Abrasive Water Jet Machining

On this page, you will learn what an abrasive waterjet cutting machine is, how it works, how abrasives are added during the cutting process, which abrasives are suitable for waterjet cutting, and much more.

Samples of waterjet cutting carbon fiber (6)

What is waterjet abrasive?

In order to increase the functionality and speed of the cut, appropriate abrasives are added to the high-pressure water jet of a pure waterjet cutting machine, thus combining a machine we call an abrasive waterjet cutting machine.

How do abrasive water jets work?

The high pressure water supplied by the UHP pump is shot at high speed through the nozzle and mixed with the abrasive in the mixing tube of the nozzle. The surge of water mixed with the abrasive will accelerate the erosion of the material for the purpose of cutting.



How are abrasives introduced into the water jet for the abrasive water jet machining process?


The process of introducing abrasives into the water jet requires little manual intervention. As the high-pressure water passes through the nozzle at high speed, it creates a vacuum and draws the abrasive into the water stream, creating an abrasive water jet.

The SAME waterjet company is equipped with an automatic abrasive supply system that automatically alerts you when abrasive is running low, making it easy to operate.

In addition, SAME’s waterjet cutting machines are compatible with the ALLFI abrasive system. This system, manufactured by the Swiss company ALLFI Waterjet Accessories, serves to digitally and precisely control the amount of abrasive feed, making the use of abrasives more efficient.

Which abrasives are suitable for waterjet cutting?

There are many abrasives suitable for abrasive waterjet cutting, such as garnet, alumina, olivine, silica sand, and many more. With different abrasives, the quality of the cut varies. In our professional tests, garnet is the best choice for abrasive waterjet cutting. The advantages of garnet are its hardness, durability, and density to maximize the cutting power of the abrasive waterjet.


SAME's abrasive waterjet cutting machines:

Waterjet Cutters - 3-axis Series

3-axis series: waterjet cutter for formats up to 4000 x 2000 mm

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