What is a waterjet cutting?

What is a waterjet cutting? A water jet is a tool that cuts an object by jetting a water jet that is ejected at a high pressure. The water jet is characterized by no thermal stress, so that the cut material has no chemical change and no deformation during the high temperature cutting process. According to the pressure of the output, the waterjet is divided into two types: ultra-high pressure and low pressure. SAME waterjet can use ordinary ultra-high pressure technology to press ordinary tap water to pressure of 250-420Mpa, and then pass the gemstone with inner diameter of about 0.15-0.35mm. The nozzle jet forms a high-speed jet with a velocity of about 800-1000 m/s. It is commonly known as a water arrow. The water arrow has high energy and can be used to cut soft-based materials. Such waterjets can not be used for fire, high temperature. It is also called “safe water jet cutting”.

1 Basic introductionThe water jet is an ultra-high pressure technology that can press ordinary tap water to a pressure of 250-400 MPa, and then spray through a gem nozzle with a bore diameter of about 0.15-0.35 mm to form a high-speed jet with a speed of about 800-1000 m/s. For water arrows, the water arrow has a high energy and can be used to cut soft-based materials. If you add the right amount of abrasive to the water arrow, you can use it to cut almost all soft and hard materials. Adjust the pressure and flow of the water jet, you can use it to clean a variety of objects, such as degumming, paint removal, rust removal, etc. We can also use ultra-high pressure technology for autoclaving, food preservation and many other beneficial work for humans.

2 main featuresIt can be used for any curve of any curve cutting process (other than water cutting, other cutting methods will be limited by the material variety); no heat and harmful substances are produced during cutting, the material has no thermal effect (cold cutting), no need after cutting Or easy to secondary processing, safe, environmentally friendly, low cost, fast speed, high efficiency, can achieve arbitrary curve cutting, convenient, flexible and versatile. Water cutting is currently a highly applicable cutting process.

3. Waterjet classificationAccording to the situation of Gaza: water cutting is divided into two methods: sandless cutting and sand cutting.Divided by equipment: divided into large water cutting and small water cutting.Divided by pressure: divided into high pressure type and low pressure type, generally with 100Mp as the limit. Above 100Mp is a high pressure type, and below 100Mp is a low pressure type. More than 200MP is ultra-high pressure type.Divided by technical principle: divided into premixed and postmixed.It is divided into safe cutting and non-safe cutting. The difference is mainly in the water pressure. Low-pressure water cutting below 100Mp can be applied to special industries such as hazardous chemicals, petroleum, coal mines and hazardous materials. [After a large number of experiments, it was found that when the water pressure exceeds a certain threshold, even pure water will detonate certain sensitive chemicals, and the sandy water cuts because the water contains abrasive sand, the potential energy of the sand and the impact force collide with the object. The energy produced can also cause instability of special chemicals. After a lot of experiments and demonstrations, the threshold is about 237.6MP. Therefore, in the water cutting industry, people are mainly used in the mechanical processing industry for water cutting of more than 200MP.


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