How fast is a water jet cutter?

On this page, you will find out how fast the waterjet cutting machine is and how the speed affects the various values.

Samples of waterjet cutting carbon fiber (6)

How fast is a waterjet cutter?

The speed of the waterjet cutting machine is closely related to the power of the pump, which is directly proportional to the power. Our common waterjet cutter will run between 40,000psi and 60,000psi (psi is the unit of pressure). At 40,000psi, water is ejected from the nozzle at a speed of approximately Mach 3 (760m/s). At 60,000psi the water will be ejected at over Mach 3 (1020m/s) to cut the material.

Does a faster water jet mean a faster cut?

The answer is yes. There is no question that higher pressures and faster water jets mean faster-cutting speeds. But one thing you must know is that as the pressure increases, so does the cost of running and maintaining the waterjet. Different materials require different pressures and the waterjet experts at SAME can help you find the most cost-effective cutting solution.

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