Waterjet Cutting Steel

Steel, like alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and a more

Water jet is a better choice compared to other CNC machining systems used for cutting stainless steel. While the machining process produces heat, a water jet is a cold cutting method, and your steel materials will have no effect on heat. Moreover, although a water jet is a cutting technology, there is no need to be concerned about the sharpness. Other cutting tools can become dull. However, for waterjet cutting steel, you need to apply a stream of water to accomplish the process. Your manufacturing project will be successful with waterjet cutting.

Types of steel that you can cut effortlessly with waterjet:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Tool steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Nickel steel
  • Tungsten steel
  • Vanadium steel
  • Martensitic steel
  • Silicone steel
  • Chromium steel

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Stainless steel samples
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Waterjet Cutting Steel

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Uses of waterjet cutting steel for different manufacturing needs

Steel can be categorized in different ways based on its grades, and it is useful in the engineering and construction sectors. Manufacturers create a range of useful items by cutting steel pieces. Moreover, as steel is a recycled material, it is an eco-friendly option. Present in a variety of alloys, steel is available with different properties to serve your purpose. The best fact is that both high-strength and medium-strength steel can be cut with a water jet. Due to its high durability, fabricators design several products using steel. We have made a list of items of what you can fabricate with steel.


Why do you prefer modern waterjet cutting steel for your manufacturing needs?

Waterjet Cutting steel

Manufacturers have found high efficiency in the waterjet cutting process while dealing with steel. They choose a water jet, as it can manage steel items of different levels of thickness. While laser cutting is for thin gauges of stainless steel, a water jet is a versatile solution. You can cut steel of any type with the use of a water jet. You do not need to be concerned about the thickness of steel objects. Thus, you will leverage benefits from the waterjet steel cutting process.

Advantages and significance of waterjet Cutting Steel

Water jet steel cutting is one of the fastest available solutions. You can choose it as the best alternative to other CNC machining processes. You can adjust the feed rate to cut steel with the desired speed. Within a few seconds, you can cut steel into pieces. Thin steel can be cut in a single pass, and you do not need much effort.

In your waterjet steel cutting process, water is the major need to slice through the steel material. You can avoid a mess due to the integrated dust containment. You may not find this benefit with other available cutting technologies. Dust from cutting steel can reach the interior side of the machine. While you touch the dust and inhale it, you may have serious health effects.

To fabricate steel items, you may need to cut the sheet into a number of patterns. Waterjet lets you do it easily without much skill. Beginners have found it easy to manage the waterjet cutting process for manufacturing steel items.


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Waterjet Cutting Steel


What thickness of steel is manageable with a waterjet?

Steel materials with a thickness level of 2″ to 3″ can be cut with the water jet. You may use an abrasive waterjet to cut the hard and thick steel. The cutting time can go up when the steel thickness is higher than 3″. However, you will still enjoy the cost-effectiveness of the process and save time while cutting steel using a waterjet.


How does a water jet help in cutting your steel materials?

Pressurized water plays a vital role in the waterjet cutting steel project. You need to apply the high-pressure water to the orifice that has a diameter of about 0.005” to 0.020”. This orifice resists abrasion caused by high-pressure water. The abrasive added to the stream of water is effective in cutting hard materials.


How intricate will be the steel design obtained with the waterjet?

The thickness of the cut, also known as kerf, can be 0.010 inches, and the accuracy level is about 0.005 inches. Thus, with the waterjet cutting process, you will find intricate and complicated designs. There is no need for finishing and filing. You may stack the pieces one after another to avoid waste. You can take advantage of the computer-controlled paths to ensure easy replication of the intricate designs.


Does waterjet cut steel leave waste product? How do I dispose of them?

The waterjet steel cutting process can leave abrasive and a little amount of dirty water. The solid wastes are mostly abrasives and bits of the cuts (steel). This process does not produce environmentally damaging wastes. Thus, you can easily manage them. You may also filter the water and recycle it. It is one of the advantages of waterjet cutting steel.


How do you have a high-quality edge finish with waterjet cutting steel?

You have to select the right sized garnet mesh for waterjet cutting steel. The finer finish is one of the major reasons for choosing the abrasive water jet cutting process. But, you have to use finer abrasives to get the desired outcome. You will smoother and better finish with the water jet steel cutting process.


Is there any risk of delamination from your waterjet cutting steel?

Some users have reported that the use of water jet results in the delamination problem with stainless steel. However, our certified technicians and engineers have manufactured products in a unique way. It helps in controlling the piercing process needed for the waterjet cutting. That is why you can avoid delamination issues with the water jet steel cutting process.

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