Complete waterjet cutting machine system
Our core service elements are:
high speed, stability and energy saving!

Use high-tech means, high-quality service team, and efficient service process to solve all problems encountered in the use of your equipment. Huasheng Waterjet has always been adhering to the service concept of “satisfying service, using peace of mind, quality assured” to serve every customer. Huasheng rewards customers with real materials:

◆ “One-on-one” exclusive service.
Huazhen Waterjet has a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with one-on-one lifelong technical support and maintenance training, so that customers can fully grasp the use and operation skills of waterjet and provide technical support for customers.
◆ Timely and responsive.
Regardless of the customer’s problems, Huaying Waterjet will focus on eliminating customer problems immediately, and solve the problem within 2 hours after receiving the feedback.
◆ Accessories green channel.
Huazhen Waterjet has a portable and humanized parts supply process and a dedicated accessory supply library to provide customers with high-quality parts supply and service, so that customers have no worries in the production process.

Technical Training

◆ High voltage generator principle

◆ High pressure system wearing parts replacement

◆ High pressure cutting water and cooling water requirements

◆ Maintenance of high pressure water switch, cutting head and sand control valve

◆ Equipment components

◆ Common troubleshooting for high voltage systems

◆ Platform maintenance and maintenance

◆ Graphic design and programming

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