Water Jet Cutting Stone

Stone, like marbles, limestone, quartzite, basalt, and more

Water jet cutting is useful for shaping natural stones into different designs and shapes. The latest technology has some implications in the design and fashion industry. From intricate models to tailored shapes, everything is achievable with water jet cutting stones. The water jet has a higher potential compared to laser cutting technology. The super high-pressure water jet solutions help in the accumulation of energy. That is why you can easily rely on it for your stone-cutting needs. You will save time and effort with the innovative technology.

Suitable stones for water jet cutting

  • Basalt
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Semi-precious stone
  • Precious stone
  • Travertine

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Water Jet Cutting Stone

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Application examples for water jet cutting stone

Stones are highly valuable materials used for building structures. However, nowadays, you can find its applications for a range of purposes. You may use stones for adding decorative details to a structure. Due to their strong physical properties, stones are commonly used material to design different products. The manufacturing and agricultural industries have chosen stones as one of the resources. You may find differences in stones based on the types chosen for your needs. While sandstone and limestone are the common stone types for your walls, granites are the perfect choice for interior usage.


Why should professional fabricators choose water jet cutting stone?

Marble kitchen worktops

The water jet cutting has the potential to create complicated detail with high accuracy, low cost, and minimal maintenance. It is better than laser cutting and other similar technologies. Based on the compatible movement system and the ejecting nozzle size settings, the water jet will turn out the best results. You can pay attention to the subtle details to ensure smooth stones. As manufacturers find the better quality finish with water jet, they prefer it for their projects. You can use a water jet for different large-scale and small-scale manufacturing needs.

Advantages and importance of water jet cutting stone

Time is always precious when you need to manufacture a bulk amount of items. Water jet stone cutting will save you valuable time. To avoid any conventional cutting process, you can rely on a water jet. With the high amount of water pressure, you can achieve the result. You will have accurate and precise cuts of your stone.

Water jet cutting stone is known for its eco-friendliness. However, this process is also advantageous, as it does not produce dust. After every usage, you do not need to clean the worksite. You will have benefit from the cutting process. Professional manufacturers who need to use waterjet regularly for their stone cutting needs will get value from it.

Stone items are useful for a range of purposes. Based on your needs, you have to shape your stones. While other cutting process needs skill, water gives you the perfect solution. Novices prefer this water jet stone cutting process, as it saves their effort. Although waterjet is an innovative technology, it is not complicated.


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Tips for using

Water jet cutting stone


Is water jet applicable for any type of stone?

You know about different varieties of stones, and their properties are useful for different manufacturing purposes. However, waterjet cutting is a modern technology that can manage stones of any type, including granite, slate, and marble. You do not need to be concerned about the thickness of your stones.


How much thickness of stones is manageable with a waterjet?

The waterjet cutting process does not set you any limit in relation to the thickness of stones. Thus, you can choose any thick and thin stones to cut with a water jet. The thin stream of water works effectively and cut your stones without damaging their integrity. The accuracy level is also easy to maintain with water jets. However, you can find a difference in the tolerances while cutting thicker stones (more than 3”).


How do I use the waterjet cutting process to get flawless results?

  • To cut stones, you have to know some important tricks.
  • Rotation of slats gives you better outcomes.
  • Choose an underwater position for water jet stone cutting.
  • Keep away from the abrasive waste.
  • Pay attention to the tank cleaning application.
  • Remove the abrasive waste after every application of the water cutting process.
  • The nozzle test setting needs some adjustment.


Does water jet cutting stone result in the production of waste?

Although you may find abrasive and some dirty water as waste, there is no risk of environmental pollution. You can recycle the water and reuse it as an environmentally conscious manufacturer. The abrasives produced by the process are manageable very easily.


How does your water jet cutting process slice through stone materials?

The stream of water working under high pressure can cut durable stone pieces. You can choose any angle to cut them into the desired shape. It is one of the advantages of waterjet users. The water will reach the orifice that helps in resisting abrasion. The use of abrasives will help you effectively in cutting stones.


Can I produce intricate stone products with the use of the waterjet cutting process?

The kerf (also referred to as the cut’s thickness) can be about 0.010 inches. You can maintain an accuracy of around 0.005 inches. That is why waterjet cutting is a suitable alternative to those who need to produce complicated stone shapes. Filing and finishing are not important. By placing the pieces properly, you can keep away from the waste. Moreover, you can rely on the computer-controlled system to replicate the designs.


Does the stone get damaged due to water jet cutting?

Some manufacturers are found to claim the material damage problems with their water jet cutting process. However, it is not true. We have designed our product uniquely to help you with an innovative and seamless waterjet cutting process. Your stone pieces will have no negative effect due to this cold cutting process.


How do I maintain the edge quality with water jet stone cutting?

The best trick for you is to decide on the proper sizing of the abrasive garnet. You will have a finer quality finish by applying the water jet cutting process. You can retain your reputation as a stone product manufacturer.

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