Waterjet Cutting Machine


Waterjet Cutting Machine

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Product Specifications

SAME gantry waterjet working platform is integrally processed by a large five-axis gantry CNC machining center. Both X-axis and Y-axis girder adopt the double-layer dustproof and waterproof structure and are driven by high-quality ball screw guide rails and bus CNC system. 

It ensures that the control accuracy and cutting accuracy of the waterjet can be better than peer products. This type of water jet can be equipped with a countertop flipper.

Waterjet Cutting Glass material
TypeDimension(mm)Cutting Range(mm)
Technical Parameters
Travel of Z axis150mm
Max.moving speed18000mm/min
Performance Parameters
Control Accuracy±0.01mm
Cutting Accuracy±0.1mm
Re-Positioning Accuracy±0.025mm/m

Advantages & Features​

Demonstration of OAB 5-axis cutting head 2

International Standard

  • Designed based on CE and ISO9001 standard
  • NC servo system for precise cutting
  • Machines a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics
  • Shipped as a completely pre-assembled and factory-tested system
The internal parts of the high-pressure 2

High Efficiency

  • Cutting is faster, more accurate and cost-effective
  • Excellent edges will reduce secondary processing
  • Versatile cutting allows you to cut multiple material types on the same bed without having to change tooling
  • High-efficiency direct drive pumps provide up to 85% operating efficiency of up to 40 horsepower
The internal parts of the high-pressure


  • The first innovative multi-dust system effectively blocks water and sand from entering
  • Automatic lubrication series, more reliable
  • No heat affected zone or mechanical stress
  • Optional scissor-style hard plumbing adds another level of safety by using contained high-pressure components, as well as contributes to a smaller footprint, lower maintenance, and higher reliability
Parts of HJ400 Direct Drive Pump 600*400

Environmental Protection

  • No noxious gases, liquid or oils used in, or caused by, the machining process
  • Small, efficient footprint for minimal floor space utilization
  • Lowest electrical consumption compared to other pump technology
  • Optional Rapid Water Level Control for cleaner, safer, and quieter submerged cutting completes most work below 80 dBA

Waterjet cutting video demonstrates

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