OAB 5-axis

Cutting Head

OAB 5-axis

Cutting Head

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Product Specifications

SAME waterjet and system developers finally developed the OAB five-axis waterjet according to the needs of users who process parquets, which successfully solved the bevel problem of the cutting surface.

Since then, making waterjet parquets can save the traditional polishing and trimming process, improve work efficiency, save costs, and also improve the quality of parquet products.

Demonstration of OAB 5-axis cutting head
Technical Parameters
A-axis rotation angle±10°
C axis rotation angle±10°
Cutting angle±5°

Advantages & Features​

  • Compared with the traditional AB five-axis, the efficiency is increased by more than 10%
  • It is necessary to make a perfect mosaic of porcelain plates, to achieve perfect sharp corners, eliminate the need for polishing, and effectively save labor

Waterjet cutting video demonstrates

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