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The ultimate guide to FAQs

water jet plastic cutting machine


1. Can a water jet cutting system cut plastic?

In the last few decades, the use of water jet systems for cutting plastic has become popular. Additionally, this technology came before the abrasive waterjet development, which cuts hard materials. However, contrary to abrasive water jet cutting, the pure water jet can solely cut plastics. Thus, it provides a clean and smooth cut and eliminates the need for any second finishing operation.


2. Why is a water jet plastic cutting process eco-friendly?

The process of water jet plastic cutting is eco-friendly. It is because, while cutting the plastic, it does not create any poisonous liquids or gases. Similarly, it does not produce any hazardous vapors and residues. Sometimes, after properly filtering the water for turbidity, it can be put into the drain. Therefore, this process is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic.


3. How much can thick plastic be cut by your water jet cutter?

A water jet cutter can cut plastic up to six inches thick. And, it cuts twelve inches thick in some plastic materials. Thus, it can provide a supply of reliable CNC high-quality and accurate plastic machined parts. Moreover, some industries use abrasive water jet cutting system technology to cut thicker plastics.


4. What abrasives need to be used in waterjet plastic cutting?

Waterjet plastic cutting uses abrasive materials like garnet. For cutting thick plastic, industries add garnet to water. This process is done through a mixing chamber that is present in the cutting head. After adding, the abrasive in the water stream allows the tool to cut through any kind of hard plastic.


5. Is a waterjet plastic cutter easy to use for beginners?

Beginners can easily use a waterjet plastic cutter as the cutting temperature is low. It helps you to avoid residual tensions and thermal alterations. Moreover, a waterjet plastic cutter does not bend or crack. It further eliminates the requirement for any secondary finishing processes. Besides, it is a clean process.


6. Which industries use waterjet plastic cutters?

A waterjet plastic cutter is an industrial tool that uses a water jet stream of high pressure. Electronics, automotive, textiles, aerospace, medical device, and machine manufacturing industries are investing in water jet plastic cutters. The reason this technology has become so popular is due to its high degree of control and precision.


7. Is the waterjet plastic cutter a long-lasting solution?

A waterjet plastic cutter is a long-lasting solution as it is versatile. This versatility will enable you to expand any business. It provides fast and efficient performance through its pressure. Moreover, it is highly precise and requires little amount of labor. Lastly, a waterjet plastic cutter will complement any existing technology.


8. How much accuracy can you maintain with waterjet plastic cutting systems?

There is a high degree of accuracy in waterjet plastic cutting systems. Once the process of cutting begins and makes the first hole, it can cut with consistency up to -/+ 0.001”. However, for thicker plastic, its accuracy can decrease by 0.1″. Some systems have a fifth-axis motion for making angled cuts.


9. How should I choose the right waterjet plastic cutting system?

You need to choose a waterjet cutting system depending on the type of plastic you will cut. For harder plastics, you need to go for a waterjet cutter that is easy to maintain, load, and unload. In case of complicated cuts, choose a waterjet plastic cutter that has a fifth motion axis. You can also select a used waterjet cutter as it will be more affordable. However, you must inspect its parts carefully before buying.


10. Is your waterjet cutter efficient in cutting plastic perfectly?

Waterjet cutters with superior edge quality can cut plastic perfectly. It will provide a uniform and smooth edge that is free of burrs. Since it uses a cold cutting process, it does not make the plastic wrap. Moreover, an efficient waterjet cutter will cut with an accuracy of -/+ 0.1 mm to -/+ 0.2 mm. If your waterjet cutter has the aforementioned qualities, then it will cut plastic perfectly and efficiently.


11. What are the major parts of your waterjet plastic cutters?

Here are the major parts of waterjet plastic cutters.

Cutting Head: Sets up a precise self-alignment.

CNC-controlled system: The CNC control system is vital in operation.

Plumbing: This stainless steel configuration helps in distributing pressurized water constantly.

High-pressure Pump: Creates pressure on water to pass it through the plumbing and the mixing tube.

Cutting table: It is the part where you need to place the material for cutting efficiently.

Pressure intensifier: It can generate ultra high-pressure water.

Hydraulic Circuit: It is a composition of a circuit hydraulic pump, electric motor, oil reservoir, and some other parts.


12. How do you use waterjet plastic cutting machines for the growth of your business?

Water jet plastic cutting machines are the modern tool that is capturing the market with their versatile and fine cutting finish. It does not even release toxic gases or any sort of hazardous waste, making this environment-friendly. In today’s world, consumers rave about environmental-friendly machines. Hence, this feature helps to expand the market.

Water jet plastic cutters can diagnose the needs of the consumers and resolve them in real-time.
Moreover, the precise cutting with smooth kerf and burr-free even-edges drive in increasing the business. Again, the water jet plastic cutter can efficiently enhance production.


13. Does the waterjet plastic cutter cause burrs on the material?

Water jet cutters can process soft materials, including plastics. The fine-cutting stream prevents rough or uneven edges on the workpiece. Also, it increases production efficiency.

Water jet plastic cutter is favorable for cutting plastic materials having varied densities. When cut with the water jet plastic cutter, the materials deliver burr-free, which usually tends to be a problem associated with other popular cutting tools like a laser, plasma, etc.


14. Does a waterjet plastic work better than a laser cutter?

A waterjet plastic cutter is a versatile machine as it can cut materials of different sizes. Plus, it can cut with more accuracy and delivers a high-quality texture than other tools, including a laser cutter.

If not faster, the waterjet plastic cutter can cut as fast as the laser cutter. Besides, there is no risk of having any adverse effects on the healing process.


15. Give some maintenance tips for waterjet plastic cutting systems.

The most important tip for maintaining the water jet plastic cutting system is to follow all the maintenance procedures and intervals prescribed by the equipment manufacturer. It will help to prevent random downtime.

Mostly, the manufacturers recommend cleaning the system after every use or at least within the specified duration. Plus, try to conduct maintenance and repairing procedures in a neat environment.

Keep a check on the high-pressure plumbing and pumps on a regular basis. If you see any leakage, fix the issue immediately. If you neglect it, it may erode and create damage to the system.


16. What advantages do you get from waterjet plastic cutters?

Water jet plastic cutters offer several advantages, which include the following features.

No heat generation: The waterjet cutter produces a negligible amount of heat during operation.

Offers versatile cutting edges: It can mold and give a fine shape to plastic materials.

Reduces burr edges: It reduces the chances of getting burr edges after completion of the process.

Faster cutting: Waterjet can cut plastics faster than other cutting tools.

Gives a smooth kerf: It helps to obtain a smooth kerf.

Environmental-friendly tool: It does not produce toxic gases, making it an environmental-friendly tool.


17. How much should you invest in operating waterjet plastic cutters?

  • Cost of Pure water: As soft materials like plastics cut with a pure water jet cutter, you need to consider the cost of water. The amount of pure water depends mainly on the volume of the workpiece. When the workpiece is thick, the requirement for water tends to increase and vice-versa.
  • Cost of Power: Waterjet cutters need the power to operate the cutting process.
  • Cost of Wears: Plus, take the cost of wears into account. Calculate the cost per hour and get an average idea of investment.


18. How much is water pressure needed to cut plastic with waterjet cutters?

The high-pressure pump is the heart of the water jet plastic cutting system. It pressurizes the water and intensifies it to deliver through the plumping and mixing tube often varies. Besides, this continues until an abrupt surge of water exits from the orifice.

Usually, the water pressure that is required to cut plastic with water jet cutters varies somewhat between50,000 to 60,000 PSI. Several new systems, however, may need the pressure of nearly 90,000 PSI.


19. How fast can a waterjet cutter cut the plastic?

Typically, the cutting speed of a water jet cutter to cut plastic varies on its density and the desired quality of edge. Still, a water jet cutter can operate from nearly 300 MPa (40,000 psi) to 400 MPa (60,000 psi). When it is 300 MPa, the waterjet cutter may take an exit to the nozzle at a velocity of 680 m/s, while at 400 MPa, the cutter can make an exit at 1,021 m/s.

At these rates, the high pressure of the water becomes more intense and lends the capability to cut plastic and other materials.


20. Why are waterjet plastic cutters better than other cutting systems?

Water jet plastic cutters are preferable to many manufacturers as they provide high-quality cuts without affecting the material adversely. However, when they rely on other machines, the result reverses.

Water jet plastic cutters give an extraordinarily precise cutting stream. Besides, they produce no heat, offer accuracy, and can cut even thicker parts. Hence, they are gaining popularity among the engineers and manufacturers who are using this machine to acquire its unique capabilities and usefulness.


21. How is the edge treatment quality for waterjet plastic cutters?

Edge treatment quality for waterjet plastic cutters is uniform and smooth. It further produces an edge that is free of burrs. Sometimes, the edge quality treatment for plastic cutters varies due to their speed, nozzle size, and pressure. However, in most cases, it eliminates the requirement for any secondary finishing. And it makes your workshop efficient by saving time significantly.


22. Does the waterjet cutting system cause any damage to the plastic?

The waterjet plastic cutting system remains in connection with a pump of high pressure. Then the water ejects out from the nozzle, which cuts the plastic with its high speed. Moreover, it does not interfere with the inherent structure of the material. This is because it does not change or harm the intrinsic properties of plastic.


23. What are the pros of your waterjet plastic cutting system?

You can solve your problems with your waterjet plastic cutting system easily. For instance, it does not produce any heat and gives a smooth surface. Thus, it requires minimal rework. Since the plastic waterjet cutter functions accurately, it reduces waste. In addition, it is easy to maintain and highly reliable.


24. Is there a risk of damage to the plastic piece for cutting it with the waterjet cutter?

A waterjet cutter can cut a plastic piece without any distortion or warping. It thus produces parts that are precise. Additionally, it does not have any heat-affected zone. Therefore, a waterjet cutter will not have any risk of damage to the plastic piece while cutting it. On the contrary, it will make the cutting process more efficient.


25. Can you use a waterjet plastic cutter to cut straight lines?

Yes, you can use a waterjet plastic cutter to cut straight lines. But, a waterjet cutter is also capable of producing sharp and intricate designs. This is seen more commonly in the fashion industry. Besides, it can make curved profiles with or without straight lines. Therefore, you can use a waterjet plastic cutter to form 3D shapes freely.

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