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We know that the waterjet has become the perfect choice for tile cutting, but how to choose the best waterjet tile cutter, this is what you need to know.

If you want to have the best water jet tile cutting machine, you must choose a reliable waterjet manufacturer. SAME has 24 years of industry experience in the production of waterjet cutting machines and can provide you with superior performance water jet tile cutting machines and perfect solutions. 

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High Efficiency

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Customize your water jet tile cutting machine from Manufacturer


You can determine the size of your work table from the size of the part you want to produce and the size of the raw material you want to cut.


To confirm that your tile cutting business requires taper compensation, if you are not sure, you can ask our experts for a better choice of cutting systems.

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SAME offers 3 control systems, Ncstudio, Beckhoff, and IGEMS. Selecting the right control system will best meet your costs and efficiency.

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In practice, you should select the right waterjet pump for the most cost-effective production based on your business needs.

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The right options increase productivity and quality, and you can choose the right parts for your production needs.

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the ultimate faq guide

waterjet tile cutting machine


1. What is a water jet tile cutter?

Water jet tile cutter is an industrial machine that cuts ceramic tiles through high-pressure water flow and abrasives. Tiles are hard in texture and delicate in many cases as well. Many industrial waterjet tile cutters use abrasive cutting to get the best quality tile cutting. It results in polished edges, no breakage, and superior quality cutting of the tiles.


2. What is the composition of the water jet tile cutting machine?

A water jet tile cutting machine comprises the following components.

  • Work Table – Choose size and structure (gantry and cantilever) based on your business needs. Its main function is to carry the cutting system and provide support for the cutting material to perform high-precision cutting.
  • Cutting System – Depending on the requirements of the manufactured parts, 3D cutting is required, or a suitable cutting system is selected for the special process.
  • High-pressure Pump – This part is the core of the water knife cutting machine, providing a constant stream of high-pressure water during cutting, so choose a stable and reliable high-pressure pump.
  • Control System – Water jet tile cutting machine mainly uses CNC control system for cutting. We offer an easy-to-learn NCstudio system, so if you have higher cutting needs, choose IGEMS and BECKHOFF CONTROLLER.


3. Why use a waterjet cutter to cut tile?

One of the advantages of a waterjet cutter is enhanced precision. It provides a thin cutting edge allowing almost all complex designs to be cut out perfectly. Tiles are delicate design elements that require to be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes. Waterjet cutting allows the same to be performed with a high level of precision. It improves the utilization of the tile material, all the while reducing costs and enhancing profits.


4. How does a water jet cutting tile machine work?

The principle of a waterjet tile cutting machine is very simple. The high-pressure pump raises the water pressure to thousands of bar, transfers the water to the cutting head at high speed, mixes the abrasive, and shoots it out of the gem nozzle on the cutting head, hitting the tile at a very high speed, causing the tile material to be separated and removed. The process of cutting tiles does not cause heat to affect the area. Different cutting depths can be achieved by changing the nature of the water jet.


5. What is the cutting accuracy of the tile waterjet machine?

Compared to the other relevant tile cutting processes, the tile waterjet cutting method is highly accurate. When calculated after the cutting procedure is initiated after the initial hole, the waterjet tile cutter can achieve +/- 0.001 parts tolerance consistently. This value changes as we vary the thickness of the tile. But overall, the accuracy levels of a waterjet tile cutter are impressive compared to its peers.


6. How thick can a waterjet tile cutting machine be cut?

A water jet tile cutter can cut up to any level of thickness with the tolerance values varying with the width. Tiles under 4-inch thickness can be cut, keeping a tight value of accuracy. Whereas for thicker tiles, the net-shape accuracy levels hold true. Overall, the thickness of the tile does not limit the cutting capability of a waterjet tile cutter. It just manipulates its accuracy.


7. What is the quality of the edge treatment of the waterjet tile cutter?

The edge treatment of a waterjet tile cutter is fantastic by all means. Waterjet tile cutting does not involve any mechanical stress, heat-affected zones, or heat distortion. This means you can directly pull off the tile from the cutting table without any need for secondary finishing.


8. What tile can't be cut by a water jet tile cutter?

Almost all kinds of tiles can be cut using a waterjet tile cutter. This is because the waterjet cutter is capable of cutting all thickness of tiles. It wouldn’t matter if the thickness increases or decreases. The waterjet cutter will be able to cut it properly.


9. How much does the water jet tile machine cost to operate?

In fact, the average operating cost of our machine is around $12-20 every hour. This estimate depends on a few factors such as the process used to cut, the thickness of the material being cut, and the tolerance of the machine.


10. What abrasives are used in waterjet tile cutting?

Waterjet cutting requires a variety of natural and synthetic materials as abrasives. The most popular choice in industrial applications is garnet. It offers a rigid material that helps in forming sharp edges upon fracturing. It is also very reliable and provides a superior cutting ability to the waterjet.


11. What are the benefits of cutting tile with a water jet compared to laser cutting?

While Laser cutting has its own set of pros and is the best fit for partial cuts and engraving, waterjet cutting is suitable for almost every material. When it comes to cutting tiles, waterjet cutting is preferred more than the former. This is mostly because of the way waterjet cutting operates without changing the chemical composition of the material. It does not cause any damage or deformation of the tiles as it is cut. This is owing to the absence of a no heat-affected zone in waterjet cutting.

Laser cutting uses finely tuned intense light beams that burn their way through the tiles and cut it. Needless to say, it causes heat-affected zones in the process and also requires secondary finishing to gain the final product. Waterjet cutting also relieves us from any further finishing actions as it perfectly cuts tile with Maintain precision. Waterjet cutting delivers a smooth, accurate, and clean-cut on the tiles. Moreover, they are less expensive than laser cutting when done extensively. When we cut tiles using the waterjet cutting method, we just have to perform one cut, and it’s over.


12. What are the benefits of cutting tile with a waterjet compared to flame cutting?

Flame cutting is also a thermal process like laser cutting and hence associated with heat-affected zones. Hence similar disadvantages are also prevalent in this case. Flame cutting deploys a high-temperature flame to burn or melts through the tile. This isn’t the desired procedure for cutting tiles as it risks damaging or deforming the smooth surfaces of the tiles. In fact, flame-cutting is perfect for hard metals and stone substances. But when it comes to tiles, the benefits of waterjet cutting outweigh flame cutting as well. On top of that, waterjet cutting is more cost-efficient than flame cutting in the long run.


13. What are the benefits of cutting tile with a water jet compared to plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting is another efficient procedure for cutting hard materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc. It also burns and melts the material for cutting through it using an ionized gas arc. The gas cuts the material at very high temperatures. This again brings in the presence of HAZ (heat affected zone), which distorts the material somewhat. Hence, we would require secondary finishing by flattening and eliminating the distorted material. This again brings us to the benefits of waterjet cutting when it comes to tiles. The absence of a HAZ makes it a safer process and also one that avoids distortion of the tiles. Moreover, its accuracy is more than plasma cutting. So we will get cleaner, smoother, and more accurate tile cuts if we choose waterjet cutting instead of plasma cutting.


14. Will the tiles crack when using a waterjet tile cutter?

Ceramic tiles can be fragile owing to their compressed nature. This makes it vulnerable to cracking and breaking when we attempt to cut it. When it comes to thicker tiles, the chances of them cracking are much less compared to thinner ones. When cutting very hard ceramic tiles, we might have to use hard abrasives such as aluminum oxide to prevent them from cracking. We can also reduce the pressure and cutting speed which will slow the cutting head down. This will prevent cracking and microchipping of the tiles. Usually, waterjet cutting does not lead to the cracking of ceramic tiles if performed properly.


15. Why do my tiles break when cutting?

Tiles can be very hard yet very brittle in many cases. Most tiles break during cutting because they are not cut the right way. A water jet cutter is a cutting tile that will not break easily, is the best choice for the tile industry.


16. How do you keep jagged edges from cutting tiles?

When cutting edges on tiles, the edges might somehow turn out to be jagged. This can be prevented by utilizing a strip of masking tape that is waterproof as well. First, we can mark the line of cutting over this tape. This way, the tape can prevent the tiles from chipping when we start cutting them.


17. Is it possible to omit the polishing process by using a waterjet tile cutter?

Waterjet tile cutting relieves us from the necessity of performing secondary polishing on the tiles. This is owing to the fact that waterjet cutting does not distort the tile after cutting it. The absence of a HAZ helps it in this account. Moreover, the accuracy of waterjet tile cutting is so heightened that we get a clean and smooth cut tile after the process. Hence, there is essentially no need for it to go through a secondary polishing process.


18. Is a waterjet the best solution for cutting the tile?

Waterjet cutting has become the best choice when it comes to tile cutting. It provides a number of benefits that the other processes simply do not bring to the table. Primarily the absence of a HAZ which renders the need for a secondary finishing is top of that benefit list. Moreover, waterjet tile cutting might turn out to be the most cost-effective process when performed in bulk. If you choose the correct waterjet cutting machine from the right manufacturer, you will get a performance like no other process.


19. What are the tips when using a water jet to cut tile?

When cutting ceramic tiles using a waterjet machine, one must ensure the following tips are followed.

  • Reduce the pressure and cutting speed of the machine if you come across microchipping.
  • Use fine abrasive up to 150 mesh and even finer if possible.

Ensure that you change the size of the abrasive in the settings menu for Pump and Nozzle.


20. Which industries are currently using waterjet tile cutting machines?

Waterjet tile cutting processes are being widely accepted across industries and are predicted to grow significantly in the near future. Currently, the following industries are vividly using waterjet cutting machines for cutting tiles and other materials.

  1. Metal fabrication
  2. Energy and Power
  3. Textiles
  4. Aerospace and Defense
  5. Home improvement
  6. Automotive


21. How to confirm which system your waterjet tile cutting machine needs?

There are several uses of a waterjet tile cutting machine. So, you need to think about the purpose you need the waterjet cutter for. There are mainly two types of waterjet cutters. One is the pure waterjet cutter, which only uses water speed and force to cut objects and materials. On the other hand, an abrasive waterjet uses abrasives for the cutting. You can cut through semi-hard and softer materials such as gaskets, food, foam, carpet, and plastic with pure waterjet. Otherwise, you need an abrasive cutting unit to cut harder substances such as metal, glass, and ceramics, stone, composites, etc.

There are also two types of waterjets depending on the pumps. A direct-drive pump uses a crankshaft to pressurize the water. An intensifier pump uses hydraulic rams.


22. How do you use waterjet tile cutting machines to make your business grow rapidly?

When considering the use of water jet tile cutting machines for the production business, many factors need to be taken into account.
This is the main factor that should be considered when the waterjet cutting production business develops rapidly:

  • You should ensure that the installation specification completes the installation process of the water jet tile cutter.
  • You should choose to use the latest technology to improve production efficiency.
  • You should always keep in touch with the equipment manufacturer to learn about the latest cutting technology.
  • When choosing waterjet cutting equipment, you should consider choosing cutting equipment that meets high-quality production standards.
  • In addition to the necessary waterjet cutting system, you also need to choose appropriate accessories according to your business needs to improve efficiency.


23. Does SAME provide technical support for water jet tile cutting machines?

SAME is a world-leading company when it comes to waterjet tile cutting machines.

The cutting machines and equipment they provide are top-tier, loaded with cutting-edge technology. Also, they respond to inquiries within 12 hours. They offer customized machine services.

Once you order a waterjet cutter from SAME, they provide high-quality packaging and shipping, so your machine reaches you safely. Moreover, they provide excellent customer support. This makes SAME a great choice for buying waterjet cutters.


24. How much does a CNC water jet tile cutting machine cost?

A CNC waterjet tile cutting machine is typically expensive; that depends on the various components. The machine requires an ultra-high-pressure intensifier pump, which fetches a high price. These machines can cost from $40,000 to $100,000. An entry-level machine is going to cost less than a customized machine, which also depends on size and options.


25. What should be considered when buying a water jet tile cutter?

There are a lot of factors to consider before investing in a waterjet tile cutting machine. The factors mostly fall under the usage and components – hardware and software.

Practically it will not matter what kind of materials you’ll be cutting. Waterjet cutters are one of the most versatile when it comes to that. They can cut softer materials such as rubber, foam, plastic and hard materials like metal, stone, tiles, glass, and composites. You don’t need to differentiate between a pure waterjet and an abrasive jet – as modern machines come with a more compact system.

The machine size will matter on your type of operation. A small machine with a smaller table will work in a garage workshop. For large industrial purposes, you need a bigger machine with a bigger table and higher-pressure pumps.

Again, the price can increase if you’re looking for special features. The number of axes and cutting heads add to the features. That depends on whether you need to cut many pieces or patterns. For that, you may need to invest in better-quality cutting software. That will give you high-precision cuts with increased cost. Again, very high-pressure cutters (94,000 psi) are more expensive than standard waterjet cutters (between 45,000 to 60,000 psi).

These are the things you may look into before buying a waterjet tile cutting machine.

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