Waterjet Cutting Rubber

Both natural and synthetic rubber, including synthetic rubber copolymers, chloroprene rubber, and silicone rubber

Cutting a piece of rubber is now easy with the water jet cutting process. The abrasive waterjet cutting has the potential to deal with rubber items of any thickness. Moreover, it also slices through the rubber-backed metals. Thus, cut your rubber sheets using the water jet and make your manufacturing process easier. There is no chance to delaminate the substrate materials, like rubber. To ensure perfection in every cut and a quick turnaround time, you can rely on waterjet cutting rubber. Waterjet is better than other cutting technologies.

Types of rubber that is easy to cut with waterjet:

  • AFLAS rubber
  • Butyl rubber
  • Chloroprene rubber
  • EPDM rubber
  • Epichlorohydrin rubber
  • Fluoroelastomers
  • Fluorosilicone rubber
  • Hydrogenated nitrile rubber
  • Styrene-butadiene rubber
  • Vulcanized rubber

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Waterjet Cutting Rubber

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Samples of waterjet cutting rubber (1)

Uses of waterjet cutting rubber for your manufacturing needs

Due to the advancement of processing and production technologies, there is increasing use of rubber. The natural polymer obtained from rubber plants has a range of applications. However, artificial rubber also has several uses in the manufacturing industry. When natural rubber undergoes processing, it gains tensile strength and becomes highly durable to manufacture rubber materials. You can mold rubber into different shapes. However, one of the most important needs in the rubber manufacturing industry is to cut the material. The elastic rubber acts like a shock absorber in different manufacturing sectors.


Why do manufacturers prefer the waterjet cutting process to cut rubber?

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The waterjet cutting rubber results in custom sealing solutions, and there is no need to pay high tooling charges. It relies on the CNC cutting process to deal with the CAD file. When you like to produce small parts from a sheet of rubber, you can choose water jet cutting. The stream of pressurized water plays a vital role in triggering the cutting action. You will find a high accuracy in the rubber cutting process. Moreover, you may choose any angle to cut rubber sheets and gaskets with the waterjet.

Advantages and importance of waterjet Cutting Rubber

With the application of a pure stream of high-pressure water, you can find minimal kerf. The narrow stream of water can cause narrow cuts of about 0.1mm. Rubber sheets can be of different types, and you can cut them into a range of shapes. You will save production time by using water jetting cutting rubber.

Pure water jet cutting facilitates the prototyping process. Within a few minutes, you can move from the CNC file drawing to the desired cuts. There is no need to apply complicated methods. You can adjust the cutting process based on your needs.

Conventional methods are capable of dealing with soft materials for better cuts. To make complicated shapes, you may need to purchase dies. You can avoid the problem by using the water jet. You do not have to pay for additional tooling costs.

One of the major reasons for choosing waterjet cutting rubber is that there is no heat-affected zone. Thus, you do not need to wet the materials to be cut with the water jet.


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Waterjet Cutting Rubber


Waterjet versus manual process - Which is better for gasket cutting needs?

Water jet cutting results in more precise, more consistent, faster cuts. While using manual tools, like knives, you will not find consistency in cuts. These uneven cuts will prevent you from effective bonding of rubber gaskets. Moreover, there is a chance of producing a high amount of wastes. But, water jet cutting will not cause deformation to rubber profiles. The quick cuts will save your time.


What are the tolerances and sizes for waterjet cutting rubber parts?

To fabricate water jet cut rubber, you need a good amount of surface area. The table size is important, especially while dealing the large sheets of rubber. However, water jet cutting also results in small rubber parts with a dimension of about 1/2” by 1/2”. In the case of rubber gaskets, you can make holes of diameters of around 0.01” The tolerances can range from 0.003″ to 0.005″ of an inch.


How does the waterjet cut your rubber items?

The stream of water pressure is the most important factor in cutting your rubber sheets. As rubber is a soft material, you do not need to use abrasives for water jet cutting. The cold cutting process prevents your rubber from getting hardened. In the case of pure water jets, the water pressure alone deals with the small orifice. This is how you can deal with waterjet cutting rubber.


Can I create intricate designs with waterjet cutting rubber?

In your waterjet cutting rubber project, you can find a kerf of about 0.010 inches. Moreover, the accuracy level, in most cases, can be around 0.005 inches. You can easily make intricate cuts using the waterjet cutting rubber process. The best fact is that you do not need to deal with the finishing and filing process. The complicated designs are easy to replicate with the waterjet cutting process.


Does waterjet cutting rubber provide me with high quality, flawless edge finish?

The choice of the right sized garnet mesh is one of the most important factors to find the best edge finish. However, as rubber cutting does not need abrasives, you can find smooth cuts with the pure water jet.


Does waterjet cutting rubber turn out the waste products?

Waterjet cutting rubber does not need abrasives, and thus, there is almost no chance of producing minimal wastes from the process. You may find some dirty water after cutting rubber with the water. However, this water is recyclable, and you can save the environment.


How do I get a tailored solution with the water jet cutting process?

As the water pressure is adjustable, you can easily achieve the desired cuts. You will find consistent tolerances and finishes with the water jet. Based on the cut you need, you have to apply the pressured water. Thus, you can avoid cracks in your rubber piece.


Is water jet cutting more affordable than die-cutting?

Water jet cutting refers to the tool-less procedure. On the contrary, the die-cutting process needs metal tools, especially dies. Other conventional process needs custom tooling solution. In the case of water jet cutting, you do not need to pay tooling charges.

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