Explore the 6 Benefits of Water Jet Cutting in Food Industry!

Benefits of Water Jet Cutting in Food Industry

There are the top 6 benefits of Water Jet Cutting in Food Industry. These Benefits include Efficient and Cost-Effective Technology, Precise Cut-outs and Minimal Kerfs, Cut in Any Shape and Size, More Control of the Product, an Environmentally Neutral System, and an Ideal Sanitary Process.  

Waterjet cutting in the food industry is when food materials are cut with a pressured water jet. It is a USDA-approved method that offers productivity and sanitation benefits over other cutting procedures. Precise cutting and portioning of foods are the consistent benefits of waterjet applications.

Be it meat, fish, poultry, pastries, and frozen food, now it is easier to have the precise and perfect shape. Candy bars are currently being cut with ultrahigh-pressure waterjets. According to the declaration of Food Production Daily Magazine, “Waterjet technology is one of the fastest-growing machine tool methods in the world due to its versatility.”

The usage of clean water in waterjet cutting systems is more capable of cutting at incredible speed. Waterjet cutting in the food industry received USDA approval for generating a bacteria-free hygienic environment for the cutting process method.

6 Benefits of Water Jet Cutting in Food Industry

6 Benefits of Water Jet Cutting in Food Industry

1.     Efficient and Cost-Effective Technology

One of the major benefits of water jet cutting in food industry is that it is a very efficient and cost effective technology. So, no more exhaustion is cutting the food items by spending a lot of money. There is an ultimate tool for food cutting application. Waterjet technology outshines by cutting different kinds of products.

Thick products, like multi-layer materials, aluminum, composites, and hardened steels that are over 25 mm thick, are easy to cut at less price. This cost-effective technology is the final solution for products that need to be cut with zero distortion and no heat affected zones.

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Waterjet cutting technology comes with excellent efficiency and at less price. It is a process that can provide extraordinary edge quality. If the product requires little or no additional edge treatment, then look for waterjet cutting technology.

2.     Precise Cut-outs and Minimal Kerfs

It is best to use a waterjet cutting technology for precise cut-outs. This exceptional machinery comes with a cutting accuracy of ± 0.038 to ± 0.2mm. (Note: The accuracy of a machine varies between machines).

Waterjet technology is an exceptionally versatile cutting tool machine. It is the main reason why it is used worldwide in many industries.  For elaborative and complex designs on a portion of food and jobs which require high tolerances, waterjet is the best solution. 

Minimal kerfs are now possible with the help of waterjet cutting technology. The width of “Cut” varies from 0.004 inches to 0.009 inches for typical food cutting applications.

The minimal kerf that is similar in viscosity to regular human hair means no waste when using a waterjet machine—whenever the application requires, it will offer very intricate cutting.

3.     Cut in Any Shape and Size

To achieve a state of needle-sharp cutting stream, high-pressure water mixed with abrasion is needed. In this way, it can cut almost in any shape, size, and thickness. It also includes food items that needed to be cut in small size and those food items that needed to be cut in large size.

Other than food items, bonded laminated materials that include aluminium composite panel along with rubber-lined wear plates, waterjet cutting technology will cut in any shape and size.

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Edge quality is considered as one of the most vital reasons why designers specify the need for a waterjet. Waterjet machinery produces a smooth and uniform burr-free edge. 

The edge quality generated by waterjet is a function of speed, high pressure, nozzle size, and abrasive flow rate. In most cases, waterjet eradicates the need for secondary finishing. As a result, it saves time and enhances efficiency.

4.     More Control of the Product

The waterjet cutting industry is itself a new, growing trend, especially within the food industry. It appears to come from three major areas.

  • The need for more control of the product.
  • Flexibility to cut random shapes.
  • Reduced costs.

A waterjet cutting nozzle can mount on a servo drive. The nozzle is linked to a vision system that facilitates accurate product cutting. An increasing desire for food industry experts to cut food products into random shapes is now applicable with this waterjet machine. The same vision and servo technology are employed to project the efficient cutting pattern.

There is more control of the product by using waterjet cutting over blade cutting. It is also cost saving, with no physical blade changing between products, and cleaning cost is also reduced.

5.     An Environmentally Neutral System

The water jet cutting technology is kind to the environment. The cut on the food item itself uses water along with garnet abrasive. It is environmentally benign and requires no cooling oils or lubricants.

The cut produces tiny, dust-like fragments of the material being cut. It is the only other waste requiring disposal and makes it an environmentally neutral system.

Water jet cutting’s environmental credentials mean it is likely to expand in importance as a cutting technology.

6.     An Ideal Sanitary Process 

The new normal life with covid requires excessive sanitation and cleanliness. The confection products in a sanitary environment now need zero cross-contamination during the cutting systems.

As this is a USDA approved technique, so the benefits of water jet cutting in food industry are incredible. Other cutting methods are also preferable, but they are not considered an ideal sanitary process.

Truthfully, cutting and portioning food is one of the earliest waterjet applications. Be it Meats, fish, sweet products, poultry, frozen foods, and even candy bars are cut today with our ultrahigh-pressure waterjets.

There will be no bacterial transfer, and this makes waterjet cutting an ideal sanitary process. Without touching and guiding the product with baked food products, the food item is now bacteria-free.


The benefits of water jet cutting in food industry discovered in this article are based on the machine’s technical aspect.

Precise cut-outs, minimal kerfs, efficient and cost-effective technology, cut in any shape and size, more control of the product, an environmentally neutral system, and an ideal sanitary process are all the key benefits of water jet cutting in food industry.

For the food industry, it is a necessity to have a waterjet cutting machine. A bacteria-free, hygienic environment is promised after using waterjet cutting technology.

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