The best choice for water jet tile cutter

We know that the waterjet has become the perfect choice for tile cutting, but how to choose the best waterjet tile cutter, this is what you need to know.

If you want to have the best water jet tile cutting machine, you must choose a reliable waterjet manufacturer. SAME has 24 years of industry experience in the production of waterjet cutting machines and can provide you with superior performance water jet tile cutting machines and perfect solutions. 

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CNC water jet tile cutting machine

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Kitchen tiles are not only wearing-resistant but also easy to maintain and clean. The beautiful design can also make you feel happy.


Floor tile

Floor tiles are highly cost-effective and extremely resilient in terms of stains and wear.


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The counter tile decoration is beautiful and fashionable, which not only impresses the guests but also enhances the atmosphere.



Ceramic tiles are one of the first choices for decorating fireplaces, which can add more warmth to guests while creating a unique background.


Commercial Spaces

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Customize your water jet tile cutting machine from Manufacturer

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You can determine the size of your work table from the size of the part you want to produce and the size of the raw material you want to cut.

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To confirm that your tile cutting business requires taper compensation, if you are not sure, you can ask our experts for a better choice of cutting systems.

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SAME offers 3 control systems, Ncstudio, Beckhoff, and IGEMS. Selecting the right control system will best meet your costs and efficiency.

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In practice, you should select the right waterjet pump for the most cost-effective production based on your business needs.

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The right options increase productivity and quality, and you can choose the right parts for your production needs.

get Water jet tile cutter in Step by step

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We offer customized machine services

Our goal is to provide glass water cutter cutters that meet all the requirements of your business. We want to build a long-term relationship of trust with you.

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We Fulfill Efficient waterjet tile cutter Manufacturing

THE SAME plant is equipped with ultra-modern production equipment to ensure that we effectively produce high-quality water jet tile cutting machines.

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We offer machine packaging & transportation

We will take the most reasonable and security packing way, with wooden cases and all kinds of soft packing material, as well as airbags, so that make sure the machine arrive at customer’s place safely.

the ultimate faq guide

waterjet tile cutting machine


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6. How thick can a waterjet tile cutting machine be cut?


7. What is the quality of the edge treatment of the waterjet tile cutter?


8. What tile can't be cut by a water jet glass cutter?


9. How much does the water jet tile machine cost to operate?


10. What abrasives are used in waterjet tile cutting?


11. What are the benefits of cutting tile with a water jet compared to laser cutting?


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13. What are the benefits of cutting tile with a water jet compared to plasma cutting?


14. Will the tiles crack when using a waterjet tile cutter?


15. Why do my tiles break when cutting?


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20. Which industries are currently using waterjet tile cutting machines?


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23. Does SAME provide technical support for water jet tile cutting machines?


24. How much does a CNC water jet tile cutting machine cost?


25. What should be considered when buying a water jet tile cutter?


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