Hydraulic Pump


Hydraulic Pump

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Product Specifications

50HC hydraulic pump, in accordance with CE, ISO9001 international standard design, the use of imported booster components, the output pressure is stable, and servo ratio control of the high, low-pressure two-stage adjustment.

Energy-efficient, stable function, excellent performance, very low failure rate, adapt to a variety of materials cutting, by the domestic and European, American, German, Japanese customers love.

50HC Hydraulic Pump internal map
Technical Parameters
Power rate37KW/50hp
Max. pressure420MPa/4200bar
working pressure300-350MPa
Max. flow rate3.7L/min
Max.Φ of orifice0.35mm
Power supply380V 50Hz
water supply≥15.1L/min
Water pressure≥0.1MPa

Advantages & Features​

  • Designed in accordance with CE and ISO9001 international standards
  • Adopt German Rexroth hydraulic system
  • Siemens Better Energy Saving Motor
  • Imported PLC system and man-machine dialogue window
  • Two-stage pressure can be set to adapt to cutting various materials
  • Cooling system
50HE Hydraulic Pump internal parts

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