Waterjet processing rock slab

Water jet cutting machine is the preferred choice of special tools for rock slab processing in all walks of life.

In the rock slab processing industry, the traditional cutting method is sawing blade cutting. The saw blade cutting has many limitations, such as the inability to perform curved cutting, manual grinding, time-consuming and labor-intensive, high processing noise, and a large amount of dust so on.

Waterjet cutting rock slab has unparalleled advantages, and its cutting characteristics can perfectly solve the above problems. Waterjet cutting has high stability and high efficiency. It can increase the smoothness of the plate in the straight or curved bearing cutting, and there is no dust pollution during the processing. The CNC system software with adjustable speed has a higher processing area and can process large-area rock slabs. Therefore, waterjet cutting is the best choice for rock slab processing.

Advantages of waterjet cutting rock slab

  • High precision, high efficiency, and fast speed
  • Processing can realize the cutting of any curve
  • Flat cut, no need for secondary processing
  • Reduce raw material consumption and save costs
  • The cutting material has no thermal effect, environmental protection, and zero pollution

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