it depends on the way of your application. You can also customize the whole machine. In that case, the cost can go up to some million higher.

Also, on average, the cost of operation of the waterjet acrylic cutters can be around dollar 10 per hour to dollar 50 per hour. It, however, does not include any capital repayment or labor charges. You also have to consider the cost of orifices, mixing chamber, nozzle, and high-pressure pump seals.

Thus for different people, it costs differently. The cost depends on the way one operates it. But whatever the process of application may be, the cost of operation of the waterjet acrylic can be cut short if one uses one week machine instead of two smaller ones.


18. What abrasives need to be used in waterjet acrylic cutting?

Abrasives are one of the essential materials that are required to cut acrylic with the help of waterjet acrylic cutters. However, choosing suitable acrylics becomes vital to get a precise cut.

The waterjet acrylic cutter can use abrasives like silica sand, Aluminum oxide, garnet, or silicon carbide. With the abrasives, you can easily cut through the material even if the thickness of it tends to be 5 inches.


19. How much water pressure is needed to cut acrylic with waterjet cutters?

The abrasives do all the work; without abrasives, speed cutting won’t be possible. If you include more abrasives, you will have more pressure that will lead to faster cutting. With a water pressure of 10000 to 60000, you can achieve speed cutting on the acrylic. If you provide higher pressure, the cutting speed will start breaking down. Therefore you have to put pressure of less than 60000 so that the acrylic does not break down.


20. Is your waterjet cutter efficient in cutting acrylic perfectly?

The waterjet cutter cuts the material in depth. If you have incredibly thick material, then waterjet cutting will be considered your to-go tool. One can efficiently cut acrylic. Even if you have the thickest acrylic measuring 5 inches thick, you can efficiently cut the acrylic perfectly.


21. How fast can a waterjet cutter cut the acrylic?

Waterjet acrylic cutter can cut acrylic with a high speed of 60,000 PSI. Being one of the durable and versatile materials can be used for many circumstances. The waterjet acrylic cutter does not overcut the depth but completely slices through the material. Instead, if you like to make intricate designs, the waterjet acrylic cutter is the best option. This machine can even provide you with free size and more minor cuts. Without the evidence of any burrs, you can get a clear and finished result. Due to the high pressure, it results in inefficient performance.


22.How many waterjet cutters can handle acrylic thickness?

The waterjet cutter can cut up to a thickness of 5 inches in acrylic. The high speed to access is up to 60,000 PSI and is helpful for cutting 5-inch acrylics.

It provides precision with distortion-free superior edge quality and close tolerances.


23. What benefits do you get from waterjet acrylic cutters?

There are various benefits that every waterjet acrylic cutter provides.
  • Cost-effectiveness with efficiency
  • Like every other piece of equipment, the waterjet can cut very thick acrylic efficiently. More than that, it gives you the flexibility to work on any material without any fuss. Also, the budget-friendly factor of this product makes it cost-effective.
  • Precise cut
  • The waterjet acrylic cutters have an accuracy of +-0.038 to +-0.2mm. This criterion makes them one of the most versatile cutting tools. One can design any intricate designs with this most efficient machine.
  • One can work it on any thickness
  • The waterjet acrylic cutter provides needle-sharp cutting streams for any thickness of the material.
  • Does not have any heat affected zone
  • The waterjet acrylic cutter cuts acrylic in a cold cutting process. For this reason, it does not produce any hardened ages or damages the material due to heat.
  • Changes of tools are not required
  • You can increase the profitability by improving the operating efficiency with the waterjet acrylic cutting machine. Since this machine works with one single toll, you don’t have to switch to other products. Also, you can adjust the speed to match the different levels of thickness.
  • Increase in the cutting flexibility
  • You can cut the acrylic or plastic with the help of what it contains in any shapes possible. Also, you can work with fiberglass, composites, polyethylene, and even kevlar.


24. How is the edge treatment quality for waterjet cutters?

Edge quality happens to be one of the most important reasons why the designer specifies a particular waterjet cutting machine for different materials. The waterjet acrylic cutter produces a smoother and uniform edge without any burr.

The edge quality produced by any waterjet acrylic cutter amalgamates the function of pressure, nozzle size, speed, and abrasive flow rate. In most cases, the waterjet acrylic cutters eliminate every need for a secondary finish. It saves time and also improves efficiency.


25. Do big waterjet acrylic cutters work faster than the small ones?

Everyone has a notion that bigger means better. Instead of the bigger waterjet acrylic cutters, the smaller machine produces faster results than the bigger one. If you want to accelerate your production, you must go for two smaller machines and one bigger one. This technique can save you time and consume less power than having a giant machine. Also, the more prominent machine will take up a bulk space than two smaller machines. Therefore due to the compact size of the smaller machines, it works more efficiently than the bigger ones.

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